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  1. Apparently they don't think it's that big of a deal when I told them that what they're doing is misleading:
  2. This is warning to all to avoid buying from https://defenderupgrades.co.uk/ I ordered a double-din fascia from, but they sent the wrong side panel switch - the website shows the panel with the round cutout, but they sent the one with only buttons, which I can't use because I have a Madman EMS. this is what the website shows (https://defenderupgrades.co.uk/product/double-din-dashboard-matt-black-centre-fascia-console-movable-air-vents/): this is what arrived: My email went unanswered, but they eventually responded on Facebook: "Ours only come with new style side panel now" So nevermind that they didn't update the photos on their website, and are therefore wilfully misleading their customers, but they are basically telling me to p*** off. bunch of exercisers, last time I'm ordering from them 😡
  3. here you go: Defender Puma Workshop Manual: http://1drv.ms/1nNpJeMDiscovery 4 Workshop Manual: http://bit.ly/22l8YHhRange Rover/Sport L320/L322/L494 Workshop Manual: http://bit.ly/2iH7jgG
  4. and a short video of this past week's highlights
  5. that's the Crimson-breasted Shrike, a truly beautiful bird!
  6. guess what? we went back to Tswalu
  7. No, I am a member of the Cape Land Rover Club https://www.clrc.co.za/ https://www.facebook.com/TheCapeLandRoverClub
  8. I watched that section of the clip many times, I'd have taken different lines in my RRS (also on 20s, road tyres) in both instances. I'm also not impressed by their driving technique in the ND, you don't drive a Terrain Response vehicle the same way as a 'traditional' off-roader. Quite unlucky on the second puncture though.
  9. Picked up the Puma yesterday with the new shocks fitted, what a massive difference, especially on the rear (where the TFs were): the workshop also had a 110 come in last week with both rear TFs broken, same failure.
  10. Video highlights from our stay at Londolozi Game Reserve
  11. My friend with the same failure just messaged me now, and thinks he's found a solution: "The chromede rod diameter is 16mm , but the thread diameter holding the rod in the top mounting is 12mm. There is a sharp change from the rod diam to the thread, and this transition is the point of failure because of the combined bending and tensile load when the axle is hanging off the shockabsorber. I am going to rethread the rod to 16mm. The load bearing area goes from 12 squared (144 mm2) to 16sq (256 mm2) .....almost 2 x."
  12. First time going off-road with plenty of cross-axles/articulation. Friend of mine in a D1 comes on the radio and says he's dislocated a spring and needs a hi-lift jack, so we drop one for him and keep going. A few minutes later I start hearing a knocking sound, and the two vehicles closest to me stop to ask me if I've broken something. We drive back to the rest camp, and whadayaknoe. This is a 6-month old damper, fitted at the beginning of Nov 2020: So the friend in the D1 who needed the hi-lift? Yeah, same TF shock, broken in exactly the same place, also on the left rear wheel. He also fitted these around the same time, also bought from the same distributor. ditching these TF p.o.s and just ordered a full set of Bilstein B6s.
  13. After Thornybush and Londolozi, the final stop on our recent safari trip was Marataba Mountain Lodge: https://www.more.co.za/marataba/ After the plentiful game we saw at the first two reserves, Marataba was a bit of a let down except for the many, many rhinos we saw (I don't post photos of rhinos online for obvious reasons), but the scenic view and the one night under the stars in their treehouse made up for it. One of the highlights was spotting & managing to photograph the elusive African Wild cat.
  14. rest of the photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/EzdzCiaNXj4ev8WC9
  15. way too many photos to post all of them, but here's a link to my Google Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yS1Bprq8Rs6koecH8
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