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  1. Can i share that I have just been on this Journey. I took the switch off and checked out against lukes info. It seemed to be ok. Couldn't seem to get a voltage off the permanent live. Checked the fuse was ok. Then gave the permanent live a 12 volt feed from the fuse panel. That somehow got it to eneregize. All of this reinforces my desire to part company with this vehicle. Goes from bad to worse. Getting out before it sinks.
  2. Don't throw the wheel brace away. Give it to me. I've had to do this with an open Face spanner. There was no jack or wheel brace with this vehicle.
  3. Are you an aussie then mike ? Here in Spain it's called ITV which is kind of similar. The cap was on my driveway and had become covered by silt and debris in the heavy rains. My track turns into a river when this happens. I just happened to notice some black plastic and ventured to pick it up and it turned out to be the cap. God seems to be favouring me again as i was headbutted by a 500 kg bull last week and the horns didn't touch me , i think he did it with love. I think he realised he needs me to get the sacks of feed out of the van. Keys and locks are a bugger to operate with hooves.
  4. Thanks guys, yes, i got there eventually.
  5. HiTim, got it finally, was two earth wires in the opposite side of the tbox to the big earth wire. If forgot to tighten them up. All sorted but now the trailer icon flashes with no indicators or hazards selected. And no trailer.
  6. I think i need to remove the trailer wire from the flasher unit as someone had previous done, for good reason.
  7. Ok on my td5 the trailer icon flashes when ignition turned on. Without indicators. When indicators of hazards in it flashes ass if the trailer is connected. However, i have no trailer. Tut tut tut..... Any ideas?
  8. Ok well. I've found the problem. On the counterweight side of the transfer box is an earth connection with two wires. I obviously didn't do this up properly after the tbox issue. This is the earth connection for both rear ends. The only issue now is the trailer making the turn signal relay flash all the time when the indicators are not on. Almost there. It functions normally when the indicators are on our the hazards. All lights working ok. Now just this pesky trailer symbol flashing. Someone had previously just disconnected the trailer to flasher relay wire. Maybe i go back to that resolution?
  9. This is the worst design vehicle I've ever had to do with by the way. The prior responsible should be in utter shame.
  10. Nigel, I'm having this exact problem. I wasn't getting the trailer light at first because here in Spain the people like to disconnect stuff until the problem goes away. They had removed a wire from the flasher unit. If i give an earth to the trailer earth connection, the fuel pump runs and the problem goes away (fog lamp tell tale and flashing and glowing brake lights) but the trailer is flashing quickly without any trailer or indicators on. Did you ever find the earth's? I'm missing earth's here and don't want to be back feeding them through the trailer plug. Any ideas anyone. ?
  11. when a fuse is melting it means that the live feed is shorting to earth or the appliance you are powering is shorted to earth.
  12. Im thinking! mine is the fault of the bulb in the fog light being loose. I'm going to check it but this car is a disgrace and very badly engineered. bmw should have taken this and bmwfied it. then it might have a chance.
  13. i have a similar problem. the fog light indicator lamp glows. as do all left hand side indicators and the l h brake light. the right hand works fine so it's not the flasher relay. im thinking a bad earth somewhere. did you get this fixed?
  14. I'm having exactly the same problem.. the fog light indicator lamp glows dimly at the same time as the left hand rear tail and indicator lights glow. All my relays and fuse connections are somehow slightly corroded. It's definitely a loose wire causing this.
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