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  1. You can get slitting discs that are made for cutting ali. I'm not sure how high the risk is but I've been told that abrasive discs can clog up and shatter when they get hot. My guess would be that if you're careful and not leaning into the cut so it clogs and gets hot then it'll be fine but the ali discs aren't much more expensive so I always have some in and they work nicely as well. The recip would probably do it to be honest, I've been surprised how straight a good blade cuts if it's a flat piece of metal but like you say they're brutal beasts and I'd be worried it would jump and make a mes
  2. Thanks for that. I hadn't thought about supporting the door pillar so that could save me a lot of hassle! I've got a few dry days off so I'm going to have a look at it tomorrow, hopefully not have any nightmares. I can always just weld a replacement panel into the footwell if needs be. Thanks again
  3. Looking for a bit of advice on replacing my drivers side outrigger. It's had quite a few poor repairs in the past which have made it quite hard to see what condition the chassis is in below. I'm assuming the worst. I was planning to cut the existing outrigger leaving a protusion to weld to at the top, as suggested in one of the Britannica Restorations videos. Upon closer inspection there's a hole in the top of the current outriigger so it looks like this wont be possible. I'll take the radius arm off and I'm considering cutting the the floor to give me better access. I'll be using a mig.
  4. I went to town on my 110 with PU adhesive a while back and although not the prettiest solution it has stopped all my leaks. There was a spongy type sealant in the gutters of mine and on all the joins in the roof that looked like it was from the factory that had degraded and cracked. Just to the left of the gutter in the picture below you can see where the windscreen curves down, I did all around that section as well: I rubbed it down with some sandpaper then brake cleaner then two beads of sealant and smoothed down with a finger left a nice groove: It's around the sunroof a
  5. Nice one, thanks for your help
  6. I understand the brake pipe fittings are 10x1mm and I have both long and short shoulder male fittings but they look different to what I've taken off. Does anyone know if the new ones will be ok? They go on ok but the thread doesn't go all the way to the bottom
  7. That's great Western, thanks for your help
  8. I need to replace my calipers and would like some help finidng the right part number. I plan to rebuild the ones I have but need a cheap pair to see me until I have time to do it. I'm a bit confused on what to get. The vehicle is a 1998 300tdi 110 county, vin number WA147XXX. Discs are vented and the retainers are the spring type not the flat plate. The current calipers are Lockheed, I think the codes are LB10TY017AC and LB10TY018AC but I noticed from another thread that someone had the same code on their calipers and had non-vented discs. In any regard I want to refurb the ones I have so re
  9. Does anyone know what the diameter of the holes on the front of the dumb irons are? I'm rebuilding mine and there was nothing much left of the front plate so not sure how big to make it. Cheers
  10. I had considered doing it myself after watching Mike's (Britannica Restorations) YouTube videos but ironically I decided against it to get it back on the road quicker. I'll see what they come back to me with but I might buy a cheap one off eBay and keep my old one with a view to repairing it without any time pressure
  11. Do you know anyone who refurbishes adwest boxes? I understood (perhaps incorrectly) that they were no longer in existence, or at least not refurbishing boxes anymore
  12. Thanks, I had read similar advice. Sadly I don't have a grand to spend on a new box at the moment, I thought going to a reputable dealer instead of ebay would be a bit safer but I wish I'd saved £100 and bought one off ebay now. My old adwest box is getting collected on Friday, I'm not sure whether to cancel it and keep it now. The replacement box looks aftermarket.
  13. First turn of the key today having fitted a refurbished steering box, new steering column and pipes and fluid is pouring out of where the steering column attaches. I've gone around the pipes with a piece of toilet paper and they're bone dry. Could this be something I've done? At the moment I'm just assuming the refurbished box is faulty.
  14. Thanks for getting back to me, I ended up ordering the correct bolt so hopefully should be with me soon. I've just realised today that you can input your vin number into the lrworkshop website and it highlights the parts that fit so hopefully I shouldn't get too scrambled up with codes next time!
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