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  1. i have them fitted on the disco an not fitted on the 90 had no issues either way both are used on and off road
  2. 2017 plans were to finish the v8 conversion get the 90 on the road make it all one colour and enjoy it it all started well mot'd early jan sorted out some teething troubles pas not working and suspension ridiculously stiff it now handles an drives like a dream just paint to sort I thought after a long laning trip I decided 3.5 wasn't enough and the lucas dizzy was letting me down so a 4.6 on megasquirt is on the 2017 to do list
  3. theres another option keep your na diesel transfer/gearbox mounts keep the original props the original floor pan and original seat box bolt the box in an weld the tdi engine mounts to suit its probably not the right way to do it but I did the v8 conversion that way an got away with it all my electrics an hoses reached and I even had enough room to fit a genuine round type air filter behind the engine
  4. in theory if you fit 300 tdi props and use 300 tdi transferbox/gearbox mounts the engine should be in the correct place if you go on Richards chassis website an click defender I'm sure there is pics of all the different types of mounts and where they are if you know someone with a late defender genuine workshop manual there should be chassis measurements in there
  5. ive never done it myself but it should fit as 300 tdi and td5 defenders used r380 gearboxs and they had a long bell housings like a discovery the 200 disco conversion is a bit more involved as the disco an defender use different parts its still a straight forward job if something don't fit get the welder out
  6. why don't you remove the rear 3 bolt diff an fit a 4bolt diff they are easy to get hold of and fit a set of defender 300 tdi props
  7. my 1999 disco is on a classic policy
  8. now you mention it I think I saw that too
  9. thanks for all the input so far I'm leaning towards a ms2 if the 8 will run just that little sweeter I don't mind a little bit more agro/effort if the results are better will the ms2 run a 3 pin bosch thor type idle control nige your input is welcome as I will be purchasing all this from you anyway it was your website that brought me here an join to find out the info I need im a complete efi novice any input is helpful feel free to pm me with any suggestions even if its your opinion I'm willing to listen I will be making a call to you soon once I get my head round what I want
  10. I think there must be a cable missing to connect the magic eye to the ignition amp my amp was bolted directly to the side of the dizzy body with a tiny plug connecting it up plug my disco has a large waterproof plug on the side of the dizzy an the amp is located on the front panel with a loom joining the two together neither of my dizzys have that type of plug are the insides original? the ignition amp wires go to the coil I think ones white and the other is white and black
  11. that's really hard to keep off the loud pedal when the eight sounds so nice
  12. I probably wont ever ditch the thor but its nice to know I can go back to jems if I ever wanted too
  13. having seen a thor top end you need a conversion/adaptor plate to fit a stat you can get the adaptor from megasquirt v8
  14. hi all in the near future I'm going to pull the 3.5 with hotwire out an replace with a 4.6 using thor sensors injectors etc an thor top end and using a 3.9 serp front cover with a blank in the dizzy hole I need to get a idea of what I need before I buy a kit or buy the parts I need to make it work I want to run spark and fuel what system should I be using ms1 ms2 ms3 I guess I don't need ms3 its a bit over kill I would like the option of being able to run a stepper motor if I ever chose to go back to gems it would be nice but not necessary to be able to run two maps a sensible map for general road use an a daft map for daftness is this possible is there any benefits of running semi sequential or sequential over a batched system is it possible to run the map sensor externally rather than in the ecu thanks
  15. I wouldn't worry about a little play in the input shaft the bush in the crank will hold it