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  1. I have had them chip the crown abd pinion thats why I'm doing them
  2. There is a company in Estonia selling them they are not cheap think about 9k for a set that and they don't ship or deal with curriers so holiday required too 😉
  3. It's welded in very small passes to stop the heat build up and colling effect cracking the welded the large width welds are to help with surface contact as with cast if its hard to get good adhesion due to the Granular structure its my first attempt at one The lockers and casses are @Team Idris old axles so is my rear winch
  4. Nope its not if a copy yes from pics but not one of his kits
  5. This new set of lock downs are starting to make ladoga-trophy a far away goal still pushing on forward busy pegging both diffs and copied cough cough the beautiful alloy flange seals and just waiting for the oil flicker plates from a Toyota 4 runner to turn up so far cost me £10 some scrap and some argon
  6. Has any one positive pressurised there axles or gearbox or transfer box Was thinking around 1-2 psi to stop water ingress i know some unimogs have it on deep wading kits Whats people's views on it
  7. Use a 300tdi fan pully as its very close to a td5 crank pulley
  8. I ran my 26cc on off the aux belt in td5 yiu make a back plate with 2 rollers close together so the belt is wrapped all the way around the pulley to maximise the contact pick up it didn't slip at all even when wet only moved it to crank as was bit to geared up
  9. Thats would be amazing if you could all come along I think my post man will hate me soon lol 😆 @Escape what pump did you go for in the end
  10. This new covid19 changes might change the chances of ladoga-trophy witch is a shame all we can do is keep fingers crossed
  11. @Escape is the temptation to finish truck and come growing at all ??
  12. @FridgeFreezer did you up grade to seal winches or did u build the non low line your self Was thinking of making new drum and end plate with chain 1:1 drive for the type r winches for more drum capacity
  13. Open adventure Pair of hydraulic winches or a god winch pto abd hydraulic kam lockers ashcroft cvs shafts peged diffs td5 will be back on standard turbo for ease of repairs 38 mud treps and will have bead locks
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