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  1. Very interesting tech comparison from https://jalopnik.com/what-i-found-when-i-crawled-under-the-2020-land-rover-d-1838080009
  2. There's always been accountants, so what is your point? Hopefully it's not that because they're Indian they're cutting corners/quality? If LR was so good, how come it had to be rescued by the Germans in the 90s? And then they flogged it to the Yanks when they realised that a turd it was, and they in turn couldn't walk away fast enough. At least Tata gave LR a chance when no one would touch them, and it paid off, both for the latter and the former. Sure, there's a bit of a bad patch right now with the losses, but hopefully the booming sales of the new Defender will help to right the ship back to profitability again.
  3. the LT230 is generally good, but has a tendency to self-destruct under certain circumstances. it's more the rest of the car I was referring to: rubbish build quality, not surprising seeing that it was British hand-built. Brand new Puma in 2010 had a bent axle, for which I had to fight LR to get a replacement. Gearbox replaced after a year or so, ditto for rear diff. It's had a few clutches replaced, can't even remember if it was 3 or 4 times. For the past 2 years it's developed a drivetrain vibration that keeps loosening the prop bolts, and two of the best indies in CT haven't been able to sort it out, so haven't been able to use it for that time. so yeah, British hand-built? no thank you. btw, the new one has a low crawl ratio of 51.5:1 for diesel versions and 57.2:1 for the six-cylinder petrol.
  4. Yes, and unlike the p.o.s British version, it will actually be a quality product. Simon, I saw a price of 159.99 pounds on a Facebook post earlier.
  5. it's alive!!! 😛 The Lego was also launched yesterday: https://www.facebook.com/LEGOTechnic/videos/515831112323283/?t=32with AWD, a proper hi-low transfer case, IFS, working winch!!!SWAMBO is thrilled, can't wait to order it!
  6. here's a link to the brochure, with all dimensions/capabilities, etc.: https://www.landrover.co.za/Images/Land-Rover-Defender-Brochure-1L6632000000BZAEN01P_tcm299-715173.pdf
  7. now now, that thwack Gerry has to have his 60 minutes of waffling in the limelight 😂
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