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  1. cool - so i fit either 2, but to ensure that the components I have fit again I can go for the NRC9515 this has been of great help, thanks a lot! Do you have by any chance the part numbers of any gaskets/seal/retainer ring that I would need to buy as I fit the new one? This is the right tank guard: http://www.paddockspares.com/fuel-tank-guard-defender-110-to-1998.html ? I owe you a beer
  2. Thanks western for clarifying the point again. I promise last post on this from me So you say that despite I now have the NRC9515 (do you confirm you also have the same opinion as I have) I should go for the WFE000190? Since the fuel sender, fuel pump, etc.. are still working on mine, I'd like to replace the tank keeping the same model - so I don't have to change everything else. On the WFE000190 the drain plug is bigger and is in the middle of the fuel tank so I am worried that there might be other differences.. If I put the WFE000190 will it fit likewise and would I be able to reuse the various components (the fuel sender, fuel pump, etc..)? What are the drawback if I order the same one (assuming it is the NRC9515)? Thanks very much Simone
  3. Thanks Based on the pics I believe it's the NRC9515...See the location of the drain plug? the WFE000190 has a larger drain plug towards the center of the tank, rather I have it in the right-front corner...What are your thoughts? NRC9515 says Fuel tank NRC9515 is for the Defender 110 with V8 Petrol 2.5 Diesel to 1986 (from https://www.lrdirect.com/NRC9515-Fuel-Tank-110-Early-Ext.-Pump-M/?keep_https=yes) - is the 1986 referring to Diesel since mine is a 1995 V8 ?Thanks so much for clearing this up for me!
  4. Thanks a lot Western for the feedback. If I look at my current tank and the ones online rather than WFE000190 mine looks like the NRC9515 - see picture attached - the areas i have circled red can be found in the NRC rather than WFE - what kind of tank is that? May be it got changed by the previous owner? I have seen some defender that have the fuel fill hole on the left-hand side (see attached) - are there any special things to look for to ensure the tank fits the right-hand side for filler? Is this the stone guard: http://www.paddockspares.com/esr2204-cradle-for-wfe000190-esr2000.html or do you have a part number I can use as reference..? The sender of my picture is the original one - can I just get the seal and retainer ring - part numbers - since the sender works well? thanks a bunch!
  5. Hi All,My Landy has been leaking increasingly and after a few attempts to fix, yesterday finally my mechanic suggested to replace it.I read all of the threads on this on the forum and couldn't find a conclusive answer to my questions:1- What is the right tank for my 1995 110 Defender (SALLDHMV8TA975201) - it was a V8 petrol but now converted to diesel - will I find a diesel replacement tank or I need to get the V8 petrol one because of how it fits in the car? It's located at the back of the car, looking at the car from behind, the sender unit is on the left hand-side just next to the exhaust pipe...I think my current tank is this one (NRC9515): http://www.paddockspares.com/nrc9515-fuel-tank.html2- What supplier has a tank of good quality? Been looking on http://www.rjs-land-rover-spares.com/, https://www.allisport.com, and ebay but can't find much alternatives - and the comments I have heard on the britparts fuel tanks are horrendous so would rather get something that will prevent me from having this problem in the future..I would have loved to find a tank for long-range but all seems to be only in australia: http://thelongranger.com.au/landrover/defender/1999-2007/tr55-td5 3-What are the part number for the sender unit and gaskets that I have to replace? Anything else needed?I attach picture of the tank (from below the car) and the sender unit + gasket currently fitted. Thanks a lot!
  6. thanks, this is what I found, it'd be great if you could confirm later when you have some time Thanks a bunch!
  7. Great, thanks just to confirm I understand what i need to order on paddock: 1) For the differential housing case (it doens't matter if we don't have the serial number as all the salisbury are the same?): 1x stc4403 1x 607183 1x 607197 2) For the transfer box: 1x ftc4939 1 frc2464 1x frc5442 4 x frc3602 12 x bt606101l 8 x nz606041l 2 x stc1130 + the hand brake shoes ( ICW500010) + the bolts I am missing in the transfer box fs108301l x 2 would it be worth doing anything else whilst I am doing these work? Thanks so much!!!! Simone
  8. Another picture of the transfer case leaking spraying oil around the hand-brake drum and side of the chassis...
  9. Here you have Wheely while we went shopping for a new sofa!
  10. Thanks very much @Snagger for your reply - glad you are interested in finding more about Wheely - I will be taking some pics and share! Finally I am found a way to upload all of the pictures highlighting the 2 parts where Wheely is leaking 1) Transfer care (LT230) + hand-brake drum - any idea of what I should buy to fix this? 2) rear differential housing: Since I need to buy the parts in the UK, ship them here to Ghana before I get the mechanic to start working on it (to prevent having it dismantled and not having the pieces to them put it back together) so you are recommending that i purchase the salisbury seal and flange - I can find 3 flanges here, which one are you referring to : http://allbrit.de/UNI.cfm?PAGE=755457&SPRACHE=EN Thanks a lot!
  11. the other pics are of greater size and can't be uploaded.....
  12. Hi All, Last month I changed all the oil of my Landy - named Wheely given the 6 wheels I don't use Wheely often, but last week after it had been parked for a 5-6 days and noticed a big leak underneath - I brought it to the lube bay and had to top-up almost 1LT of oil in the auxiliary gearbox - the main one was still level... See the pictures - the leak is just after the auxiliary and at the joint of the rear axle. I am in Ghana and mechanics are not too savvy on what to do to fix the problem, but once you give them the right parts and provide some guidance they can do magic - hence I would really be happy if you could tell me what pieces (part number) I need to buy to fix this up, and whether whilst I am doing this work and have these bits down I should do anything else. Wheely is a 1995 110 Defender - now it fits the 200TDI engine and gearbox. I found the serial number of the transmission (28D2 89013E) and of the front axle (64I 17310A) and lazy axle (the 3rd axle -42s17124a )... but not the one of the rear axle (the 2nd axle) despite I have scrubbed the whole axle to the bone!! Could it be that as part of the conversion CarMichael replaced the axle with one without serial number? Besides this mystery, now that we know the type of transmission (model LT230 transfer case), what parts do I have to buy to stop the leaking (captured in pictures IMG 2012 and 2013) ? The front axle sweats rather than leaks as the transmission and rear axle do... For the rear axle I posted some pictures of it from side (IMG-2015) and from the back (IMG- 2017). anyone can recognize it? The leaking is captured in picture IMG2014 and IMG-2015) Thanks so much for the support!