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  1. Ouch, that was a quite juicy price.... But thanks for the link!
  2. Hi. Got a defender 110 Td5 1999, 3 doors utility wagon. I would like to replace the body capping on the sides with galvanised ones. But I can't figure out the part no. I can just find RH rear body capping 110 SW ASR1391, ASR1390, But they are for the 5 door version. I only got 3 doors.... Not my car in the Pic. But same model. Any help is appreciated
  3. isbjorn

    Power steering not working td5

    I replaced the Power steering pump. Simple job, one bolt needed a bit persuasion but thats all. I only needed to remove the fan and fan belt. Then I clamped the pipes as close as possible to the pump, so I almost didn't loose any fluids. Now it works prefect. Apparently it was like you guys suggested the seal inside the pump.. Thanks for all the help... ps. Also replaced the front window seal.. quite straight forward job with the rope trick
  4. isbjorn

    Power steering not working td5

    There is apparently pressure in it. Ive bleed it and it sprayed quite a bit of fluid all over the place. opened the bleed screw to much So the pump should be running I guess. Om my other td5 there is always a noise when holding the wheel at maximum turn. But this one is totally quiet.. Maybe that is something. Shouldn't there be a leak if the seal is gone? Or maybe its just gives bad pressure?
  5. isbjorn

    Power steering not working td5

    Belt looks fine. All wheels are spinning nicely with the belt. Can it be a blocked pipe or something? Im not getting any response or noise form the power steering at all...
  6. isbjorn

    Power steering not working td5

    As in not correctly tighten belt? The td5 only got one belt right?
  7. Hi. We got a td5 110 in ok condition. Everything works, but the power steering is lacking. There is no response from it, like driving without basically. So very heavy on standstill and slow speeds. No noises or sounds when turning, No fluid loss. The fluid looks good. Where should I start looking? Any tips?
  8. Mystery solved then. Thanks!
  9. hi. The rear hub on this defender does not look like they normally do. Is it just a hub cap thing or why is it so square and without the normal rubber top? Its a 1999 td5 110 def standard. Thanks
  10. isbjorn

    3.9 V8, random hi idle and bouncing needle

    Ok. Will do. Still a bit strange that its only every xx time I start... thanks for the tips.
  11. Hi. Wanted to ask a quick question. About once a week when I start my 96 disco it doesn't behave properly. After ignition it stays on 1000 rpm instead of falling down to 500ish. When driving I can get it lower by slowing down on hi gear, but on idle its always over 1000. Then after a short while it starts reving up and down, up and down. From maybe 1000 to 2000 and back. Over and over for ever. Restarting the engine works sometimes, but not always. Last time I just ignored it and drove on the hi-way for 1 hr, it then went back to normal. Ive disconnected the MAF, and that didn't help. The v8s are not my strong side. Any tips? thanks
  12. Well. Since the new one was broken and the old one didn't work. I moved some parts around and ended up with a semi new starter that works grate. I was also a bit more careful with the torque this time.
  13. Not sure. Im guessing I tighten it to hard... It was super stuck when I removed the old one and required a lot of force. When installing the new one I just some muscle, but not nothing extra ordinary.... Apparently I was wrong. Anyone got the torqnumbers for it? The lower bolt hole also got a crack, but I'm guessing thats from the vibrations due to the top part being broken...
  14. Problem solved. Removed it and it was quite obvious....
  15. Well, the new one is a LRT00169 = 9 teeth, and the old one got the same. If the new starter isn't miss labeled they should be the same. And the body is exactly the same. Manual gearbox.

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