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  1. Pallo76

    Running problem

    Hi all! Problem solved all injectors out dismantled, cleaned,lubricated, new seals o rings also new stronger nuts on injector clamps all good running as good as ever hope this helps 😜
  2. Pallo76


    Try rubbin some Coca Cola on it with tin foil the foil is soft enough not to scratch the surface and bring it up nice and shiny with a soft cloth afterwards
  3. Is a rotted tank cradle an mot failure?
  4. Pallo76

    Freelander owners locations?

    Pallo Freelander td4 sport 06 liverpool
  5. Pallo76

    Running problem

    Hi all I'm new to this site so bare with me I'm having a similar problem but with a slight click puff of smoke and after that all fin I have recently done injectors, pcv,egr blank,new turbo solenoid, three new air intake hoses, fuel filter,oil filter, after doing injectors it was fine for a month or two but problem back again I have not replaced turbo hoses (thin 6mm type) it runs fine apart from this little niggle problem any help would be very appreciated thanks guys👍

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