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  1. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    my defender manual says 135 psi min not sure if that's for a 8.13cr or 9.35cr
  2. 3.5 V8 tuning

    I have a 3.5 on 14cux with sd1 pistons an sd1 head gaskets its better than a low comp 3,5 on su's it still don't feel as good as the 3.9 efi I had in the d1 I agree with the above fit larger cc engine in the near future I'm hoping to fit my 4.6
  3. Startermotor replacement - what a fun

    I noticed that too
  4. Stolen 90

    2nd that i never was a fan of discoverys intill i had owned one ive owned a few tdi's v8's td5 loved them all as much as my 90 i cannot part her
  5. it could be a different torque convertor a d1/rrc has a zf4hp22 and a d2/p38 has a zf4hp24 I think form memory the d1 v8 t/c is 4 bolt pattern an d2 is three bolt
  6. Ashwin

    same as mine goes fine when its on boost
  7. cleaning engine water and oil circuits

    you will need to run it with both methods but it wouldn't hurt using a steam cleaner or a hose pipe to remove as much as possible before refitting the components you should be able to tell water ways from oil ways as the water ways should be tarnished a brown an full of that horrible grey sludge an oil more black in colour
  8. cleaning engine water and oil circuits

    sol x coolant flush or you can use dish washer tablets in the water system run an drain eventually it all comes out
  9. Range Rover Classic 3.9 Overfueling

    green tune resistors are a job to find I popped to maplin an got a 470 ohm resistor for less than 50p I got the 2 watt one as there easier to handle i had a spare plug kicking around ard soldered it to the existing wires wrapped it in shrink wrap job done
  10. Td5/Puma tub on earlier car

    mine don't rub with 285's with plus 5 pin on pin I cannot say if 37" will fit tho
  11. Td5/Puma tub on earlier car

    its an easy conversion to do get some steel pipe of the correct diameter use the original filler neck hose on the tank just needs trimming to suit an get a filler neck hose that's fuel safe for the filler end an join the whole lot together just make sure the pipe is not level an has a slight fall towards the tank I have had no issues you can just make out the black pipe above the rear spring
  12. Serp v8 Alternator Differences...

    just noticed your got thor rocker covers the jems filler cap is n/s the thor is o/s
  13. Serp v8 Alternator Differences...

    this is a 3.9 serp mount part no err4514
  14. Serp v8 Alternator Differences...

    this is a gems mount you might have a thor alternator mount
  15. V8 into series 2/3

    as long as the sensor has the correct temperature settings on and off it don't matter where you put it I personally prefer the top but that's my preference