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  1. True. It's always going to be hot coolant at the top hose when the thermostat opens. It's when the radiator has total heat sink, and the coolant is returned to the water pump hot that is when the sensor needs to be sensing the overheat. 95 c I estimate to be about right when the fan should cut in.
  2. On the adjustment relay block as you look at the contacts, first one is normally open, the middle one is normally closed and the last one is to the fan,
  3. True, there are things that I really like about defender, and things I really like about series. And vice versa. There becomes a cut off point though, of cutting diminishing returns. Of course tax exemption is a plus, but a series is not as good as a defender. I do like the old manual 4 wd though. As any 4x4 throughout the world, it's a on road compromise paradox. Most vehicles spend the best part of the time on road. I like the fact that the series is a 2wd until needed. The 88 is pitifully small, with no storage/stowage space. You can't even get a mountain bike in the back without taking the wheels off! Tackled up fishing rods forget it! Poor leg room, poor back room, carp visibility. Marmite. Something about them is so comforting and endearing though. I would be justifiably cross and defensive if I had spent so much money on a paradox too, oops I have
  4. If you understand the behaviour of the part of the human brain called the "R complex" you can begin to see why this thread had got really very silly.
  5. Anybody else experienced this. I know it oh too well.
  6. So I need a warn 1200 with synthetic rope
  7. Might do when finished mate. It's been a very long year! Just got to put the wings on and a few annoying bits and it's done.
  8. Thanks to mud consoles and merlin motorsport, for outstanding service. This was giving me nightmares. Been looking at wiring since Christmas. Not my strong point!!! Busbar under the original clocks, relays for heated screen timer, and finished job with the stack boost, egt, oil pressure, oil temp.
  9. La Ferrari, lightest, most powerful ever made, enormous brakes. I had a Kawasaki KR 1s 250 once. Same brakes as a zzr 1100, exactly the same brakes. Savage yes, too much, no. It's odd how some intelligent people take things so literally. Held back by theory and pseudo logic. Like the man I want to punch the most, Professor Brian cock. The reference to enduro brakes was in the realms of hyper advanced motoring. If you can control a front wheel lock up on a dirt bike, a crabby old 4x4 is a cake walk. Like I said, if I really have difficulty, I will book a driving lesson with BSM!
  10. Please folks, I am in need of some information about winches. What brands to avoid, and what weight rating. Cable or rope. Any advice much appreciated.
  11. I have absolutely no clue what anyone here is going on about???
  12. Thanks. All OK then as mine are OK. Had to lengthen the drag link for the power steering, and all clean and greased up. Thanks to all, for all the input.
  13. I have a idea that they are all identical. With defender, the lt77 are all the same,the difference comes in the transfer box, between short and long wheel Base. Discovery lt77 are geared different. Apart from that I don't know