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  1. also a bit more sketching!! I think i should be able to manage without a fixed overhang (just tho as i'm 6ft3! but the roof is longer than the tent i currently use!) and then just have an overhanging roof rack. the size of the wheels might have been a bit off in the drawing 😂 Awning will be for along time in the future but always fun to plan on rainy evenings!!
  2. So its been a wee while since the last update! so heres some pictures. The landy is back on the road with parts mentioned in previous post. I've also fixed two small holes in the footwells and completely covered bulkhead, footwells, seat box and rear wheel boxes in silent coat and then carpeted seat box and wheel boxes as well as silent coat on roof and rear floor. It makes such a difference!! Also fitted a york 210 air compressor to the engine and air tank in the empty space where TD5 fuel tanks are fitted. I built a custom bulkhead removal bar which gives the feeling of alot more room on the inside. ^ tough rubber mat on the floor, round proofing and carpet! ^comfy RX8 seats, sound proofing and yes that is a cut up discovery mat on the floor ^ second hand (low milage) 255/85r16 totyo mt tyres on the way as my rears are almost worn out. The bumper and bull bar is a custom one made from a winch plate, standard defender bumper and the old bull bar i already had. LED light kit was also fitted. ^ compressor and tank during the the fitting process. Just waiting on a V belt to arrive to get it working. ^ after all the work getting it ready there was a crunch and the steering went very lumpy..... thats the inside of the steering box!!! so £100 later and that was replaced!! The pop top is taking a slight back seat as i want the landy to be comfortable and reliable first!
  3. bit of an update! managed to get a good condition lt77 for cheap (traded in my one with bad splines) so that back in with the good lt230 from the disco. next issue was the rear diff.... it was all a bit wobbily when i got it out which would explain the noise!! I had been thinking i'd like rear disk brakes which would cost about £150 for a conversion kit and brakes. So instead of going that route i've found a early td5 rear axle off a crashed defender that my friend happy to part with for £150 so that kills two birds with one stone!! The front CV's and half shafts where also replaced (23 spline CV's AEU2522, 10-23 spline half shafts AEU2520 & AEU2521) as well as new drive flanges as all these parts where worn. The interior is now nicely sound proofed and all back together. I had always thought the steering box had been leaking but it turns out it was just the hoses to the steering fluid reservoir where not sealing correctly so new jubilee clips fixed that. Im also going to take the tint that is on the rear windows off as it was excessively dark, might replace it with a lighter tint at some point. As for the pop up roof i have found somewhere local that can supply aluminium at a reasonable price but i need the defender on the road so i can collect it!! The overhang out the front should be less than the overhang that comes on the roofracks that stick out over the bonnet. And as i'm rather lanky my upwards visibility is minimal anyway and i cant actually see overhanging roof racks when they're fitted so my build should be fine!! The biggest thing would likely be the aerodynamics but as i never really went any faster than 60 i doubt it'll change much!
  4. I decided on having the overhang to the front as i think it looks best, i also sail and when towing the trailer gets too close to the back to have an overhang there. I also don't plan on going overly fast anywhere so hoping the aerodynamics will affect me much. not that the 90 ever went very fast... Security hinges are on the shopping list to allow me to solve the bonnet issue. Id love a pickup with a removable camper body but i need to be able to seat 4 people occasionally. your yellow truck looks class!! pic of some sound proofing from Santa getting fitted at the weekend and discovered a few wee holes in the floor that need welded up!!
  5. @Jocklandjohn Glad to hear its still going strong!! Im definitely planning on having roof bars similar to yours. As to solid sides would love to see what you've come up with, i'd thought i'd just build a few solid sections i could lift into place fitting outside the fabric. I can put them up if the weather is particularly bad otherwise just store them on the roof. also started my own thread here not much there yet but hopefully ill actually get it built before the summer.... well thats the plan anyway!
  6. Mechanically fit is my first port of call and is not too far away!! I probably should have mentioned that I had already built myself a fold out roof tent and have used it on trips to the west of ireland on numerous occasions and it was brilliant especally seeing as it cost less than £200 to build!! I sold it as i was offered almost twice what it cost me and the landy was going to mechanically give up at some point so i decided it was time to rebuild this winter I also enjoy a designing and fabricating things so building the pop top will be half the fun!! I also hope to build it onto an old roof a friend has sitting in his yard so that i can still take the landy on adventures while pop top is being built!! All things ill need to think about at some point!! the 90 does fill up rather fast but i suppose we shall see how it goes Im going to try and get up a bit of the wild atlantic way in august when im off work so might have it done by then or i might be using a normal ground tent who knows!!
  7. Sorry yes its a 200tdi. I know ashcroft make a R380 to tdi conversion kit so am planning on buying that and then getting the top housing from a local breakers
  8. I've recently taken my 1990 defender 90 off the road with plans to rebuild it into an overlander for touring europe and further afield. the 90 as it currently sits in my shed current issues are; - knackered lt77 main shaft splines and lt230 input gear - front prop uj broken - all half shafts worn at drive flanges - rusty bits.... - i want a pop up roof These issues are being resolved by; - got a very good R380 and Lt230 (with diff lock) out of a discovery 2 which i will replace the lt77 with - new half shafts and drive flanges and uj - plenty of welding - and my biggest modification i plan to do is to build a pop up roof!! like this; ^ this was an initial sketch i made ^ Playing about on cad with and seeing how feasible it would be! I discovered this thread and have based my ideas on the design he used on his 110 as it looked very well thought out and not too complex!! I welcome any thoughts people might have!!
  9. Background - I have a 1989 defender 2.5td which at some point in the past (i think about 2000) was converted to a 200tdi with LT77 gearbox. The LT77 and LT230 are now showing their age and the splines at the input gear are very worn. I also have an R380 gearbox and transfer case from a td5 discovery 2 (with diff lock) which are in very good condition. The question - 1. Will the discovery r380 bell housing bolt up to the back of the 200tdi? I know that this the r380 is 30mm longer than the lt77 and that ashcroft make a stumpy bellhousing kit for mounting the r380 to 200tdi but it is expensive and currently not in stock!! My thoughts being that if the r380 gearbox with the long bellhousing can bolt strait into the 200tdi i would just move the engine and gearbox mounts foreward by 30mm and thus save myself some money.
  10. Just some pictures from summer 2018 from the west coast of ireland.
  11. Ive been wanting to build a pop up roof for a while and hope to copy your design a bit!! However i have a 90 so have been playing about with CAD to adapt the design to fit. Do you still have it? How well has your one survived the 4 years since you built it? And are there any changes you would make? Ive attached some of the CAD screenshots as well as one of my sketches and a pic of my 90 from the west coast of Ireland last year. William
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