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  1. boarder

    Door top removal

    any good ideas for getting them off? Would the stud unscrew from the door top? or would this be the point with the worst corrosion (steel and aly don't mix well) or would brute force and ignorance be the best approach
  2. boarder

    Door top removal

    Hi, Having some problems removing the door top from the drivers door on my 1993 defender. the nuts come off of the studs ok but can't get the front of the door top to lift at all. I have even managed to snap a screwdriver trying to lever the front of the door apart. Any one have any ideas on why this would be stuck fast? Cheers Al
  3. boarder


    this is the page from the military parts catalogue. LRC 289 is the paint code and it says its from PPG What did you use on the bumpers I need to do mine and the chassis so looking for something that looks good. yours looks excellent by the way! Document1.docx
  4. boarder

    electrical issues

    driving the landy earlier today and started to get a few interesting electrical issues. indicating left put the wipers on at the same time. then later when i put the headlights on the wipers came on again and the full beam light on the dash was dimly lit. I am thinking this is a bad earth connection but where to search for it? or would anything else cause these problems. it has been a bit damp here recently so that could also be an issue. its an ex military 90 with the convoy light switch still in place.
  5. boarder

    defender centre seat

    cheers guys thanks for the advice might have a rethink and maybe look at the cubby boxes.
  6. boarder

    defender centre seat

    I would like to fit a centre seat to my 1993 ex military defender 90. Trying to find out what parts would be required. Seat base and back obviously but what other hardware is required? Seat rails or is the seat fixed in the centre? Any advice would be appreciated! Including good places to buy from as well.
  7. boarder

    fog and reversing lights

    Managed to get at them yesterday! problem was that whoever had it before had removed the lamps from the lights!! new lamps problem solved. Must have been seeing things before. Could have sworn they came on with the tail light switch.
  8. boarder

    fog and reversing lights

    Cheers thanks for the replies! Need to have a good check because my lights look like paddy's but I am sure that the lower ones come on with the tail light setting on the rotary switch! Good looking lady by the way Paddy! Hopefully get mine to that state eventually!!
  9. boarder

    fog and reversing lights

    Cheers Western I will have a look tomorrow at the wiring. I take it the light are separate units i.e. tail, brake, fog? and not multi use as tail and fog in the same light unit. If they are individual I think I am missing the fog lamp as I only have two lamps either side.
  10. boarder

    fog and reversing lights

    Hi I have a 1993 ex military 90. Trying to figure out if it should have a reverse light and fog lights. It has a fog light switch on the column and when you put this on the fog lamp indicator on the dash lights up but there is no change in the lights at the back. It has passed its mot's so I assume that even if it docent have these it is still legal?
  11. boarder

    Throttle Issues

    Well finally managed to get at the thing again! chased the pipework from the tank through to the injection pump checked all of the fittings etc and couldn't find any problems at all!! so decided to take the top off of the pump again and found the washer that I thought disappeared on to the drive when I resealed the spindle inside the pump stoping the metering spindle from moving! got that out and off it went all working fine now. spent hours looking for the little blighter when it went walks as well. And the moral is If you are in the injection pump make sure you don't drop anything!!!!
  12. boarder

    Throttle Issues

    Cheers Steve I am away at work so will be a few weeks till I manage to have another look at it! Had a look in the tank and checked the lift pipe and that all seemed clear. need to check the sedimenter and will probably change the fuel filter anyway when I get back. Getting diesel at the fuel filter drain but suppose that doesn't mean that it cant be blocked on the feed side. Did find that I wasn't getting much in the way of pump on the priming handle of the lift pump but took this just to be the cam in the wrong place. It would pump fuel through to the filter bleed and the bleed on the DPS pump. Could be that its on its way out though. any way to test it properly? Just hoping its not the injection pump!
  13. boarder

    Throttle Issues

    Hi I have a 1993 2.5 N/A diesel That broke down on me. Climbing up a hill started to struggle so changed down a gear but revs continued to drop to the point where it was only at idle. No response to the accelerator at all even when operating the lever on the injection pump by hand. It had done something similar before where there was no throttle response but this cleared on its own while driving. Had to tow it home but it would start and idle but no increase in revs with throttle. I have been in the pump recently to re-seal the throttle spindle which was leaking but that was more than a month ago had quite a lot of use since. Has anyone had similar problems?

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