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  1. The flasher unit ?? Is that the relay ? Sorry electrics not my strongest point. if so it is fairly new anyway. I put new lights everywhere and the indicators came with a new relay thanks
  2. Been through all replies but can’t find my issue..and it’s driving me mad before I start with Luke’s cracking write up would anyone like a stab in the dark.. 1987 110csw Hazards work fine .. indicator L or R won’t work on first attempt, if I cancel it out and straight away “re indicate” 9 timed out of 10 it will work this is my 2nd stalk now any quick suggestions or brainwaves ?? Thanks
  3. Yep.. that’s where I get all my limited knowledge very helpful place
  4. I’m not to hot on the names of suspension parts so would I be better getting kit as opposed to individual bits. i know my A frame bit is the bit where the boge possibly used to be? hockey sticks I know. the rest ?? Time for a retroanaconda lesson thanks
  5. Massively mate thank you now to find time to get it all done Cheers chaps
  6. Apologies for delay in replying..work work work thanks again for info guys. Ralph that would be superb top Help on here 👍👍
  7. Hmmm the airbags sound interesting, never really looked into them.. to save me some grief I don’t suppose you have part numbers ?? Thanks great info there
  8. Superb dont suppose you have a part number of the superpro set you ordered ?? Thanks
  9. Cool thanks yet again. I’m guessing everyone gonna say original bushes over superpros ?
  10. Cracking thanks so could I go ome springs and monroe shocks? Would this be an ok set up if I don’t have the boge leveller? Great link.. very useful
  11. Thanks Ralph.. is that what you’ve done ? We have similar vehicles and I tend to follow your choice for brands etca what about fronts ? And shocks ? Brands anyone ? Terrafirma seem reasonable on price but seen some nasty pics on here after a few months of light use. bilsteins a little too steep for me. Monroe seem fair price, it’s more the springs I’m not sure about. Ome seem good but maybe stretching the budget for the full job. tooo many options
  12. That was quick thanks ive read loads on the subject and I’m sure I read if you remove the boge you should move upto HD ?? Sound right.. I don’t want to shake the bloody thing apart any thoughts on brand ?
  13. Guys i need advice. im looking to update my set up . Had a quick nose this evening but couldn’t see any self leveller, spotted the A frame part but no levelling thingy ?? Should I have one on a csw ? i want to keep standard height. Mainly used road now days with a little off road when camping etc, nothing extreme. Full length roof rack. Winch bumper but no winch ( robbing person I'm not that keen on) Nas rear, so some extra weight added even when empty. Add in 6 bodies and camping kit ... what would anyone advise please?? heavy duty? Med ? Progressive? What about makes initial thoughts are monroe shocks and bearmach progressives but I don’t wanna get this wrong. Probably gonna do bushes aswell.. although no access to press heelllp please thanks
  14. Time has come.. now we are a little warmer .. and me not has run out.. I need to do the swivels. Question .. axle code?? i plan to do cv’s while in the area, but, I see there are different types depending on number of splines. 23or32 I’ve looked on my front axle but cannot find any numbers to tell me what the axle code is, and therefore what cv’s I need is there another way of finding out what I have, before I open up. thanks fellas
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