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  1. Just seen your reply . Your bang on I’ve narrowed it down to the ignition switch as well . By passed the ignition switch and she fired up first time . New ignition switch ordered. thanks for your response 👍
  2. Thanks Monkie, should have mentioned in my original post . It’s a new Selenoid .I have done as you said and yes it’s operating as it should .
  3. Hi guys, Looking for some pointers to the issue I am having with starting in a defender 300TDI. Getting 12v supply at the fuel Selenoid .Engine turns over but doesn’t start . if I remove the plunger and spring form the Selenoid it fires up . Need to stall it to shut it off . If I run a 12v supply direct from the battery nothing happens when I turn the key . Any suggestion welcome
  4. Possibly a bit of a long shot , but does anyone know if there is replacement bearing available as opposed to buying the full column.
  5. Ok thanks guys , Will give those a check this morning 👍
  6. Hi Guys, Looking for some guidance on starting issue. Its always started on the first turn off the key until about 2 weeks ago where it took about 5 minutes to get her going.Then yesterday I had the same issue ( on both occasions I did get her fired into life. However today no such luck ( battery now on charge due to excess starting lol. I have changed the fuel filter but still no success. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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