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  1. Custo

    Erratic starting

    Hi, I have a 2006 Freelander td4 and I've just started to have a problem. It starts fine in the morning, the heater plugs only stay on for a second or two then starts perfectly, but when I've used it for 15/20 minutes when I go to start it it won't pick up and hiccup's for 10 seconds or so then gradually picks up . The car is running fantastic great on fuel and never misses a beat. Can anyone help thanks
  2. Custo

    Running problem

    Thanks I will check but not noticed any sound .
  3. Custo

    Running problem

    Hi, I have a Freelander td4 2006 . It's done 130,000 I bought it about 8 months ago it's in really good order but about 2 weeks ago it started to feel like it was starved of fuel every so often, just missing a beat now and again. Although the garage told me it had been serviced I wasn't sure so a fitter friend of mine changed the fuel filter and for a short time it ran ok but now it's struggling more, today I towed a trailer a couple of miles and when I put my foot down there was huge clouds of black smoke. But it still runs fine apart from hunting now and again. Any ideas . Thanks

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