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  1. I’ll be honest I couldn’t ever see me drifting in my 110. I would end up spending me money on new pants instead of parts Great info though 👍
  2. Best wishes for speedy recovery
  3. I like that check.. good idea. I’ll try a run out today then see what I can feel. Pretty sure I done all of them about 2yrs ago, very limited mileage since then (probably about 300 per year) except for the nc500 run which added about 2100 just last week. appreciate the quick reply 👍
  4. Anyone offer anything ?? got a noise appeared on way back from nc500. Sounds like wheel bearing but had all 4 off the ground and nothing seems to move or jiggle around noise seems to appear between 50&55 then disappears, fine upto 70 but then again between 70&72 and fine again after that .. not that it goes much further diff oils are looking fine. Not checked both boxes yet .. but no obvious leaks ( unless they are empty of course) lol quick google and someone mentions prop weights or Uj’s ?? anyone thanks troops
  5. Apologies for delay.. I been off grid. cheers Reb.. sounds like I’m in similar situation as you were. Roof tent plus other bits on a rack. I deffo need to get the bar fitted I think. Thanks
  6. Hmmm .. pretty sure the rad was fairly newish.. 2017 I think but probably only 1500 miles max. Would of expected something else to give first. Hey ho.. all good for now 😉
  7. Appreciate the info fellas.. jelly on wheels sounds spot on.. I think I may invest. Pretty sure the chassis mounts are there. cheers
  8. Reviving an old one.. my 1987 110 csw doesn’t have one. Is it supposed to ?? did notice doing the nc500 that I’m rocking a bit 😱
  9. Cheers fellas.. all back home again now after 2100miles. No more issues. Apart from a funny noise when at 70mph. I’ll look into that next week. forgot to take pic of rad damage but it was basically split where the red pen is in pic below. The plastic here is about 5mm thick so I would of thought a hose or something else would of given up first. maybe manufacturing defect. hey ho cheers
  10. Apologies for delay .. yep got it sorted. Loch carron garage services were very helpful. Part turned out to be 4 days away. Kids weren’t happy. I managed to source a part myself then the garage sent 1 of their guys to collect.. 3.5hrs later it was here. Fitted myself in half hour then back on with the trip.. kids happy again. So far temp not gone above 90 Cheers fellas
  11. Mate I’ve now seen the damage…radweld doesn’t come in a big enough bottle 🤣🤣 ill take pictures tomorrow when I take it off.. at the minute we have been recovered back to the garage. Spending the night here hopefully part be here in morning. Still could be worse views
  12. Guys Need help if poss. Need a radiator for defender 200tdi. Btp1823… Stuck In Scotland on the nc500. Currently stuck on the bealach na ba. not Applecross side .. the other side. Near the top Got kids with me.. would appreciate any help
  13. I’ve only just taken these ones off Mo… and don’t be fooled by the angle of pic, these tyres are only 235 with 2000mm spacers Just found that parking was a struggle without upsetting people though 😁
  14. 🤣🤣🤣 apologies.. missed off the tribute but
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