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  1. Thanks for the replies. A brief google of deep dish and that looks like them. Shows how observant I am but I'd never noticed the difference. My phone camera's seen better days!
  2. Just had another look and its only one of them, 4 have a 12mm depth, one has about 2mm. Wonder if the spare wheel is made different and its been swapped over at some point.
  3. Had all my wheels off to spray some cavity wax and noticed my alloys have different depths for the nuts to sit in. Anyone know what's going on?
  4. Mike recently put a video up about footwell repairs, wish I'd seen it before I'd done mine he's got some useful tips:
  5. Just a quick update. I got the spring kit andthat sorted it. Was quite a simple job, took a leisuirely hour and the kit came with instructions which helped with seeing where the spring was meant to go.
  6. Wow, that looks like exactly what I need. Thanks
  7. Not sure if anyone else has had this or knows if it can be fixed without replacing the mechanism. I'm in the process of putting a new skin on the door and after lubing up the door mechanism it seems the little latch inside is now so loose that to lock the door you need to turn the key and then keep pressure up on the handle as you're turning it back and removing it. It's then locked but if you give it a wiggle or a bash it unlocks itself. If you just turn the key and then turn it back then the movement of the key makes the latch inside drop down and unlock itself. Anyone have any ideas? It's this type of lock:
  8. You want torq-set bits (mortorq look similar). They work really well on all the large phillips head type screws on the defender like the ones that hold the floors down. You might have some already if you have one of those security bit sets like the picture below (far left top row).
  9. Have you checked your heater air intake is clear of water and draining properly?
  10. Thanks teabag, I'll order some up and refill it. Hopefully no damage done, reservoir was pretty empty this morning.
  11. I noticed my power steering was whining and when I checked this morning it had run dry. In a rush for work and I put a little bit of dot4 in. Should I top up with the correct fluid once I get hold of some or should I drain it all out first? It's a 1998 300tdi
  12. Thanks for the comments. I was initially looking for a van but after driving around the country looking at too many inaccurately described landrovers I ended up going for the best of them and I didn't come across any decent van backs. Well I came across one lovely red one but they wanted £9.5k for it and it had serious engine problems, madness. I've already poured quite a lot of work into this one as well and the thought of having to go through the process of buying and selling again would be painful!
  13. Not sure if you have a specific need for a LR one or not but the mercedes sprinter bottle jacks work well. There's one on ebay just now for £20, someone who obviously hasn't checked to see how much they're worth before listing as I think I paid a bit more for mine!
  14. Out of the leatherman's I would second Ed's vote for the skeletool, it has everything you need and it's a nice size. I used to work in a shop that sold leatheman's and the warranty is pretty quibble free. We had a customer bring their third skeletool back with a broken blade and they replaced them all. (It was quite obvious the blade had been used to pry something open.) Personally I usually carry small cheap pocket tools at work like the one below. It's no good if it's not in your pocket and the plier type tools are just a little bit big for me. I had a nice little knife a while back which was tiny but the blade was quite thick so it could be ground it into the shape of a screwdriver. The leatherman squirt ps4 is nice but it's too expensive to lose.
  15. I have a 1998 County 110 with about 160k on the clock and I've been putting a small camper conversion in the back. It was relatively untouched and everything was as stock when I got it so I've not made any major modifications and made sure anything I've added is reversible. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on how much value is kept by keeping everything orginal, for example the headlining board is in good condition but the fabric could probably do with replacing or cleaning but I'm considering taking it out completely and just carpet lining over the insulation I put in which would give me a couple of inches extra headroom in the back. I've also considered painting all the grey plastic a darker colour just for personal preference but I know that's not everyone's taste. I've still got all the rear seats and seat belt mounts and I'd thought when it comes time to sell her it would be good to have everything but I'm quite short on storage space. I was thinking if I sold the headlining boards and seat belt mounts (not sure how much either of these are worth?) then it would probably fund a bit of carpet and paint to finish sprucing up the inside. Not a particularly succinct quesion but I'd be interested to hear what people's thought's are on whether trying to keep all the original parts and colours is worth it or whether I'm unneccessarily inconveniencing myself. We're planning on moving house in the not too distant future and I'll probably end up selling it in a couple of years.
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