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  1. I recall the alternator goes up here on the same bracket as the aircon and tensioner Middle one is the water pump and fan and dizzy housing Power steering pump has a surrounding bracket , I skipped painting the steering pump , regret that now I think thats gonna have to come of.
  2. This is where I think the aircon would mount , mine didn't have aircon it also mounts the tensioner
  3. sorry just read this , ill get a picture later for you. Mine is an odd engine it seems to be oen of teh later intermediary engines that were only used for a short time in 1994.
  4. I think it is this one that I am after but.i may be wrong, ill privately message you.
  5. I have now replace the gearbox cross member, cut out the engine brackets and cleaned and painted. I did the second coat of red oxide and painted the chassis with a black chassis paint I have replaced the transfer/ gearbox brackets. Annoyingly I can't find the drivers side engine bracket, I can't believe I wouldn't have kept it that would have been madness , although strip down of the Discovery donor vehicle did involve a lot of alcohol. If anyone has one they don't want can you pm me and let me know how much you want for it. I was going to test mount the engine and tack on the engi
  6. Yes I bought these as I knew I needed new engine mounts . Annoying I was really careful to bag everything that cane off and now I’ve lost the driver side v8 engine mount . I had a clear two days run at this as well . Argh
  7. The plan was hammerite red oxide , then hammerite then underbody Seal as below is underbody seal the Sam as shield ? I did the sanely with just the red oxide then the seal which looks ok tbf . Will that combination without the hammerite middle layer work ?
  8. Seat box off , gearbox and transfer box out , transferred box dumped all its oil out over the wifes drive in protest. Front axle removed and ready for rebuild, had about a inch of play in the front differential so work needed there! The chassis is solid until your you pass the rear axle (no surprise) after that its an mot failure, I will decide when I do the rear section if it needs a full rear 1/4 chassis or if it can be repaired. I know I will regret not getting a galvanised chassis when the chassis eventually goes again form the inside out. The plan is to take back t
  9. actually it got the date wrong its 1992 , the donor V8 discovery was a 1994 .
  10. The engine number matches the V5C engine number, I guess that means its the original one.
  11. Yes I think so Im gonna do some checking, finally found the identification plate its in the position for a later type 12j engines. It lived its life as a work horse for a college and I believe they had it serviced by the same local company for years. no reason to think it isn't yet but ill do some research
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