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  1. Time has come.. now we are a little warmer .. and me not has run out.. I need to do the swivels. Question .. axle code?? i plan to do cv’s while in the area, but, I see there are different types depending on number of splines. 23or32 I’ve looked on my front axle but cannot find any numbers to tell me what the axle code is, and therefore what cv’s I need is there another way of finding out what I have, before I open up. thanks fellas
  2. Apologies the downpipe is 2.5”. I measured “the pipe” not the bit that flares out to go over the turbo pipe appreciate the help chaps
  3. Not 100% but I think it’s the defender type. It is high up. Heat shield above looks like it’s nearly touching the bonnet and turbo directly below that thanks
  4. Thanks for replies fellas. so, I just been outside.. it seems new pipe from turbo down is approx 2.5” dia but on vehicle at the minute the pipe is approx 2” 200tdi conversion from 2.5td was not done by me, I inherited it. So I’m struggling to figure out what I have. So my new 200tdi exhaust will not fit ( unless I reduce it to 2”) is this something I should do ? my downpipe has a hole either side of exhaust for bolting to block, and hangers on the original exhaust ( by that I mean the one that’s on there now??) are rubber ring type things and pins where the ends flap over to stop slipping off question is what do I actually have? engine deffo 200tdi turbo ?? Wrong one ? exhaust ?? hellllp please thanks
  5. Sorry to jump in but I’m in similar situation Ralph I think we have the same set up. Ex TD but now 200tdi. i have just purchased a new stainless mani to first box section and rear box removal, side exit section .. both for 200tdi. however , looking at my centre section I’m going to have to replace that aswell. Question is, will it be too loud if I remove that first silencer. As it will then be straight thru all the way . Also, what centre section should I get (thinking about hangers) ?? 200tdi or TD ? Are they the same diameter appreciate any assistance, and apologies for hi jacking, but it made sense in my head to revive an older post with lots of helpful info already there cheers chaps
  6. Gazzar, paime great info there , thanks. I will nose through before I make a start. Just gotta get the Xmas chaos out the way, then wait for slightly warmer weather. thanks again
  7. Found loads of vids now. Will definitely do myself and save the ££ and outta the saved £££ is there anything else I should check or just replace while I’m in there? Thanks
  8. 😦 someones trying to pull me pants down it would be worth me driving from Watford to Yorkshire to get it done thats more what I was expecting to be honest thanks very much
  9. Yep, I read the tip bit somewhere else.. thanks
  10. Yep I think tour right fellas.. will check brakes, but the rest can wait. Top up and crack on cheers ianmayo, if you want to practice on mine 😉😉 will be watching your build thread 👍
  11. Appreciate that thanks i thought a bit steep, but I suppose they gotta make aswell. I have used the one shot. Not sure I could be arsed with the knuckle busting in this weather. And the wife bitching about me working on “that bloody thing” again altjough she’s first to love it when the snow comes 😂
  12. Great first reply.. cheers Ian much appreciated. Did you fit yourself then ?? Was it a mare? ive done transfer box gearbox and clutch so I would guess I can do this.. I just follow videos online. But it’s bloody cold on the drive thanks again mark
  13. Fellas quick question does £880 plus vat sound ok, to do front swivels, discs and pads. This includes parts would love to do myself but at this time of year with no garage. I’m not feeling it thanks
  14. Ok cool . All good then. thanks very much
  15. Cheers for replies fellas. oil wise ?? Will have to check garage. No ideas on the pump thing.? red90 .. normal?? I know these things have a mind of their own and that’s why we love them, but surely must be something? thanks
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