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  1. Managed to get over to work on the Landy this weekend. The switch in question was for the reversing light, well that was the only wires left to connect up.. Only the dashboard lights and glow plug dash light to sort out and thats the electrics finally done.. Front axle swivel housings next, wonder what joys they will bring !
  2. Thanks Guys, I never thought about a hazard switch.. that makes sense, will have to check wiring out to see if this is it, nothing connected to it at moment. Is it a requirement for MOT to have a hazard switch ? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies. All the wiring was in a right old mess when I got the Land Rover, not many of the light etc worked and there was a load of extra wiring that i removed. Since I've started working on it I have disconnected the wiring to take the bulkhead off for spraying, so not fully sure where everything went, but would really like to get everything back to standard.. The only wire left is a one to the reversing light, so maybe it is manual switch for that.. I will have a play again at the week end. Thanks
  4. Hi All, I'm nearing the end of my Series 3 project that has taken just over a year at the moment. There's not much that i haven't needed to replace or rebuild Its my first Land Rover so please forgive me if I'm asking some newbie questions.. I've spent the last few week ends working on the electrics and think i have finally got it sorted, will all apart from the auxiliary switch panel which is not covered in the work shop manual I have. I know the bottom left switch is rear fog and also the top left is some form of brake test circuit, but what is the bottom right switch for? and also the warning light. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Look Great! Cant wait to get mine finished and on the road..
  6. It's positive camber (wheel leaning out at top) I will have another look this week end and check the bushes. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi All, Been making a list of things to complete on my Series 3 before she will be ready for a MOT, and noticed that the driver side front tyre is very worn on the outside edge. Its worn past the 1.6 limit but the rest of the tyre is 5-6mm of tread. (Road Tyres) I then checked the front camber and the wheel has huge positive camber I'm guessing 5-8 degs. Passenger side in very close to being straight upright.. I have jacked it up and spun the wheel round but it isn't buckled. I'm guessing that the axle is not bent, as this would cause more a negative camber? Could it be the knuckle joint or bush/bearings? Any help or advice on what to check/replace would be most helpful? Thanks Gordon
  8. Got the lower dashboard off today( Thanks Mark, your instructions were great ). I also decided to remove the bulkhead as it is going to be easier to spray off the Landy.. Bulkhead is bolted to a frame and cleaned ready for spraying.
  9. Thanks Mark, I have a Haynes Book for the Land Rover series IIA & III but it doesn't go into detail on series III dashboard. It only really covers series IIa. I will give that a go tomorrow and see how i go.
  10. Hi All, Forgive me for a Newbie question, but I am currently rebuilding a series 3 88" and need to re-spray the bulkhead after some major surgery to footwell and door pillars. I would like to remove the lower part of the dashboard, but cant see how it is fixed, i have removed the lower screws but don't want to just pull it apart incase damage and fixings. Can anybody help with advice or photo's etc of how it is all held together. Thanks Gordon
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