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  1. Raptorising my 6x4 Landy

    Great thanks @mad_petefor your suggestions - much appreciate 2 Questions: 1- As I started working through it I identified 2 bits that have rusted on the bulk-head. One is right at the edge of bulk-head and windscreen - how do you suggest to fix it? Second is in the foot-well, seems superficial mainly on the paint - any thoughts how this could happen? 2- I live by the sea - what would be the idea way of clean the car before painting it to ensure all the salt is removed and we don't overcoat it? cheers
  2. Raptorising my 6x4 Landy

    Probably too many questions don't feel like you gotta answer all of them, even just answering on of these will be of great help
  3. great stuff guys! I have bought it all and it should get to me in a few days! I will do a video of the various seal changes. Are there any videos/guidelines on how I could change these various seals?
  4. Driver member upgrade to heavy-duty?

    Hello guys, back in November I didn't change this and just libricated the part. After my last trip i noticed that there is quite some play in the driving member and the piece it connects to, the shaft - the spines got very sharp now and my local mechanic says that also the shaft now has to be changed... In case i also need to change the shaft, leaving aside the price, shall I go for the HD ones? cheers, Simone
  5. Great thanks! all clear now! So both parts will fit, only that the newer part number might have a more recent design and hence could be better that the original replacement part number - is my assumption correct?
  6. Raptorising my 6x4 Landy

    Hey guys, Next month I will be stripping down my 6x4 1995 land rover defender and repaint it the bodywork outside, the underseal and the interior of the bodywork in UPOL Raptor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezVsBjayjYA&t=24s Since I am using the car in the ‘bush’ here in Ghana and I will be overlanding in the near future, this bedliner paint will give me good strength over tree branches and stonechips whilst also providing some insulation and noise reduction. I am aware of the downsides of using it but still want to go ahead with it. I am about to start with the strip-down and as always I’d like to refer to you guys as your tips and suggestions increase the likelihood of doing a good job J I will video the whole job and will be posting it here for other people to refer to in the future 1. The main aim of the paint job I have in mind is to extend the lifetime of the Landy – hence I would like to understand from your perspective which parts I should ensure to do even if in difficult to access points e.g. the engine bay (wings, front of bulkhead) and inside of the bonnet– is it worth painting it as well ? 2. The Raptor bedliner paint is a very sticky paint so pieces painted together will be very hard to detach in the future. Hence I would like to strip off the body the parts that make most sense to remove. Outside I think these are the wings, the hinges and door handles, the roof, the bulkhead and windscreen part (these two parts are split by a sponge seal), the wheel arches, the triangle on the lower-back side of the rear door. Any other part that you would suggest me to strip out or parts that you’d suggest not to mess around with? 3. I would like to also paint the chassis – I was thinking of unbolting it from the bodywork and lifting the bodywork with a workshop elevator. I wouldn’t remove thought the engine from the chassis as that seems super complicated. Rather than spraying it I was thinking of having the workshop use a brush and stripe-coat – thoughts? Or is it quite difficult and I am better off to just spray the chassis and underseal together with everything still attached at the bodywork? 4. Since this was a fire service truck, there are some wires that go to the roof – what’s the best way to seal the holes on the roof now that I don’t need all that wiring? 5. Since I am going to do some holes in the body work for LED stands and other things, best to do these before or after the paint job? 6. Is it best to paint over the existing rivets or to remove the old rivers, paint and apply new ones? 7. Best to mask where there are bolts or to remove them before paiting? 8. To paint the rims, do you suggest to remove the tire first or just to mask it off? Thanks a lot everyone for your input! Cheers from Ghana, Simone
  7. Hey @western without having to go through each part - is there a way for me to check which one of the two proposed parts would be best fit for my truck? I already had in the past the experience of buying parts that the component website was suggesting as correct for my Defender type and then it didn't fit, hence I'd like to avoid to do it again
  8. cool - thanks Western! After going through the whole parts book for body and chassis I think I identified pretty much all the parts I should change whilst stripping the car (about 20 parts). For the front door can you confirm that is just the weatherstrip and door sill seal? Mine currently has a 3rd seal as well but can't find it in the parts books (one attached to door, one to bodywork, and one to sill). Some websites (LRdirect.com) state that the parts on lrseries.com are superseded with other parts that are still compatible with my type of defender (rather than the PUMA for example) - so I am now confused as to which part is best fit for my type of defender (VIN: TA975201), it'd great if you could confirm which one would be best suited: Weatherstrip - front Door LH: either part number CFE102991 or LR077686 ? Weatherstrip - front Door RH: either part number LR024956 or LR077683 or LR077684 ? Weatherstrip - front Door LH: either part number CFE103011 or LR077683 or LR077684 ? fillerstrip - Seal - Roof Side Moulding: 302178 or DBF500040? Also, would 1 meter suffice for both windows? SEAL ROOF TO WINDSCREEN CORNER: MUC6400 or LR055343? BULKHEAD TO WINDSCREEN SEAL - ADHESIVE FAJ100020 or LR055345 WINDSCREEN RUBBER SEAL MUC3733 or LR056278 rear window glasing strip MWC4772 or CGE500660 HARD TOP REAR GLASS SEAL FILLER STRIP 306289 or CHB500050 Also, this is the gasket from the door hinge to the bodywork (347369), are there no other gaskets/seals that need to be changed for the 4 hinges? I will buy it out as soon as get the confirmation Cheers, Simone
  9. Great stuff Western! you are always a saviour! I have found all the part numbers of the bits I think I need to change which are the door seals, door sill seals, flap seal, bulkhead drain channel seal - any other seals I should change whilst I am stripping the car? Is it best to buy the LR parts or Britparts are fine?
  10. Hello! Wheely, my 1995 Defender converted to 6x4, is to undergone very soon a complete repaint and I am going to take the opportunity to change all the seals. The seals I'd like to change are the following front and rear door seals: I see there are 2 seals now on each, one attached on the door, and one attached on the body-work. Can you please specify which are the ones to be bought for the front doors and which ones for the back doors front windscreen seal as it has been eating up by the Ghanaian sun bulk-head seal between the windscreen and the vents- the one that can be seen in this pic (https://goo.gl/images/Ye7DNV) vents seals: I see that there are ones made of rubber or made of foam - any preference? door hinges seals (the plastic pieces that are between the door and the hinge) - worthwhile replacing these are well? (I will also be putting hinge-guards) door handles worth doing? any other bodywork seal that would be worthwhile replacing whilst I am at it? I would love if you could confirm the part numbers and whether you suggest any particular type of them (with wire inside, material, etc..) Thanks a lot, Simone
  11. Axle stand capacity

    Great, thanks a lot for your recommendation guys! much appreciated!
  12. Duplicating LR keys

    Hey all, I bought my Landy (110 Defender converted to 6x4 by Carmichael) on auction and I have only one key - I would like to duplicate it to avoid regrettable incidents What do you recommend? does it have to be special key or can I just give it to a shop that duplicates keys and let them use whatever key fits the cut? anything else I should take into account? Cheers, Simone
  13. Axle stand capacity

    Hey all, I am going to park Wheely for a couple of months as I travel back to Europe. It will be in the company parking lot, so safe but no one will move it around, so I was thinking of placing it on axle stands, hence 3 questions: 1-I'll need to buy a jack to lift it - what weight capacity is needed? People have been telling me either 10ton or 16 tons..what do you say? Wheely is a 6x4 Defender so would weight more than a normal 110/130 2-The axle stand has to be the same capacity of the jack? i.e. if the jack is 10 ton then i need to buy a pair of axle stands where each stand is capable of lifting 5tons? 3-Shall I buy just 2 pairs of axle stands ? should I keep lifter the front and middle (2nd axle) or front and back (3rd axle) ? or better to go for 3 axle stands? Cheers, Simone
  14. For now I just need a starting battery as I wouldn't be using the leisure one. I will be here in Africa so not sure the CCA would be that important - which is the key info i need to look out for in the battery to identify the one most suited besides putting the biggest one that fits the battery box? Also, when buying the battery is important to identify the year of production of the battery? I was trying to look for it on the batteries I checked out but couldn't find it clearly labelled.
  15. Hi all, I am in Ghana and my current 17 plates battery finally left me! So I am in the lookout for another battery and want to ensure to get one that will be fine for Wheely (Defender with a Discovery 200 TDI fitted) that I am prepping for my overland across Africa - i won't fit a winch but some LED lights both inside (camperised) and outside (headlights). What are the key info that I need to be in the lookout for to select the best one available ? Plate? Capacity AH20HR AH5HR, charing cycles? Please note that I'd love the battery to keep charge for 2-3 months when not in use. I found a YUASA distributor here, these are the model offered: http://www.yuasabattery.com.my/option/mod_product_listing/mid/3419/cid/1561| How are these? Cheers, Simone