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  1. Thank you walace58 i will do that. Bowie69 the tolerance is up to 9 degrees but what do you recommend as ideal?
  2. Hey guys thank you for your replies. I looked it out and turns out that 2 wires out of the switch plug were switched between each other because somehow they were all cut an rewired. Sometimes **** like this just happens.
  3. Pointer is the rotor arm? I have used a strobe to see the degrees and it was far away before TDC. I want to adjust it to the correct degrees depending on the engine that i have 36D. It was running perfectly but i have removed the distributor without marking it. I know it was wrong but let us consider that I’ve checked it and had to adjust it. I’ve searched and found many answers some say 4 degrees BTDC others 6-8. When i change the degrees the idle rom changes and i read that it should be between 500-550rpm. Mine is around 650-700. I can also change the rpm from the air intake. so I’m pretty lost. Just want to do it right for maximum power and best fuel consumption. Also I suspect that the reference plate of the TDC is tilted a litte to the left side. Thank you
  4. I’m sorry, the AC compressor...
  5. Hello The compressor is leaking gas. Does anyone know if i can find a repair kit if so an instructions available? or i have to buy a new one? Thank you
  6. Hello i just saw that the engine on an 1993 rrc that the engine is 36D with different ratio than the previous one. I just don’t know the dynamic timing degrees to set it to. Does any one have an idea on how many degrees should it be. The engine is a 3.9. Any test that I should do to know the optimum degrees? Thank you
  7. Hi everyone i need your help with the side mirrors on a rrc 1993. they only go up and when i try to move to the left i can hear a click on both sides even when i choose the other mirror. I checked the buttons and the wires and i didn’t find anything. I’m not sure about the wires on the back of the motors, it is indicated by color for example black, white.. but they weren’t placed by colors. I tried to put them by color but nothing worked. I have disassembled the buttons and the mirrors and i can upload the images of each component. Any idea where the problem could be or the wiring diagram of them? Thank you.
  8. Hello guys I want to fix the backlash issue on my differentials but i don’t know the allowable amount on backlash on range rover classic any ideas? thank you.
  9. Guys when i use the brakes a lot the brake pedal travels to the floor is it from the discs and pads or from the master cylinder? Thank you.
  10. Will do that. Discs thicknesses 1.9mm will change them as well
  11. I have no abs and i think that the problem is the discs or the pads or both. Brake fliud haven't been changed in many years maybe never been changed. I used the second going downhill but you will have to use brakes for the curves. Either way I thinking of installing an abs pump but from a performance company because some of my friends had a lot of problems in the original pump.
  12. My bad guys the discs are vented. Should i change the pads? Brake fluid? Discs?
  13. Hehehehe i will try😜. Thanks man I appreciate it.
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