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  1. Chevron / Unit designation ?

    Thanks Western.. Appreciate the link. Maybe someone that was in the British military during those years can help...
  2. Chevron / Unit designation ?

    Greetings, In the process of sanding off the many layers of green IRR paint... these chevrons were discovered. I measured and photographed them so I could faithfully reproduce after the re-paint with Nato green. Can anyone help me identify exactly what they represent? They were also on the tailgate. This may be very obvious to you in the UK.. but present a mystery to me in the US, I'm familiar with the universal chevron, pointing upwards for the allied forces in Desert Shield / Desert Storm... but don't have a clue regarding these chevrons pointing to the side... Thanks in advance for your help... Geoff
  3. Oil Temp sender

    yes, that makes sense.... how'd I miss that! Thanks for the help..
  4. Oil Temp sender

    Greetings.... Does anyone know offhand where the oil temp sender is located on the 12J. Seems it should be an easy find... My gauge is not functioning. Thanks in advance, Geoff