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  1. ah damn! I'm referring both times to the C0504..... šŸ™‚ My bad! further investigation necessary...
  2. Thanks elbekko! Your Rave screenshot left me puzzled! Also the connector codes didn't match with my wiring diagram. I found out that the part you've placed a screenshot here is from a Puma defender: https://www.lrworkshop.com/connectors/defender-2007/C0504 The connector I have is the C0504: (pin 10 and 11) https://www.lrworkshop.com/nl/connectors/defender-2002my/C0504 Can't find that text about a TD5 in rave though. Maybe you can find it? Cheers
  3. Hi All, I'm in the middle of replacing the TD5 engine for a V8 with Megasquirt MS3X ECU in my 2003 110. Now I'm removing the old wiring and ECU for the TD5 and I've noticed that some of the wires from the TD5 ECU are connected to the ABS module and are used for the Aircon. I've identified the following: (I use the Defender MY2002 wiring diagram and the ECU pinouts from the NANOCOM site) https://nanocom-diagnostics.com/downloads/preview/lucas-td5-diagnostic https://www.nanocom-diagnostics.com/uploads/downloads/WABCO D TYPE (DEFENDER) ECU Guide.pdf For the WABCO ABS module
  4. I would bypass the cooler and run the return line straight from the pressure regulator.
  5. Hi garrycol, The pump I have is just the pump, it needs to be placed inside the TD5 pump-assembly which needs to be butchered. Hence the question if I can just keep the TD5 pump. The fuel-gauge sender will remain the same anyway. I will run the V8 system with a Megasquirt MS3X with a seperate fuel-pressure-regulator in the engine-bay. That regulator needs a feed and a return line.
  6. Good info Bowie; TD5 fuel pump seems to deliver 180Liter/Hour at 58psi V8 needs 120Liter/Hour at 52psi. (Edit of course these flows are determined with the correct fuel for the pump. It seems that running diesel through a petrol pump isn't adviced as diesel is thicker thus reducing flow/pressure. So the other way around it might just be fine) So I'll think I'll just give it a try and see what happens when I just pump the fuel around. And then try to run the engine on it. The most logical solution is to just swap it for a Petrol pump (I even have it lying around) But what if
  7. Looking at this image I see a feed line going to the pressure regulator and a return line coming back (through a fuel cooler?) Of course I will completely drain all diesel and replace the filter, but what could go wrong with just using this system and hooking it up to the new Fuel Pressure Regulator for my Thor?
  8. Hi! I currently am In the process of converting my TD5 to a V8. About the fuel pump; is it possible to just use the existing pump? I read that it should deliver 4 bar (58 psi) and that my thor needs 52 psi. but the td5 has a high pressure and and a low pressure circuit which looks kinda complex. can I use that pump? Has it been done before? thanks for any feedback.
  9. Well, I I have to make an appointment and have them check if everything went fine and it's safe. Then I can start paying less road-tax and get a green sticker for Germany šŸ˜‰
  10. Update! We finally got around to start doing the swap! First there was a lot of TD5 carp removed: (This will be going into another Defender, don't worry!) And then The correct Bellhouse and torque convertor was mounted. Then the THOR was fitted: next step; plumbing it all in!
  11. Awesome! Very creative. Thanks for the extended writeup and pictures.
  12. Ballcock ( šŸ™‚ ); you have any pictures of your setup? Including how they are mounted? jon: In my 90 I've also moved the front seats quite a bit back (headrests were way behind the seatbelt mounts) never had an issue with the belts feeling loose or unconfortable.
  13. So, I switched from my 90 (which I fitted with full Puma forward facing folding rear seats) to a 110. The problem is that (since I'm 1m93) I shove my seat quite far back when driving. I installed the MUD seat rails so I have enough leg room. (https://www.mudstuff.co.uk/products/mud-seat-rails) My kids now are quite cramped on the 2nd seat row. I now have the standard 110 folding seats there without head-rests. I'm looking into a safe (with headrests), comfortable set of seats for the 2nd row with extra leg-room for my kids. So far I've come up with 3 options: 1) install p
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