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  1. Selling my previous def (110 td5 SW) was my most regretted decision ever... Driving it was no longer sensible (read: affordable), due to exploding tax-regulations in Belgium.
  2. Update: rather unfortunate coincidence: two unrelated failures on the air-intake system giving the same error code. - as mentioned: ripped airhose - and a faulty intercooler (housing is coming apart) Also replaced the injectors: injectors giving too much diesel cause overpressure, overpressure goes into airintake after the airmassmeter, MAF-sensor along the line reads other data than airmassmeter and causes the F0101/limpmode. In my case the injectors were tested, they gave too little diesel - replacement was advised. For now problems solved, up to the next!
  3. Problems - again - with the motor going in to 'limp-mode': Warning light in dashboard coming up (orange engine management light), engine falling down to max 2000 rpm. Read out on the ECU shows: P0101 - Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance Problem Replaced: - sensor air mass meter - air mass meter - cleaned the EGR-valve (replaced only 7 or 8000km ago) - hoses replaced by silicone ones (one had a small rip, so replacement was necessary anyhow) Drove over 600km this weekend without failure, now had the same problem on 2 occasions: Warning light + limp mode / turning engine off removes the limp mode / after 4 or 5 times restarting the engine: warning light goes down and all going to normal. Any ideas how to fix this? Mrs. G suggested setting fire to it could solve any futur problems , but that 's a bit drastic... I love driving the defender but reliability is at it's low, so in 'not happy'-mode right now.
  4. like posted before: welding in between axes is forbidden, replacing rear cross members f.e. is allowed, so I think the rebuild was done with a lot of welding on the shell, but not to the chassis.
  5. Can't tell you that, not that technically schooled
  6. After lots of measuring and thinking (and cursing in 7 languages ) - I've decided to go back to the standard handbrake As there is no legal solution (@snagger: z-profiling isn't working either - but thx for the tip!) to fix the lack of play, there is only the way back. Thx fot the input and suggestions! So in brief: TD4 2.2 Puma-engine: as the bellhousing is bigger, transferbox and gearbox come further to the rear - mounting the x-eng handbrake conversion without grinding the cross-member is impossible. The mounting becomes illegal due tot Belgian MOT-restrictions.
  7. In between front and back axle: no repairs, replacing rear cross member is allowed.
  8. The MOT-regulations are strict: grinding/welding/cutting (and hammering by extension ) is forbidden - understandable in light of d-i-y in the shed versus proffesionally done. Covering the issue with paint is like playing the lotto: you might get lucky, but next year? Belgian MOT: sometimes hard to follow, e.g.: - winch + rope: no extra winchcover needed, winch + steel cable: cover mandatory - tyres 255-85 on a def registered as 'people carrier': MOT-failure, same def registered as a 'van': no problem.
  9. that's the thing I have in mind, but some experience at hand would be nice.
  10. that's what I'm trying - no need to invent the hot water if someone has had this problem and solved it, reason for the treads in Belgium and here. Grinding as suggested is no option.
  11. @Dave W: the chassis doesn't look like mine. Is it a td4? I marked in green on the picture where the the top of the caliper operating lever is touching the crossmember. Anyone who knows if the bellhousing (thx waldorf!) is different?
  12. The hundreds of happy installers: I truly believe they exist, but not on the 2.2-engine... The mounting seems to be correct, all pieces in the box used The contact/reply with X-eng came through my local (Belgian) dealer. Via the Belgian forumgroups I found there were some conversions up to the TD5-engine - and no troubles with it. The only fitting on a TD4 2.4 was having the same lack of clearence - and was ultimately reconversed to the standard handbrake (due to MOT-regulations we are not allowed to grind the chassis). Apparantly I'm the only 2.2-fitter at the moment. As I understand the explanation done by a local 4x4-specialist: between the Puma 2.2-engine and gearbox there is a thing called 'klok', translated litterally to 'clock' - don't know the exact English word. This 'clock' seems to be 6-7 mm larger, so the gearbox and transferbox (same as in the TD5) are further backworths positioned, resulting in the problems I have now. X-eng mentionned that 'Defender is Defender' - crossmembers & chassis are not 100% alike, so combined no clearance at all. (To be honest: when told like that: all the possible alarms go of and *investigative mode* goes on)
  13. As I mentionned in another topic (without response): I did the conversion on a MY2014 TD4 2.2. There is no clearance whatsoever, the top of the caliper operating lever is even just underneath the cross member of the chassis, the pictures in the other topic show a play up to 10-12mm... (TD5-setup I believe) As there is no clearance the drivetrain gives an enormous amount of vibrations and loud noise, plus the spring is under constant pressure giving no space to the pads in the caliper, resulting in a constant metal-on-metal noise and heating up the disk. I've been told that there is a difference in lenght between the gearbox of a def td5 an the newer td4 2.4/2.2 - so the kit should not be mountable in the newer versions. I compared the gearbox of an 2.4 to mine and there is 6-7mm difference (2.2 longer), so the mounting on TD5 & TD4 2.4 should work. I have no TD5 at hand to compare. Mailing to X-eng brings only the remark of 'hundreds of satisfied clients' and that my Defender is a one of a kind. So I brought back the the quest of finding those hundreds into that one person. Adjusting the crossmember by grinding is no option as the MOT does not allow this type of adaptation to the chassis, resulting in a non-legal vehicle. Conclusion sofar: either there is an engineeringflow or my def is really unique...
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