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  1. Hey guys, been travelling so couldn't finish this up - to recap (pics in previous post): the LR055345 one in foam is genuine LR, the MTC4994 in soft rubber and MTC6568 in foam are britpart - it just looks like there is not enough pressure on these foam seals (the plastic one can't be seen as it's between roof and windscreen) - also the MTC6568 is not long enough to cover the full roof width... Was thinking that the easiest solution would be just to replace the MTC6568 and LR055345 with alternative seals neoprene slightly thicker and for the MTC6568 also to cover the full lenght of the roof from end to end What are your thoughts on it? thanks for your support! Simone
  2. Wheely

    Gravitex on rims

    ok - so doing the normal paint job would be strong enough? any suggestions on the best steps to take?
  3. Wheely

    Gravitex on rims

    ok given the absence of replies I think it was a dumb idea - fair enough - i wanted something to protect it from stones and gravel that I'd find as I overland.... So if I go with the standard approach am I correct in assuming the following to paint them: 1- epoxy primer 2- base coat 3- after first coat is dry - give it another coat 4- once the two layers of base coat is dry put the clear coat Will this make the color on the rims strong enough against chips? I'd love to hear if you have any suggestions on how to strenghten that paint Cheers, Simone
  4. Guys - this morning I took off the bolts and nuts from roof and hinges and tried again fitting it - but this time i fitted first the roof and later the hinge - so now the roof is way closer but the space between the bulkhead and windscreen frame is even greater Do you guys normally fit first the hinge between bulkhead and windscreen frame or first the roof to the windscreen frame? There must be something I am doing wrong...
  5. eheh yeah but this would be an inch worth of PU seal - and wouldn't solve the problem of the bulkhead to windscreen seal not being tight enough right?
  6. The roof should be well aligned as I have already fixed the back of it and it all went smoothly, so I was thinking either: 1-it is the new seal which is very thick 2-I should loose all the bolts between roof and body and fit all of them more gradually 3-something happened in the 2 weeks that the roof was detached from the body - can it have bent as it was being supported by two wheels at the front/rear ends of the roof which is 5 meters long (Wheely it's 3 axle) so the middle section which wasn't supported messed up the shape of it? I'd think unlikely but could be an alternative 4- ??? I would have thought that when the roof to the windscreen frame was tighten up also the seal between windscreen frame to bulkhead would have tighten up from being so loose now... grateful for your thoughts
  7. Hey guys! As I am rebuilding Wheely following a complete respray I put the seals between roof and bulk head/windscreen frame (as per pic) BUT: when I tight the roof completely with the nuts and bolts there is still a big gap between windscreen frame and roof (see pic) the seal between bulkhead and windscreen frame is rather loose What could be the reason for that? This is the last hurdle before the Landy is completely rebuild and can finally take it for a ride :):):) thanks for your support!
  8. Wheely

    Gravitex on rims

    Hey guys, I am painting the original Defender rims (https://goo.gl/images/pFw4fN) - I would be using the vehicle for overlanding so between mud and sand. I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether UPOL Gravitex paint would be suitable for this use rather than a normal base coat/hardener and clear coat. thanks for your suggestions. Simone
  9. Wheely

    Raptorising my 6x4 Landy

    guys, job done! painted inside out and is looking brilliant! will post some pics as soon as I have some time. Now as I approach putting it all back together I have a question for you: to put back the shutters at the back i will need to drill some holes to put some bolts into the freshly painted roof/body leaving the steel/alu in the hole exposed - what shall I put inside the hole for it to avoid rusting? shall I apply some primer and paint ? but then when I'd put the bolt it would come off or? or shall i just put some waxoyl? your guidance would be appreciated thanks a lot!
  10. Wheely

    Help thread. Questions when my 110 is in bits.

    Thanks @Peaklander - the B pillar is the one between the 2 doors right ? This seal has 2 holes and a foamy part. So I apply the foam part of the seal looking towards the roof or toward the b-pillar? I am going to fix it tomorrow
  11. Wheely

    Repairing Birmabright panels

    Job done with a piece of galv steel (as in the way the piece looked was like this) ! I'll post some pics when I get a chance thanks once again everyone!
  12. Wheely

    Repairing Birmabright panels

    nice! thanks @Gazzar so no need of rivets but PU seal would be sufficient. Shall I put a gasket as well between the panel and the patch? I can access the spot from the exterior of the vehicle, clean, apply patch with PU seal, and on the inside I just put filler and then spray - sounds like a deal?
  13. Wheely

    Repairing Birmabright panels

    is just a panel on top of the wheels - what would you suggest?
  14. Wheely

    Repairing Birmabright panels

    so: 1- Alu plate 2- seal around it and apply on top of the hole would you think we'd need to rivet the sides or it'd be fine without? cheers
  15. Wheely

    Repairing Birmabright panels

    Hello guys, I am about to paint the interior of the Defender and there is a large hole (pic attached). I can close the small hole with a rivet (and placing some PU seal around it to avoid water passing through since we don't have here water tight rivets) but I am thinking of a creative solution for the bigger hole since over here in Ghana can't find someone who can weld ALU. This is in the back cabin that I am camperising, so I will be placing insulating material over the panel once it's fixed - so it doesn't have to look pretty but it does need to avoid water from passing through. Thanks!!

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