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  1. Sharp

    Something whirring after engine off

    Thanks for your replies. Haven't had any problems since but it sounds like I'm going to need a new starter at some point.
  2. Had an issue yesterday evening and wondered if anyone had any idea what it was. I'd driven back from work and she'd been sitting for about an hour when I got in to start it again. Noticed an electrical whining noise as the engine was running but thought it was someone strimming, also the temp gauge was about at about a third even as I just started her up. Drove for a few minutes and realised the noise was following me so pulled in and stopped the engine, noise kept going. Under the bonnet the noise was coming from the turbo area and there was some smoke coming from there, the engine felt overly hot and she's a bit oily up top so that could be the source of the smoke. Tried turning the key and got nothing at all, disconnected the battery then reconnected it and all now appears fine. Anyone know what it could be? 300tdi 1998 110csw. https://youtu.be/K8qVTufOGBI
  3. Sharp

    Squealing fan belt

    No washers on mine when I changed them, but then again I have recently developed belt squeel as well after replacing a number of belt driven components. I "fixed" with belt dressing in the end as I was at a loss to what it was and I didn't want to go replacing parts I'd just replaced and I'm reasonably confident that all the pullys are running fine. I've had misalignment on a previous car and it was quite obvious just looking at it while the belt was running that it wasn't quite true.
  4. Sharp

    300tdi belt squeel (again, sorry)

    Thanks for the replies, I don't have anything to lose taking a bit of sand paper to the side of the belt but I might end up going down the line of oneandtwo, my alternator was dayco and just had a look back at the waterpump I bought and it's airtex. Can't find where I ordered the tensioner from. I though the fan pulley wasn't replaceable without changing the whole cover?
  5. Apologies for bringing up an old topic but I'm struggling to get rid of my belt squeel and I'd rather not stick a penny behind the pully if I can help it. I've had a read through all the belt squeel threads and although I'm not totally clear I have got the impression that the penny trick helps to straighten up the tentioner pully when age takes it's toll on the bearing and it slips out of alignment. I wondered if anyone could explain if I've read that correct because I have a new tentioner on so I presume that "fix" shouldn't be necessary. I would really like to get it sorted properly anyway. After my P-gasket went I've put on a new tentioner, water pump, alternator, LR belt. It never used to squeel but about a month after replacing parts the squeel developed. I gave all the pullys a good clean with a wire brush when I changed it. The noise is a lot worse after it's been wet weather or it's been sat for a few days, I drove through a puddle last night which splashed up and it was squeeling like a pig after that. The worst it has been was while I was bleeding air out of the coolant system after fitting a heater and coolant got on the belt Does anyone have any suggestions about what the next thing to try might be? I can only do my best by eye but to me everything looks fine, the pullys don't strike me as being loose or abnormal in any way and everything seems to line up, the belt sits true in the pullys and it doesnt look to have worn unevenly. I can't work out which part of the system is causing the squeel by sound. If I spray water on the belt it temporarily stops it immediately, regardless of where i direct the spray.
  6. Sharp

    Booster packs

    I got the below about a year ago and I've been really impressed. Had wanted one for a while after deciding it would be about the same price as making a decent set of long jump leads. I used it as a sole means of starting a 2.5ltr petrol for about a week with a completely dead battery and it didn't struggle at all. Dead easy to use, put the plug in and clip to the battery and away you go. Supposedly it's big enough to start 8 litre diesels 60 times on one charge...I doubt that but it's nice knowing it's a bit over specc'd for what I would use it for. They all come with various charing ports for phones and stuff and the obligatory flashlight built into the body. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07125GSZQ/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Sharp

    Chassis treatment post repair

    Nice work!
  8. Sharp

    Mig reccomendations h

    I use a clarke 151en, was about £250 iirc. It's in the amateur machine camp and you can tell but it does everything I need and having read a lot of reviews before buying I never came across any trouble with the torches - just uses a standard euro torch and the parts are all easy to get hold of if you bugger it. I will get a better liner for it when that fails for sure. It will weld 0.8 up to 4mm without any trouble but the wsf is a bit sensitive, apart from that it's been fine. Realistically if you're looking away from the clarke/sealy type machines you're getting into the pro stuff. If you want an equivelant in terms of power but a nicer machine you're probably looking at about double that kind of cost but you'll get a much nicer machine.
  9. These are really comfortable and seal well: https://www.weldequip.com/fume-mask.htm
  10. Sharp

    dash board screws

    I replaced some of mine recently and all mine sank in flush into holes in the dash, I.e. they didn't have a flanged head (if that's the right word)
  11. Sharp

    Did LR galv any Defender CSW components?

    Wish I'd found something like that when I did the mid cross member on mine!
  12. Sharp

    Help - my webasto is not firing up

    Cheers for everyone's help. I've now sent it back to the supplier for testing.
  13. Sharp

    Axle stand capacity

    I don't think you'll need anything rated that high. I have 4 clarke stands at 3 ton each,, £40 a pair - https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cax-6tbc-6-ton-axle-stands/ Not sure how much your defender weights but you'll never have to take the full weight of the vehicle on one axle stand so 3 tons is over kill for a normal defender but you still benefit from having more meaty axle stands with a wider foot print. If you've not noticed already then pairs of axle stands get advertised as (for example) 6 ton and it means 3 ton each. The jack that comes with the mercedes sprinter is good, I use that and I have an sgs high lift one as well. Think it's 2.5 ton. A rough rule of thumb is that a jack used to lift one corner should be rated to at least 1/3 of the weight of the vehicle.
  14. Sharp


    Cheers everyone, I can't have been going more than 50. Luckily I was about a minute from work so didn't have far to drive. Got a local guy to put a new screen in for £85 but having watched him I wished I'd had a go myself, although I'm sure he made it look easy. Excess on insurance was £75 so I'd rather give the money to him. Out of interest I got a non-insurance quote from auto glass and they wanted £231!
  15. Sharp

    Help - my webasto is not firing up

    Thanks Simon, I'll dismantle it at some point and see if I can see where the damage is but looks like it'll end up on ebay then. It has been cold in the workshop so possibly it could have frozen at some point. Thanks Red, those videos are from last week though.

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