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  1. Thanks,thats my job for the weekend
  2. Hi has anyone wired up an early 90 clock-rectangular one in a series 3,the oval fitting with the cig lighter is all there just sorting which wires to connect it into.Thanks
  3. Hi has anyone any thoughts on using diesel additive-2011 plate Freelander-mostly filled on supermarket diesel,I was speaking to another owner who went on a LR approved driving course and they suggested using it when filling up on supermarket diesel.Thanks
  4. Hi all,the level/filler plug for the swivel housing on my recently purchased series 3 has got rounded off,until i weld a nut on it to hopefully get a larger spanner on it,is it possible to fill the oil from the top of the housing by removing any parts to gain access.Any ideas much appreciated
  5. Hi all after 30 yrs without a Landrover,that was when I sold my series 1(wish I had kept it),I am looking to buy an ex mod 110 (the 90,s in 12 volt seem to be a bit thin on the ground) for my gardening business,I need a hardtop with side windows and have seen the ex RAF ones-standard hardtop,300 tdi,power steering at one of the well known dealers,these are quite a bit more than the Tithonus refurb 110 which have the fibreglass hardtop/integral rollcage ,,has any one had experience of either vehicles and has anyone fitted side windows in the fibreglass sides as i am concerned when the frames are riveted in the fibreglass may crack,any advice gratefully received.Ashley
  6. Hi,does anyone have experience of how easy (if at all possible) to fit side windows into the ex mod 110 fibreglass hard top,I am thinking of purchasing one of these vehicles but need windows in the back.Thanks
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