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  1. Ed thanks for taking the time to look over these. Much appreciated Not sure I have the “key page” but I’m pretty sure your correct from what I remember reading. Colours, 2.5 being the wire size and yes the last number is the length of that particular piece I am carp at vehicle wiring, or so I thought, but I did come to the same conclusion as yourself as in these are the ones I need to power yellow/ red 12v via 30a fuse brown/ red 12v via 30a fuse grey/yellow 12v via 15a fuse. plus the grounds you mention fingers crossed I’ll have a play at weekend many thanks again. I’ll let you know if successful
  2. Guys i shared in the RR section first as I now have some l494 seats from 2014 rrsport, but had no luck. Can anyone electronically minded help me decipher these please?? im thinking that c33 is the connection blocks under my seats I’ve tested the motors and all work individually but how do I power the seats up please.
  3. Can anyone electronically minded help me decipher these please?? im thinking that c33 is the connection blocks in my last pics . But not 100% sure. colours seem to match these diagrams I’ve tested the motors and all work individually but how do I power the seats up please. Thanks in advance
  4. Apologies .. I could of sworn I posted these pics ?? getting old 🤪
  5. Just purchased the l494 interior. paid £300 for seats and door cards. Obviously doorcards won’t work but seller didn’t want to split.. and I didn’t want to lose out.. seats are near perfect.. so didn’t want to lose them. Very comfy aswell. Electric with heating and cooling. Now need to wait for dry weather. powering up is gonna prove to be a struggle. Not too special on electrics, so if anyone has an idiots guide ... would be much appreciated
  6. Appreciate the offer but I’m on nights next week. No problems I think I have what I need from the pics and info you fellas have provided already. all very helpful then Jon comes along and scrambles my brain even more .. Love the look of these 3 seats in 2nd row, but, do I still go for versatility with 3 separate seats ??? Decisions decisions not sure how the fella on other site picked up 2017 seats for £100 ?? What a find that was. All I can find is £350+ still not too bad, but £100 is a lot easier to hide from her indoors 😉 cheer chaps
  7. Great info there Ed.. appreciate it for the fronts I’m not overly bothered about the forward tilt, comfort outweighs all other things. rears .. hmmm?? Might have to re think then. When camping there’s normally 6 bodies, that’s why I was aiming for 6 seats. Might have to look into smax or galaxy seats then for the 2nd and 3rd rows. On the plus side I’m guessing they may be cheaper. thanks mark
  8. Great news. These are deffo the seats I’m looking at. when they recline forwards, how far do they go? I’m guessing no where near flat... in their usual role I’m guessing they don’t need to. as mentioned I think I might like to put another 2 in middle row and if space permits another 2 in boot. But, I still like the idea of them being able to recline forwards to flat position for larger loads . then again, I have a roof rack so maybe not. Although the versatility would be nice. another option would be these in front and something like smax or galaxy seats in middle and rear. For the gold flat option ??? Decisions decisions dogs do look comfy I’m just not sure id let them be driving 😂 thanks again for quick replies, pics are very helpful
  9. Underwear storage lol . Bloody fat fingers. 2nd row looks simple enough too. Legroom ok ?
  10. Any of the underside of front seats would be great. How they fitted on etc. Framework?? Is the underwear storage still useable??
  11. Perfect.. looks superb.. and yes I have a csw still deciding if I’m doing 3 on 2nd row or if I could squeeze in 3 lots of fronts .... so 2,2,2 with small walkway down middle. front 2 for now I think then have a play round appreciate the pics thanks
  12. Guys After a favour please. Could one of you kind gentlemen with a rr sport measure the front seat at widest point and also the height from the base including frame Im looking to change my defender seats and was wondering if these would fit many thanks in advance
  13. I’m thinking that’s deffo the way forward .. cheers mate would of struggled to get £36 million past the wife for a genuine pipe
  14. Looking at spill return pipe.. am I ok to go aftermarket or do I bite the bullet and go genuine. just doesn’t sit right spending a whole weeks wages in a pipe 😂
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