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  1. Wow... I read it twice to check aswell 😂 best get myself to specsavers first cheers
  2. Reviving an old post .. did you make the doors aswell ? I’m kinda hoping not as that’s probably beyond my skill set ☺️
  3. Great stuff thanks Assuming then it should be white/slate on other side of connector going to dash light? and if I find that then earthing it should bring on the light yes ?
  4. Mike i started reading that a while back.. must of got distracted. Easily done according to my teachers at school. Ralph Yeah I do have a light just never seen it on. This bit has me thinking though “the PRC8463 is wired --- white/slate to sender unit rear spade terminal -- feeds low fuel warning light” In the engine bay on bulkhead in front of driver I found this loose wire the other day. I’m sure it’s white/slate trace?? goes to the big connector in 2nd pic. Quick check looks like it heads off towards rear inside the chassis loom. gue
  5. Cheers Mike its not an overnight sleeper, or certainly not at a time of year that would require additional heat. 😂🥶. So I’m not too concerned about running out of fuel. I’ll go for the fuel return as it seems to have worked for simonb and others what’s this swirl pot on return you speak of?? Ta
  6. Great stuff.. if you do it I’ll try the return feed aswell. Great info. much appreciated
  7. So does that mean I don’t have low fuel light? To be honest I never noticed it on dash before. simonb cheers mate very helpful. So, If successful and I do get a mouthful, I could try t into fuel return. But.. the (heater) pump won’t know which direction to suck from, then if I start heater with engine off it could drain the line between (heater) pump and lift pump .. correct or not ?? Thanks
  8. So does the return go into the top of tank somewhere
  9. I’m guessing I got amr1495, assuming you have prc8463 then Ralph ?
  10. Ahh ok. so could I use the blanked off fuel line port for a diesel heater??
  11. 1987 csw. now 200tdi was a td I believe So on the fuel tank can anyone tell me what these bits are for please first pic is near side of car but towards the rear of tank 2nd pic is drivers side , near front of tank Thanks
  12. As snagger says, move the striker out a fraction or even up/down. mine used to take a good slam to shut but after a few speed humps and the latch let go by 1 click. Didn’t fly open as second click held it. But makes ya jump a little. I can’t remember if it was the up or down that fixed it, it’s just trial n error good luck
  13. Sussed it. bottom pointy end was bent over somehow?? all straight again now and it locks if knocked out of alignment. As per below thanks chaps snagger i will do the gas struts upgrade eventually. I’ll let ya know when. If you still want my old we can sort it then ta
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