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  1. Guys could do with some help 1987 200tdi from defender never had a problem before but it’s been sat up on drive for 4 months now. Started today no problems as been on trickle charge. But, I now have no hot air from heater but more importantly it’s overheating.. any ideas ?? thanks
  2. As Ralph says Yrm all the way.. fits perfect. to save a little ask them about their refurbbed ones
  3. Seems straight forward enough. my switches look to be higher than Ralph’s. Pretty sure from memory that the pin goes straight through the gap under the pin between the door card. Ralphs folded piece looks too low for mine. But I get what you’re saying ref the rest. Split pins are missing anyway so I’ll probably just but n bolt it cheers
  4. No problem. Thanks for your time. Job for weekend I think 👍
  5. Cracking picture Ralph thanks don’t suppose you have pics ? Thanks chaps
  6. Great picture much appreciated ralph, you are correct, I don’t have anything like the pic on my doors. I did purchase new doors a few years ago, well not new but not far off. So I’m guessing my originals had the tabs but these ones definitely don’t. Looks like I need to knock something up cheers chaps
  7. Fellas does anyone know what the door switch presses against when doors close please. Better still a pic would be great. I think maybe something is missing from my doors 1987 110 csw thanks
  8. Brilliant. Just ordered thanks again
  9. Cracking .. cheers Ralph don’t suppose you got the part number floating round in your head ??
  10. 1987 200tdi converted indicator stalk... this is my 2nd stalk now, and yet again indicators are very hit n miss. If I wiggle stalk sometimes I may be lucky 2nd stalk only lasted just over a year and it was a Lucas question is.. can I fit a newer stalk ? Only difference I can see from pictures is the connector block.. anyone know any different ? Thanks
  11. Any chance anyone could do me a diagram of how I could wire in the below hazzard switch please what I know so far the Green wire seems to be 12v in the Blue goes live when button pressed the yellow goes live when the switch is off (blue n yellow above could be the other way round but you get the idea) Then there’s a black which is -neg and the red is for the switch illum so how do I wire it up using landy Lukes write up my switch lukes diagram below. anyone?? Or do I have to stick with the ugly landy switch thanks
  12. you sir are a star These are perfect thanks 👍
  13. Got it from www.iwantfabric.com It’s Arizona Worn Look Faux Leather Fabric .. the orange was just a cheap eBay find supposedly black but looks more like a dark grey to me
  14. Seeing as rain stopped play on the dash today I removed the rear door cards and took them indoors Previous owner had spray painted black gloss and Matt black in stripes. Didn’t look awful but not my thing. so with some left over dash leather I have now re covered the rear doors. Well happy with the results. before and after Colours may not be to everyone’s taste but I wanted something a little different luckily the wife is away the week so kitchen is new workshop 😉
  15. That’ll be great thanks ive seen the new connectors that you have to transfer the wires to. Seems straightforward enough. But live a pic cheers
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