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  1. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    ok, the outside is finally sorted! thanks so much everyone! Do you guys recommend any treatment for the inner surface of the tank to prevent any rusting from the inside-out in the future?
  2. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    Great thanks Western!!
  3. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    @Western you always safe me up! So on mild-steel if I put gravitex I don't need to put any primer (at least this is what UPOL has in the TDS) I am still puzzled around the paint to be honest. I did some research online and I get a lot of conflicting info - who says to put epoxy, 2k top coat etc... the 2k i read that it won't flex with the chassis creating cracks in the paint that will allow corrosion - On top of the gravitex then,which is a good stone chip, what would be the best paint to provide a stronger build to the tank to resist water, salt from seabreeze (I live by the sea), mud, etc...? Or I would better just apply more layers of Gravitex? I will follow whatever is your recommendation
  4. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    Hey guys, Can't believe I am still not done with this tank! Been back and forth on many other things but I will tackle it asap! Quick question - the tank I bought, which is a Bearmach: https://www.lrdirect.com/NRC9515-supplied-by-bearmach-branded-bm.html What material would it be made out of (metal, stainless steel, aluminium, ...) ? Depending on that I would be using a different type of Primer. Thanks very much, Simone
  5. DIY: Applying insulation to my LR

    Hey @Jocklandjohn - ye sand-blasting probably too much - a good 80 GRIT sand paper should be sufficient to remove the surface rust - it's mainly in the foot-well/firewalls. Good point on whether the kaiflex glue would stick on top of the Gravitex/Acid primer - I will see how i can test that. The metal plate then can have a nice rubber floor mat on top The kaiflex seems pretty delicate - push in a finger and you create a decompression - stepping daily on it would eventually brake it... I have seen a few people using dynamat and stepping on it but i guess that's a different material?
  6. Waxing Lyrical

    Hi guys, read various of the posts on Waxoyling and have few questions: -In his very useful thread @Happyoldgit had 5L for the Black Waxoyl and the Standard Waxoyl - across the post there was no mention of where to use which one... - Besides the clear cavities/spots where to the wax is there a guide that includes them all as some as not straight-forward e.g. remove the doors to access the bulk head cavity. - During the cleaning prior to the waxing it is advisable to put high-pressure water in the chassis holes as these are dirty with dry mud etc? or the water will be trapped inside and mess up the Waxoyl? -Where do you recommend to buy a Schutz gun with a 1) long extension (mine is a 6x4 chassis) 2) 360 degrees mushroom head cavity spray pattern wand 3) the 45 degree underbody head? Something like this http://www.rust.co.uk/injection-wand-set/p413022 but that is suited to a normal Shutz gun Thanks a lot! Simone
  7. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    Thanks a lot guys, you made my day!
  8. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    cool - I get it now, the one highlighted in red in this new attachment. so for you the number 3 had to be blanked off and cut down whilst for me will be the fuel return - I am on the right track? Really hope that the when I take off the old tank it will match the one I bought ( fingers crossed !!!) so that all pipes/openings etc will match... it's easy to take down, check, and fit back whilst I am waiting to paint the new tank? I am saying this as I am going back home to Italy for a week, and will do the change then, wouldn't want to come back and find that something is wrong when I could have bought whatever I would have needed back at home...
  9. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    oh that's good news - I thought something was wrong with the tank I bought :S So the one i circled in red is the fuel return then? in the pic of Western that is point 2 (tank breather flexi hose to fill point neck) - nothing else I should cross-check whilst I am at it? a couple of quids saved on the washers then no other things needed? Thanks a lot Simone
  10. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    Thanks a bunch @western for this, very useful to understand what is what. In my tank I identify all of your openings but point 4 - I have a decompression but no hole - see picture attached ( !! ) is that the standard on the NRC9515 ? Where would the fuel return line pipe be then??
  11. DIY: Applying insulation to my LR

    Great feedback @Jocklandjohn! I have been doing some research and I think the following plan is a good one:I would prep the panels by sand blasting them, apply rust-converter is there is any rust left, then apply UPOL #8 Acid primer, then UPOL Gravitex and then applying the Kaiflex on it. Since the Kaiflex shouldn't be exposed to pressure I plan to cover it with metal sheets to give it this effect: https://goo.gl/images/5XYMGV - how did you fix the insulation to allow it to be removed for cleaning etc?-Gravitex should help to deaden sound and vibrations (as per UPOL TDS- attached)-Kaiflex can be exposed to water as it is a closed cell PVC/NBR foam.-I would apply rubber plugs to the holes (http://www.rust.co.uk/injection-plugs-m10/p405074)...What are your thoughts on this plan? anything i should add/remove/change of it? Thanks a lot! Simone GRAVITEX.pdf
  12. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    Great guys, thanks! I checked and my tank has only 2 holes (one for the hole to fill the tank and the other one to send the diesel to the engine) + 1 drain plug. So i guess I would only need 1 washer to replace the rubber one I bought (ARA1502L) that goes with the locking ring? Any thoughts on the paints I posted earlier on? Thanks a lot! Simone
  13. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    Great stuff @steve b - the tank I have is the NRC9515 https://www.lrdirect.com/NRC9515-supplied-by-bearmach-branded-bm.html - which of the two washers you suggested I would need? how many? I will try to fit the guard panel now and leave it for a few days and hopefully it will go in shape - thanks a lot for the tip! On the thread I will include the plans I have and progress made - it'll be fun as here in Ghana you gotta be very creative to get stuff done (lack of skilled labour, lack of products, ...) - Wheely had a 3.5L V8 which got spoilt and was changed onto a 200TDI before I bought it... I will see how I can upgrade it to make it last the overland trip I have in mind
  14. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    Thanks @nickwilliams for sharing your thoughts I am sanding away the original crappy spray finish - then self-etch prime, followed by Gravitex, and to finish off paint it up --> my question is which of the paints you would recommend (I have attached the TDS as well). Thanks!
  15. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    Thanks for your tips @steve b! I am waiting to do some nice pics offroad before doing a write-up - it's a 6x4 carmichael firetruck I bought in auction in Ghana! Prepping it to do an Africa overland in some time 1) Do you have the part number for the fibre sealing washer? The ones I bought with the Bearmach tank are ARA1502L (https://www.lrdirect.com/ARA1502L-supplied-by-bearmach-branded-bm.html) and the locking ring ARA1501L ( https://www.lrdirect.com/ARA1501L-supplied-by-allmakes-branded-allmakes.html). 2) your second point means to actually fit the guard plate on the tank for a while before actually fitting it so that it gets into the right shape? Cheers!