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  1. mine don't rub with 285's with plus 5 pin on pin I cannot say if 37" will fit tho
  2. its an easy conversion to do get some steel pipe of the correct diameter use the original filler neck hose on the tank just needs trimming to suit an get a filler neck hose that's fuel safe for the filler end an join the whole lot together just make sure the pipe is not level an has a slight fall towards the tank I have had no issues you can just make out the black pipe above the rear spring
  3. just noticed your got thor rocker covers the jems filler cap is n/s the thor is o/s
  4. this is a 3.9 serp mount part no err4514
  5. this is a gems mount you might have a thor alternator mount
  6. as long as the sensor has the correct temperature settings on and off it don't matter where you put it I personally prefer the top but that's my preference
  7. my sensor is in stat elbow an works perfectly fine it will get up to temperature without the fans coming on early an certainly don't keep going an flattening my battery it cuts in an out as necessary in traffic I guess its each to there own where you put it I have put the sensor in the top for years an will carry on doing it this way as I have never had a issue most of the standard factory cars ive had have also been installed this way until they started controlling the fan via the ecu
  8. I understand if the rads not upto the job its never going to keep cool ive only ever come across an used top hose fan switches if the x eng switch is designed as a bottom hose switch an comes on at a lower temp all should be good but if you fit a higher temp switch from say a fiesta an put that in the bottom hose its gonna cook I would have thought a switch set to 88 should be in the top from what I read his fan is not coming on till past 100 deg that indicates to me the switch is either faulty or set incorrectly or not designed to be in the bottom hose or the temperature gauge is not reading correctly
  9. ahh soz I get what you mean theres a pipe blanked off on the inlet manifold i should have read correctly I think mine is piped up from the inlet manifold to the top o/s/f corner of the rad
  10. fitting the fan temp sensor in the bottom cold hose is madness every vehicle I know of has the sensor in the top of the rad or in the stat housing
  11. fitting a lower degree stat wont change the capacity of a cooling system at all but fitting a cooler stat it will open sooner reducing the temperature the hoter stats are designed to keep the temps up reducing emmisions
  12. absolutely agree
  13. also you don't need to modify the rad you can use the overflow pipe by the rad cap an put it into a expansion bottle/ expansion tank when the coolants hot it will expand into the bottle via the rad cap when the coolant cools down the coolant will go back into the radiator keeping the radiator full at all times
  14. your switch for the electric fan needs to be in the top hose or in the top of the manifold because the bottom hose is cold and the top hose is hot also you can fit a 82 degree stat that will help keep her cool