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  1. some more photos, including a plot of their route:
  2. seen on FB, from Dave van Graan, a chap who is doing a walking tour around Namibia: "Here are a few photos of the new Land Rover Defender. Land Rover is currently conducting a 2 month test on these vehicles. They drive much the same route that I walked plus a few other tough routes from Opuwu, van Zyls Pass, to the Skeleton coast National Park, Puros, Sesfontein and back to Opuwu. They do not spare these cars and they are really well tested. They really have a new look and nothing like the old Defender." if you google some of the places he mentions, especially Van Zyl's Pass, you will understand how tough these vehicles are having it.
  3. It's being put through its paces in Namibia:https://twitter.com/FlatOutMag/status/1229503770578620418https://twitter.com/jack_rix/status/1229361624080883713
  4. Take a look at Richard Agnew (@theragers): https://twitter.com/theragersHe just got a Defender and is already taking it on a trip, posting photos of fill-up, packing space, etc.He does work for LR though, so don't expect him to say anything overtly bad.
  5. thanks, but CAN is a bit far to drive for me. Besices, we have gravel roads here for days and even weeks to keep us entertained. Last July, I went solo on a club outing, and on the gravel road to the farm, I tried to get the RRS to step out - hard as I tried, at almost twice the speed limit (+-160kmh), it just would not. A Defender, OTOH, will step out if you even look at it funny πŸ˜…
  6. my bad, I didn't see you live in Canada. "I'll guarantee nothing is better on gravel at high speed than my Defenders." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Haven't read anything so hilarious in years! Boet, you just made yourself a laughing stock around here. 🀣
  7. You've completely missed the point... That is a bog-standard Defender, and the wheel travel is about the same as the new one. Unless you're going to be doing serious competitions, a bog-standard Defender is all you will need. Same as @Tanuki, a bit of rock-crawl compromise for better road holding when doing 80kmh on gravel all day long for weeks would be a major safety improvement. I know that doesn't apply to your little island, but bigger markets have vast distances that people want to cover in comfort and safety.
  8. Indeed. I mean, look at the amazing wheel travel on my 90:
  9. @LandRoverUSA: The New Defenders are on a roll. Today, for the first time, North American consumers have the opportunity to drive this vehicle on an epic off-road course at #4xFAR. #Defender2020 https://t.co/2YipZLT9BC https://twitter.com/LandRoverUSA/status/1218628134620160000
  10. "60 Defenders have officially arrived in the USA for demonstration purposes. These will be at the 4xfar festival presented by @landroverusa in California. It’s been nearly 3 decades since the D110 made its debut in the North American market. It’s good to see the name return officially to US showrooms."
  11. Frontrunner's roof-rack for the new Defender: https://www.frontrunneroutfitters.com/en/us/vehicles/2020-land-rover-defender-roof-rack
  12. I beg to differ - I've seen D3s on ATs go where Defenders with 35" MTs aren't able to go, the one track that stands out is a particularly hectic rocky climb that we did with the club. TR is like any other tool: you need to learn how to use it properly. πŸ‘
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