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  1. Wheely

    Clutch Replacement. 130 or 110 in my 110

    ah ok, I thought it I could resurface it in-situ, without taking the whole thing out - thanks! I guess that with the Gearbox input shaft front seal and the crankshaft seal I am done - or are there other seals, shims, etc.. that needs to be replaced whilst I am at it? Cheers
  2. Wheely

    Clutch Replacement. 130 or 110 in my 110

    great, thanks a lot - is this advisable to change it as well whilst I am doing the whole clutch? I see it's behind the flywheel engine which I wasn't planning to take out. Is it a seal that also fails often?
  3. Wheely

    Clutch Replacement. 130 or 110 in my 110

    I found answers to all the questions -the only one pending is: 3) I can't find a 200TDI alternative for the crank rear oil seal which for the 300 TDI is page 213, item 15 - is there another piece that should be changed if not this one? can you help please so i can place the order? thanks!
  4. Wheely

    Clutch Replacement. 130 or 110 in my 110

    Very useful thread - got some inspiring actions from it since I also wanted to change the clutch fork and the bearing with HD ones since they are likely to fail and I wouldn't want that to be the case whilst I am driving in the middle of nowhere in Mali πŸ˜… I guess that whilst I am at it I'd change the other various components of the clutch as Neil did. Since I have the 200 TDI/LT77 I'd post here a couple of questions on the 'in-doubt' items: 1) This video (link) is extremely useful to understand how to replace effectively the spigot bush - is it needed to take it out as in the video or it can be done in-situ? Looking at retroanaconda the part number for 200 TDI is 8566L. Is this the same irrespective if it's a Disco or Defender 200 TDI I'd assume?? 2) Gearbox input shaft front seal page 310,item 2 which in the LT77 is UKC1060L - is this the only piece of the mainshaft to be swapped as part of this clutch refresh exercise? 3) I can't find a 200TDI alternative for the crank rear oil seal which for the 300 TDI is page 213, item 15 - is there another piece that should be changed if not this one? And lastly: 4) what tools shall I buy to do this piece of work besides the usual spanners, etc.. ? Is an clutch alignment tool (DA6113) actually needed or it can be sorted without it? 5) Anyone has the manual of a LT77 that says what grease to use on on the various parts of the clutch fork/etc... I hear (here) that each gearbox will be having its specific grease to be used.. 6) What is the benefit of STC8358HD over the standard one? many thanks!
  5. Wheely

    Prep to Overland across west africa

    thanks guys, much appreciate all of your inputs and suggestions, so: I see the point of proactively changing the clutch arms with uprated ones since this part fails easily and I don't know how many miles the 200TDI I have fitted has. Few questions 1) How easy of a job that is without having very sophisticated tools? I'd do it with the mechanic here in Ghana but we just have spanners with us no other special stuff (Torque wrench, etc...) [ yeah need to buy myself a some proper stuff asap]. Looking at this video (link) it looks like we gotta dismantle all the bell housing 2) would ftc2957 be the right one (link) [ the gearbox I have is the 200 TDI Disco that has the diff lock lever in front of the gear stick lever, and the reverse is next to the 1st gear) 3) I have seen this video (link) as an upgrade to prevent in the future having the split where the pivot presses (link) - worth it for GBP45 or just a normal HD one would last enough miles? Bearing alu part no is FTC5200 (link), right? Anything else to change on the clutch? bearing in mind that so far (fingers crossed) no problems have been encountered with it Having said that the liquid in the clutch master cylinder is always dirty (despite changing it/bleeding it/etc..) so likely the seals are gone (despite having no leaking on the footwell whatsoever) - would you recommend replacing just the seal or the whole master cylinder? and if the latter was the case, should I do at the same time the slave cylinder as I have read somewhere that they should be replaced at the same time? would they be of the 200TDI (fitted engine) or of the V8 (original engine)? thanks a lot!! Simone
  6. Wheely

    Prep to Overland across west africa

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions 1) Yes I'd go ahead and change all oils/filters/grease it all up (wheel bearings greased, bushes/shocks not failing, alternator charge output sufficient, battery has life in it, UJs greased). The timing belt (1 belt inside and 1 of the two belts outside) and tensioner were changed couple of years ago but since then I'd have done less than 2000 miles. Unfortunately the kit I had bought was the one for the 200TDI (TIMINGKIT200DEF) and so the front-cover gasket and water pump gasket wasn't correct and there wasn't the idler (ETC8560) since my engine it's rather a Disco one (VIN:12L77414A). What would you recommend me doing having done so little miles since then but not having changed all of the components ? What does the clutch aluminium release bearings and uprated clutch arms do to change them as a precaution? something like this (link)? Do you think I should change the radiator pipes to give it another layer of security? 2) I see your point there on the mismatched senders/gauges - indeed they may work but signal something not adequate for the engine - swapping the VDO water temperature then and adding one for the oil pressure so to avoid relying on the idiot light? cheers!
  7. Wheely

    Prep to Overland across west africa

    Thanks all for your comments! much appreciated! I see you all make reference to having the engine in good order and so far, in the couple of years I have had it, it has been running fine - sparking at first attempt even after 3-4 months of no usage. My slight worry is that 1) I dunno how many miles the engine has run before it had been swapped as it has been bought here in Ghana by the previous owner and there was no record of that so may be it's going to be more likely for something to break if it had a lot of miles 2) since originally the Landy was fitted with a petrol engine and now it has the diesel one, is there a chance that some of the original gauges/senders/terminals won't work as expected or if that was the case I'd have noticed it already by now ? sorry for the stupid questions but you are a great sounding board!
  8. Hey guys, I work for a company providing solar home system on credit to rural people across west africa - currently are evaluating our next market so I am jumping at this opportunity to get my Landy on the road πŸ˜‹! I will be crossing from Ghana to a few of the other countries around west africa (skipping the war zones of Burkina and Mali), finishing the trip in Senegal - about 4000km. Now need to get going with the prep.πŸ™ƒ The first thing I wanted to check with you guys is whether the standard water temperature gauge (is water temp the same as coolant temp???) and the warning oil pressure idiot light are sufficient/reliable or should get myself an EMS kit like the Madman one which would give me: 1- Oil pressure 2- Oil/transfer case temperature 3 - Coolant temp 4 - Coolant level 5 - EGT --> which I wouldn't fit as the 200TDI doesn't have the EGR plate and I am not comfortable in drilling the manifold here in GH 6 - Battery voltage Everyone I asked is telling me to go with the EMS2 by Madman, I trust this being an ideal solution, my question is not whether that's a good piece of kit or not, but rather whether it's something I'd need or the standard set-up would be sufficient since point 5 is not fitted, point 6 is not going to make a world of difference, 1 and 3 should be sorted with the standard set-up, so the only real benefit I see (provided that indeed 1 and 3 are reliable from the standard set-up) is on point 2 (not very useful as the oil temp should always be around 5 degrees above the coolant temp) and 4 --> would this justify getting such a piece of kit worth about 300 quids? Mind that my Landy is standard (no mechanical mods/upgrades ) though it has a 200 TDI despite it being a 3 axle Defender (the previous owner changed the 3.5 V8πŸ˜’) so I'd think that it'd be a bit heavy to pull for this smaller engine - but I am no mechanicπŸ€” Thanks so much for all your guys feedback, Simone
  9. Wheely

    MadMan ETG gauge

    got confirmation of question 2 by doing some research online: The 200TDI kit that I found comes with the H360PKIT which is not part of the kit madman offers (above picture) - is it an extra component provided as part of the kit for what particular reason you guys think? Question 1 and 3 still stand
  10. Wheely

    MadMan ETG gauge

    Thanks @Maverik for the feedback - appreciated as I am new to all these kind of things but learning fast thanks to this forum! 3 questions: 1) I found this picture showcasing where I'd need to drill in - is it correct? How easy is to do this and what can possibly go wrong (it's the first time I'd do something like this and in Ghana there is no workshop equipped for this kind of work). 2) Are these the necessary probes/etc needed or is there more for the 200 TDI: 3) Lastly I understand these are some things that are needed that don't come with the kit - is this comprehensive? * 2 x gaskets for the water temp sensor * 3 x 40mm bolts to fit water temp sensor mounting (the original bolts are way too short.) * Antifreeze * Loctite --> what type? is this normal glue or what? * Fire Gum --> what is this? * Lugs --> what is this? * Sleeving for the wiring * Cable ties I am asking all of this a I need to purchase this stuff and have it shipped to Ghana so it'd be a shame if I miss something and need to ship a second batch of stuff. Thanks a lot
  11. Wheely

    MadMan ETG gauge

    Thanks guys for the feedback! The EMS3 is since last year that should be released so I wouldn't bet is coming out in march as they say on FB. And anyway - the delays were led by many bugs and tweaks they had to do before releasing so I'd think that may be the first release will still not be at par with the previous EMS? Quick Q's for you: 1- What's the difference between EMS1 and EMS2? Seems to have the same function to me when i compare on the madman website 2- How would I fit the EGT probe into a disco 200TDI engine which doens't have the EGR? 3- What are the things I should buy when installing this? i.e. what doesn't come in the box which is needed to do the installation? thanks a lot, Simone
  12. Wheely

    MadMan ETG gauge

    Hey guys, I am prepping for a trip from Ghana to Senegal and to ensure that I have an eye on my engine I wanted to buy the madman EMS. All the posts I can find on it at 10 years or more, but all sterling good - so was wondering whether it's still a good buy to go for, or whether in the last 10 years a better product came out? Thanks so much!
  13. Wheely

    Cabling for side-lights

    Hi guys, Looking to replace the side-lights with the LED type. Since we found that the cabling for the license plate, the one for the fog light and for the rear light, are missing I was thinking to then replace the cabling for all of the side-lights whilst placing them with LEDs. My questions are: 1) Is this a simple piece of work since I'd need to have it done in Ghana? 2) what type of cable should we do it with? 3) is there a particular color coding to use for future ease of reference? 4) Do I need to change any fuse when doing this? Any reference of already created material on this would be much appreciated. Cheers, Simone
  14. Hey guys, been travelling so couldn't finish this up - to recap (pics in previous post): the LR055345 one in foam is genuine LR, the MTC4994 in soft rubber and MTC6568 in foam are britpart - it just looks like there is not enough pressure on these foam seals (the plastic one can't be seen as it's between roof and windscreen) - also the MTC6568 is not long enough to cover the full roof width... Was thinking that the easiest solution would be just to replace the MTC6568 and LR055345 with alternative seals neoprene slightly thicker and for the MTC6568 also to cover the full lenght of the roof from end to end What are your thoughts on it? thanks for your support! Simone
  15. Wheely

    Gravitex on rims

    ok - so doing the normal paint job would be strong enough? any suggestions on the best steps to take?

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