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  1. does it actually get muddy now then Nige?
  2. Tonk

    v8 stepper motor

    HI all, firstly, yes i know stepper motors on v8's are not the best idea but megasquirting for me isn't an option. i've got a 4.6 running a 3.9/4.2 earlier inj system. i'm looking to replace the stepper motor but cant tie down which one i've got, i have 2 pt no's etc6660 and err5199, anyone know the difference between the 2? or got spares i can look at? tia Mark.
  3. thanks, most helpful
  4. Tonk

    indicator diameter

    Hi, could someone do me a favour (or u might know off the top of your head), i need to know the outside diamter of a series military indicator. thanks in advance, mark.
  5. Mornin, long time, no posty for me. i'm looking for the part number for indicator lens on military lr's, i'm after the lucas part number rather than the lr part number. thanks in advance, Mark.
  6. Tonk

    Fitting anti-burst locks to a Series

    just put defenders door on it and bolt in defender striker plates, even nicer imo
  7. Tonk

    Levelling an axle

    wedges work lose, also lower the landrover. best,cheapest and easiest way of correcting the axle rotation is to alter the mounting face of the axle to rotate it.
  8. Tonk

    Defender Door cards

    i've bought a pair of door cards for lift up handle doors before from here http://dca.dominohosting.biz/dca/mpsdb01.n...ls!OpenForm not made from cardboard like lr ones but from abs plastic, much nicer, good fit and only about 50 quid each.
  9. Tonk

    Axle alignment

    now all you need to work out is diff angle/axle rotation
  10. Tonk

    Axle alignment

    spring pads should be welded equal spacings at both ends. you cant measure off the chassis with the axle hanging on the springs, well you can but it would be wrong to imo.
  11. you can get capped nuts so theres no way of telling how long the studs are. 7 complete turns or more of the nut is deemed safe in the racing world if that sets your mind at rest.
  12. worth checkin your splines are worn too, before gettin it rebalanced
  13. Tonk

    Cant get 5th with my recon LT77

    IIRC on the shifter bar in the tail housing is the 5th gear selector sliding dog, it can be fitted the wrong way round then you wont be able to select 5th gear. long shot but i think i'm right in saying that. if so its not down to you to fix it.
  14. Tonk

    Ashcroft 5 speed kit

    in my humble opinion
  15. Tonk

    Range rover classic diffs

    the TI kit is sliding caliper and twin pot zeus is fixed caliper and 4 pot and AFAIK uses a bigger disc. on paper i'd choose the zeus kit. although you must be running 16" wheels cos it wont fit inside 15" rims. hope this helps Mark.

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