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  1. water pump bolts 2.5NA

    Thank you all for your collective wisdom... All seven bolts out with no problem. Replaced with new bolts and copper slip to prevent future issues. Thanks again, Geoff
  2. water pump bolts 2.5NA

    Greetings... I'm about to assist a good friend with his Timing Belt change. I've learned from doing my own TB that often the water pump removal can be an issue with broken bolts, My question is , besides soaking the bolts prior to removal with Liquid Wrench... would heat be appropriate? Not excessive heat, but perhaps a little propane prior to attempting to remove. Or, do we risk warping the aluminum timing belt cover. I've lived through the horror of getting broken bolts out, drilling out stubs, or re-tapping holes to a larger size and would like to spare us the agony. Any advice is welcome, thanks in advance.. Geoff
  3. fog and reversing lights

    Boarder... You'll need to add the reversing light switch to the rear of the transmission housing to utilize the reverse light. There is a blanking bolt in there currently. Accessible by removing the plate on the seat box between the two front seats. The correct part number (on my '87) is PRC2911G (Lucas). Western is correct... of course.. all of the wiring is already there behind the corner plates in the rear cargo area. Good luck!
  4. Chevron / Unit designation ?

    Thanks Western.. Appreciate the link. Maybe someone that was in the British military during those years can help...
  5. Chevron / Unit designation ?

    Greetings, In the process of sanding off the many layers of green IRR paint... these chevrons were discovered. I measured and photographed them so I could faithfully reproduce after the re-paint with Nato green. Can anyone help me identify exactly what they represent? They were also on the tailgate. This may be very obvious to you in the UK.. but present a mystery to me in the US, I'm familiar with the universal chevron, pointing upwards for the allied forces in Desert Shield / Desert Storm... but don't have a clue regarding these chevrons pointing to the side... Thanks in advance for your help... Geoff
  6. Oil Temp sender

    yes, that makes sense.... how'd I miss that! Thanks for the help..
  7. Oil Temp sender

    Greetings.... Does anyone know offhand where the oil temp sender is located on the 12J. Seems it should be an easy find... My gauge is not functioning. Thanks in advance, Geoff