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  1. I found one listed as available on www.lrparts.net and tried to order it - we will see. Google is showing that every stockist saying the part is obsolete and not available. The pipe for the V8 looks very similar - anyone tried to fit that one instead?
  2. Thank you for this. Just to follow-up, I got the correct NTC3066 pipe from John Richards Surplus. I am not sure why the big online sites don't list this part, but anyway... Now the final pipe I need is NRC7987 - the short pipe which goes from the Power Steering Reservoir to the Power Steering Box (mine is a gemmer 6 bolt, but don't think it matters). My VIN is SALLDVAB7EA321989 and it's a 1988 90 with a 19J engine. Lrdirect's site says: (https://www.lrdirect.com/NRC7987-Pipe/?keep_https=yes) This is a valid Land Rover part number but we are not currently able to supply the part. If you think it has been superceded by another part number, please try the new part number in the search box. There is also a possibility that the part has been made obsolete, in other words that it is no longer being produced by the manufacturer. Please contact us and we will find out the exact situation for you. Bearmach do not list the part, neither do paddock spares. Does anyone know a source for this part? I can't imagine it is a particularly rare part. Attached images. Thank you, Rab
  3. Thanks Western - one of these looks like the pipe I need. I'll update this thread once I figure this out.
  4. Hi, I am having difficulty getting the correct new set of hoses to fit my PAS pump on my 19J RHD Land Rover 90. I have an ETC9077 PAS pump which has 2 fittings - one large ring type at the rear of the pump and 1 slip on hose/hose clip type fitting (as fitted to the vehicle). When I order the correct hose (ETC6731), it has a female threaded type fitting, as opposed to a slip on hose/hose clip type fitting. From my research, there is only one type of PAS pump for the 19J. There is a variety of hoses depending on engine and LHD/RHD. The ones I have in the attached image is NTC6731 (note the diagram shows a male fitting and the real part is a female fitting). I can't find if there is some kind of fitment that goes between the PAS pump and the hose that I might be missing. My VIN is SALLDVAB7EA321989 - RHD Land Rover 90 - 1988. Thanks in advance. Rab
  5. Just closing this out. The Britpart springs front/rear are different ID and OD, but use the same spring retainers and spring seats...
  6. Thanks - I'll have to measure what I have next time I'm at the car - the 16mm delta you describe is about the amount of play have across the seat so it looks likely I have 110 springs.
  7. Thank you western. Sounds like I have the correct parts then. In your experience, are the springs front and rear on a 90 the same outer diameter? I don't have them in front of me to measure since the car is stored an hour away just now - it's not impossible I have been provided 110 rear springs by accident. Since spring seats are so cheap, maybe I should just order a set of the 110 ones to see. From the sideways play that you see in the Youtube link - would that concern you and suggest that I have the wrong rear springs? All the springs, retainers and seats are britpart. I could measure the ones which are on the vehicle just now, but since it has a lift kit, I doubt they are stock anyway. Rab
  8. Hi, 1988 Land Rover Ninety with (I believe) the stock rear axle with drum brakes. I ordered britpart springs (front and rear 1inch lower) and new spring seats - the way I bought the car was with a lift kit in the rear which does not use the stock spring seat and no spring retainer at all. I ordered NRC9700 spring seats for front and rear. The front springs are slightly narrower than the rears and it's clear the NRC9700 is meant for the front spring width. The spring seat on the rear springs does not quite fit the way it should because there is some free play side-to-side - it's the wrong part. Looking at a Land Rover Ninety parts catalogue, I see 575579 up to LA VIN's and ANR3578 from MA VIN's. My VIN is EA. I look up part numbers on lrdirect.com because they ship to the USA really quickly. 575579 is unavailable but ANR3578 is available on lrdirect.com. Looking at bearmach, it seem sthat NRC9700 superseded 575579 and fits early defender and Disco 1 - I'm assuming that means a drum brake rear axle. I ordered NTC6106 spring retainers also and they just don't seem quite wide eough for the wider rear spring. Here is the play in the rear spring on the NRC9700 seat - on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnoqnrdhXlk . Is it possible that LR have the same spring seat and retainer for front and rear despite different spring widths? Thanks in advance Rab.
  9. I found a site https://britishfasteners.com which had 3 inch long bolts - mine are 2 inches long, so an extra inch should allow this to fit into the puller. I'm taking a chance that they are 1/4 BSF but it's looking likely.
  10. Hi Maverik, It looks like S and AA on the bolt head. See picture. This is the bolt which I found that fits the steering wheel.
  11. Hi Western - mine is a type A - 4 spoke, and yeah I have lots of metric bolts and they don't screw in past a turn. Just sitting up the two bolts (metric and the one from further down the steering column (one of the pinch bolts on thesteering column to steering "rod" inside the engine bay) beside each shows that the threads are different - the steering column bolt I have is a finer thread than metric.
  12. So, the thread is definitely not metric. I tried using metric and they won't screw in more than a couple of turns. The one I took a photo of is a slightly finer thread, although very close to M6 - it screws in all the way. Anyone have any idea where I could order these, or identify the thread? From googling, it didn't help as all I found was that Land Rovers have a number of different thread types.
  13. This isn't another post about how to take the steering wheel off a defender - I found quite a few of those searching. I had a bit of difficulty removing the steering wheel so I bought a steering wheel puller, which looks great, except that I don't have the correct bolts (I bought it in USA, where I live, where it came with SAE bolts). From trying different threads I discovered that the correct thread is the imperial thread, which is finer than the metric bolts on most on the rest of the Land Rover. The bolt I checked was from the end steering column in the engine bay where I had a spare bolt laying around. Attached is the image of it. Does anyone know the size of them and where I might be able to buy some longer ones, hopefully within USA.
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