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  1. I have a double cardan joint prop on my 200 tdi series. Because of linear misalignment (Side to side) the parallel u.j. will NOT wear and disintegrate. cheers.
  2. Here is my heater fan/air filter hybrid cabin blower made bespoke from scrap. 180w subaru Brat heater fan and motor. The wires are internal, going through a gromet in the original screw thread hole in the cap. The little green resistor, is from a scrap radiator and fan found at the side of the road, in order for me to use my original two speed dash fan switch. I had just enough room to put a cheap boy racer air filter in from Hong Kong, as a cabin filter. Its got a ram air effect, and above 30 mph does not need the fan running to push hot air into the cab, unlike the S3 original smiths snail, which incidentally I just e bayed for a £100! cheers
  3. I had previously marked out the area in red marker, as you can see. I would myself had removed, if I had have known before assembly. Hope this helps, cheers.
  4. Incidentally I am running the old M.A.P. hubs on my series. Old and battered and still in good order. Sadly no longer available.
  5. Geoff, if gas and vapour were the same thing, my lpg gas kit on my pertol car would not need a vaporiser, like you quite rightly said, requires hot coolant. The expanding gas supercooling you speak about is the Joule Tomson effect which incidentally gasses apart from hydrodgen do this. Hydrodgen in fact gets hot when released, partly the cause of the Hindenburg disaster. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There I have drawn a line under it, I don't want to go round in circles any longer, cheers,
  6. Its a gas injection system Geoff, not vapour or liquid. Hence thinking of playing with a hh0 bubbler instead. TSD your right too! If the bubbler does not work, I have a hh0 generator I can play silly beggars with all sorts of blowing stuff up tom foolery. Thank you king of random, youtube, cheers.
  7. Its a series III chassis I think. I will sort it and post it asap mate. Also worth remembering is the same cross member is smack bang where your flywheel housing is, so unless you drill a big hole, or other mod, you will not be able to get the flywheel locking tool/wading plug in for love or money when the vehicle is built. (cam belt job) I will post pics of my modification of this too for you, bear with, cheers.
  8. Fridge I was going on the nicks land rover thread, and I did not know this lt230 part time job was available. Stands to reason if you have expensive diffs and need to play with gearing. Belting good neat professional job by the way, very jealous that mans skills surpass those of mine! cheers
  9. This is true, I was merely going down the road of "complementary" I have decided to go down the l.p.g. route. Its easier. My comparison with oxy/acetylene was comparison, you took me literally. The cooling effect of the expanded gas has a supercooling effect too, like a bigger intercooler, lowering egts. So less boost, less smoke, more poke, nobody in their right mind should want black smoke as in mack/gmc/peterbuilt American big rigs. cheers
  10. no but they could use l.p.g could they not? How much ad blu do you see now on service station fourcourts? Heaps! When my boost gauge reads 5-10 psi, my black smoke virtually stops. Imagine if you will oxy/acetylene. When the acetylene is burning on its own, there is a yellow flame (just like the ones coming off my back on this forum from all the bloody flak) and heaps of sooty smoke. Pipe up the oxygen, and it burns blue with no sooty smoke. un burned fuel is inefficient, and smelly. Hence the thread.
  11. When ever said anything about running completely. This thread was supposed to shed light on an alternative to l.p.g. injection, to clean up sooty emissions etc, you know the score. I can see it doing similar, for much less home made money. I know I aint spending silly dollars, I never do, defeats the object of the exercise, as £500 + can buy you a heap of derv. So why would something radical prompt such a witch hunt? Ad blu is the modern way, but its another money spinner, and not compatible with all engines.
  12. If you have it down to the chassis it is dooable to turn it over upside down when finished and painted, inject plenty of waste oil or similar and keep rotating it, leave it over night, rotate and so on. this should get many more years out of it! Got any good long distance pigeons for sale in your town? Best Lager in the world, best racing pigeons in the world, Best ever tour de france winner! cheers
  13. hee mo fo hee !! cheers. try repeating in front of a mirror, conspiracy FACT conspiracy FACT... "and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to protect it" Morpheus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-A7czATutw
  14. o.k. lets get down to the nits and bolts men, so whats the deficit between the lt230 and the series job in sterling terms? To be honest, I did not know about this option. Already having the series transfer box swayed my decision anyway I suppose. I was always under the impression that the choice could only be lt230 with permanent 4wd. Hence my statement about one **** grease etc. cheers men ta
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