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  1. Took the Rangie for its annual service yesterday, and had a look at the demo they had on the floor. It looks smaller IRL than in photos, IMHO. Sitting position and driver's view is pretty good. Pedals are still way close together for comfortable left-foot braking. The boot is not as big as I expected, but the side curvatures of the opening means that you lose a lot of space if you were to fit a drawer system.
  2. "Now available at www.atraxion.com. Two new wheels for 2020 Defender, mounted on Goodyear Wrangler 255/60R20 . We thank Land Rover Hasselt for making this video possible."
  3. PowerfulUK's video on why they took down the video about the GPF sensor issue: And a new video of them green-laning:
  4. Yes, yes I would. The same way I use my RRS off-road. And the same way I used my previous D4 off-road. In case you don't think it's possible, have a look here: Of course, you can't bang them around a trail as you would a Defender, so you just have to pick your lines carefully and have a spotter handy.
  5. Unfortunately not, they haven't arrived in ZA yet. Dealer is having a launch of sorts next week or the week after, will test drive one then. Not that the Mrs will let me have one 😐
  6. 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 D240 S - Offroad-Test | autofilou
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