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  1. initial feedback from the workshop is that there's nothing wrong with the calipers nor the braking system. As someone else said, it could be something else in the suspension which is causing this, so they're checking other things tomorrow.
  2. Hi everyone, yet another issue cropped up on my Puma, only noticeable at highway speeds (>80kmh): when I brake, the car dives to the left. Even if I hold the steering wheel straight, the car still does this. What could be causing this? Thanks
  3. A fun outing to Grabouw despite the inclement weather. First time out in my Defender since October 2017 due to drivetrain issue, which is now somewhat sorted out.
  4. yep, that's down to the active rear diff, which locks very quickly to improve traction.
  5. Finally got the landy back after it spent 7 months in the shop. During a very thorough investigation into the root cause of the vibrations, the following were replaced: - rear propshaft - A-frame ball joint - rear springs (Terrafirma Heavy) - all bushes The landy now drives much better, although there's still a vibration at low speeds coming from the gearbox/transfer case area (bum area) and the rear diff howls at around 80kmh. Having been without an off-roadworthy landy since Feb 2018, I'm done trying to sort this out any further. I guess this is a Defender after all, so I shouldn't complain that it isn't safe, comfortable, etc., and just live with the issues. 🙄
  6. spotted at the Goodwood Festival: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzfR7MUH-m6/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BzfLunRnKsk/
  7. very interesting to see how it works:
  8. some of cladding has been removed, and apparently it's no slouch on the highway:
  9. Our club went away to a farm close to Cape Town for the weekend, and we tackled their trail on Sunday. Here are some photos and a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGQ7pdD1_ko
  10. A fun day indeed doing a series of obstacles at Black Pearl Vineyards in Paarl! A few photos:
  11. finally, possibly something without camo:
  12. Finally got the chance to really see what the RRS is capable of in the dunes! I wasn't driving my Puma due to it *still* being worked on for that drivetrain vibration, but plenty of Defenders on this outing. Most of the Defenders had already arrived and were deflating tyres when I rocked up, and let's just say there were a lot of incredulous faces when I arrived. 😅 We had a great day: hooned around a bit, got stuck numerous times, tried out the ATPC a few times (some successful, others not), and only really needed one tow at a particularly soft spot where I beached the car and even extended height would not help. It was a very hot day (34C), so the sand was extremely soft from 9am when we got going. Tyres were at 1.0 bar. All in all, the supercharged is a great dune surfer
  13. Funny, I queries Pete from BAS about the ratio, and he doesn't recommend going to 1.1 even on a tuned 2.4
  14. Ah, yes, finally! I have a 2.4 BAS-tuned with Alive Intercooler, and sometimes I find myself looking for a 7th gear. So this 1.1 would be ideal?
  15. OT, but a measurement system being soulless & boring? May I enlighten you with the newly-revised SI units, where the Kg (and other units) is no longer a lump of metal but defined by universal constants? Nothing soulless & boring about this, but a profoundly glorious science at work: https://www.bipm.org/en/measurement-units/ the imperial measurement systems is best thrown in the rubbish bin
  16. psi? do you live in the 15th century perhaps? 🤣
  17. Well, those aren't that low-profile: standard size on the RRS is 275/40 IIRC. In the dunes, I dropped to 0.8 bar all around, and the road tyres float very nicely on the sand at that pressure. For the other outings, I stayed on road pressures (2.3F/2.5R), since the terrain was quite hard. So far I've avoided doing very rocky trails due to having road tyres. Once I put on some ATs, that'll change 😁
  18. Thanks @FridgeFreezer, and that was on open ground. You should hear it in town, children and dogs run away scared 🤣 Thanks @deep! Indeed, having done LRE courses almost every year since 2008, it has gradually been 'dumbed' down because it has to start catering for the Evoque, and now the Velar, etc. We go mostly because it's free every time we get a new LR. The last video was a club outing, and I must admit that I did get stuck on one obstacle, no matter what line I took. That same obstacle was also very problematic for a brand new D5, but he managed to clear it due to a few cms more clearance. I may have been able to if I had 275/55R20 tyres, which would have given me 1cm more. but yeah, I bought it to drive fast and to go off-road 😎
  19. Ok, it's been a while, and this is what the new child had been up to since I last posted this clip: Mods: Replaced the rear lights with Glohh ones and replaced the resonator & centre silencer with straight pipes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLAwx9AIVIs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7oh_Kfx4M4 And been on a couple of outings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAYEInU9BRs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8LTHvQ3LTc
  20. Had a fun time at Land Rover Experience today https://youtu.be/kw2dsVBgmUw
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