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  1. "Lazy" starter motor?.

    Check the voltage on the starter side of teh solenoid - contacts can get burnt and not connect properly. Had real trouble with a Series 1 many years ago and that was it.
  2. SIIA brake pedal spring

    To answer m y own question: 569291 is similar but about 1" shorter.
  3. SIIA brake pedal spring

    Is 569291 which I think is the SIII spring interchageable with 277455 which is the SII one
  4. s3 value.

    What is it worth to you, and why do you want it? Do you want a longterm project to put galvy chassis and bulkhead on (many £££££) and hours of work (OK if that is what you want to do and enjoy doing). Then you will have a vehicle you know every part of, reliable if you do all that is needed, which will last for years. My SIIA is 54 years old and approaching that state, should last another 54 (Unlike me.....)
  5. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

  6. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    My home made captive 'nuts', were a strip of thick metal with tapped holes in them. I have now discovered there are captive nuts available from Paddocks, , part no MRC2178
  7. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    Thanks, now I understand!
  8. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    I think I understand! She is a station wagon with hardtop, so I think position of bulkhead is fixed at the bottom by the feet, and at the top by the windscreen, which is determined by the attachment to the roof. It all seemed to fit OK when put back, the doors had never been a good fit, and are better now than they were.
  9. It's Snowing

    None, but its too cold and wet to be out working on my landy. But i will shut up now!!!
  10. It's Snowing

    we had big wet sticky flakes coming horizontally this morning, now it is blowing a gale on the west coast of Scotland, so I am having an afternoon off, it was bad enough yesterday working on the landy as my fingers kept getting too cold to do anything, But I got the steering connected and the clutch mechanism fixed.
  11. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    Thanks, snagger. I finally sussed it out, but had difficulty getting the doors to line up properly, got them near enough in the end.
  12. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    I think I sussed the hinges after mushrroms on toast for lunch!
  13. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    managed to get the captive nuts to the top door hinge, but... Please will someone post a copy of the positions of driver and passenger door hinges on an SIIA. Having taken them all off (and stupidly not taken photos), the combination of 8 hinge parts and 4 positions etc has got me beat.
  14. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    I have concluded that the top hinges were on spire nuts, the bottom on captive ones, as the captive ones wont fit in the top slot.
  15. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    Thanks, Snagger. In fact I have some neoprene off cuts from a firm that makes wet suits, could probably make my own!!!