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  1. Best side steps for defender 90??

    Wow, those look great! Thanks for sharing
  2. Best side steps for defender 90??

    Indeed. I actually like the folding rubber ones i have. But way too small a target. Even their placement is a little too far front for disembarking the cabin. Entering is no problem at all though. These are really neat! I love the fact that they have rubber inserts. Definitely gonna look into them. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Best side steps for defender 90??

    Haha amazing! Any chance you can share a photo? Ive never seen the long ones with rubber inserts.
  4. Hey guys... I currently have the single folding Land Rover side steps. I like them a lot, but my wife and other passengers find it difficult to aim and step on it when exiting the vehicle. Im wondering who has experience with the long side steps that run under the length of the doors. I saw a bunch of nice photos online. The Twisted brand look very nice...amongst a few others. My main concern is that they grip well. The metal surface could be a poor choice when wet. The folding rubber ones i have now never slip. Any suggestions?
  5. My Defender 90 Build

    Thanks for all the honest feedback gents. I think it would help to explain what i am trying to achieve with all these upgrades before going any further. Here in Lebanon, its impossible to own a new Defender (even while they were still being produced) due to the ban on diesel vehicles. Only the Lebanese army, UN, and/or diplomatically immune embassies of other nations were allowed to bring in and register such vehicles. That leaves us commoners with slim pickings. A defender is about as exclusive as it gets in a land where every other soccer mom is driving around in a 2017 G63 AMG...which cost $350k USD here including taxes and registration. The only choice we have is to try and find a relatively good shape defender from the days before the diesel ban and work on restoring the vehicle. If i could...i would go buy the most up to date Defender diesel motor, transmission, ECU and dash to make it a true factory spec vehicle. Since that isn't an option, I'm starting to play with all types of ideas. One of which is the LS3 motor mated to the auto transmission. At least my wife would be able to drive the car (she loves it by the way ). If i go ahead and modify the motor and transmission, i'll most likely upgrade the ECU and pop in the new dash with modern dials and electronics. My goal is not to make the car go crazy fast or handle in the twisties. I just wanna make the car modern and reliable. I would likely go for the more practical detuned motor option if available.
  6. My Defender 90 Build

    Did a lot of online browsing over the long weekend. I think I'm starting to like the corvette engines mated to the automatic gearboxes. Not sure if that requires an ECU upgrade. If indeed it does, i might turn it into an interior upgrade as well. Will do a complete overhaul of the dash and electronics. I do love my existing dash, but still prefer the more modern look of today's defenders.
  7. My Defender 90 Build

    Haha! Always more work to be done...
  8. My Defender 90 Build

    Thanks for all the replies gentlemen. Forgive my ignorance in these topics. I snapped a couple pics of my dash to make it easier to identify. As nice as the new puma dash looks, I'm starting to like mine the more i drive it. I like that the AC vents are on on the bottom and rectangular. Dunno if its the old generation, or the 2002 version though. Also gonna have to check out that Wibbly Wobbly thread cause my speedo bounces around like crazy...
  9. My Defender 90 Build

    Is there a specific name for the (2002-2007) years dash? Just curious what i need to search for and how it looks.
  10. My Defender 90 Build

    Here is a photo of the new generation dash i want to try and retrofit (but left hand drive of course). Not sure it will work though on a 1992 model. Anyone have any experience with this?
  11. My Defender 90 Build

    Ya, my buddy paid little over $100k all in (including the price of the car). Its a stunning machine. Driving it is a ton of fun. Although it leaves very little room for improvement as a project car. Ill snap some more pics of the interior as thats pretty much the only part of the car that can be upgraded further. I was thinking of retrofitting one of the new generation dashboards and instrument dials. Dunno if they would fit on this 1992 model. Im assuming the car hardly changed so it should be doable. Anyone who can give me a few pointers on what needs to be done to switch the full dash panel would be much appreciated. Hahahaha...was waiting for that one
  12. My Defender 90 Build

    Hey GuysIm new to the forum and relatively new to defenders. I recently purchased a 1992 Defender 90 project car from a friend. He just bought two 110's (for a new build project) and didn't have enough garage space.Mine is pretty loaded and very well done. Not much left to do except upgrade some interior bits to make the interior feel more new/modern... Already looking for a new dashboard and a few other interior bits.My wife fell in love with it. Thankfully, she can't drive stick or else i would have lost the car to her. She's already bugging me about changing the transmission to automatic, lol Any advice would we welcome