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  1. Hi everyone i need your help with the side mirrors on a rrc 1993. they only go up and when i try to move to the left i can hear a click on both sides even when i choose the other mirror. I checked the buttons and the wires and i didn’t find anything. I’m not sure about the wires on the back of the motors, it is indicated by color for example black, white.. but they weren’t placed by colors. I tried to put them by color but nothing worked. I have disassembled the buttons and the mirrors and i can upload the images of each component. Any idea where the problem could be or the wiring diagram of them? Thank you.
  2. Hello guys I want to fix the backlash issue on my differentials but i don’t know the allowable amount on backlash on range rover classic any ideas? thank you.
  3. Rrc19933

    Range rover classic brakes

    Guys when i use the brakes a lot the brake pedal travels to the floor is it from the discs and pads or from the master cylinder? Thank you.
  4. Rrc19933

    Range rover classic brakes

    Thank you paintman i will
  5. Rrc19933

    Range rover classic brakes

    Will do that. Discs thicknesses 1.9mm will change them as well
  6. Rrc19933

    Range rover classic brakes

    Bark fluid
  7. Rrc19933

    Range rover classic brakes

    I have no abs and i think that the problem is the discs or the pads or both. Brake fliud haven't been changed in many years maybe never been changed. I used the second going downhill but you will have to use brakes for the curves. Either way I thinking of installing an abs pump but from a performance company because some of my friends had a lot of problems in the original pump.
  8. Rrc19933

    Range rover classic brakes

    My bad guys the discs are vented. Should i change the pads? Brake fluid? Discs?
  9. Rrc19933

    Range rover classic brakes

    Hehehehe i will try😜. Thanks man I appreciate it.
  10. Rrc19933

    Range rover classic brakes

    Bowie69 thank you a lot. Do you recommend any specific brand for discs? Or to install abs pump?
  11. Rrc19933

    Range rover classic brakes

    I live in a town in Lebanon with a lot of downhill roads. Lets say im going down the mountain it's a 10-15 minutes drive and I'm using the brakes regularly i will reach the end of the road with no more brakes. About 2 months ago when slowing down to a full stop it was shuddering a lot I skimmed the front discs and changed the brake pads, now it's shuddering again that's why im thinking of upgrading the discs. I will post some images of the brake discs and calipers. I'm the second owner maybe when it was with the first owner they changed the disc and by mistake they installed rear disc(solid) instead of vented but i know many RRC owners who have the same problem and one with a discovery 1 he changed the brake oil to dot 5 and still suffering from the same problem. Thank you guys for replying.
  12. Rrc19933

    Range rover classic brakes

    They are not. I don't have abs either. When heated i push the paddle all the way down to slow down a little, if i want to stop it will take a lot of time. I think it's a common problem, many suffered from it. They even told me to change the brake fluid to dot 5 higher boiling temperature than dot 4. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Hello i have a 1993 range rover classic and the brakes overheat when used a lot. I read some comments about upgrading the disc to vented, grilled, slotted. Everything still stock. I want to know if I upgrade them will the problem be solved? If it works can anyone give me part number or brand name that have the kit that fits perfectly. Thank you all.

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