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  1. Thanks neil110. I suppose £60 isn’t too bad. I take your point about the originality thing.
  2. GKT

    S111 gearbox

    Snagger, thanks for your helpful reply.
  3. Found Haystee-automotive in the Netherlands the cheapest at about €42 plus p&p. When I emailed them they had sold out but we’re having a new batch at the end of the year. Can’t find any on the used market.
  4. GKT

    S111 gearbox

    Thanks everybody for replies. The springs look rusty so they have probably lost their tension so I’ll replace them.
  5. I worship my S3. By that I mean I’m often knelt down by it doing something.
  6. GKT

    S111 gearbox

    When selecting 1st gear it’s easy to go into reverse. On top of the box are two springs. Are these the detente springs? The bearing on the first motion shaft has got a small amount of movement i.e hold the first motion shaft and get very slight sideways movement. Is this OK or should I replace the bearing? Can I pull it out without taking the ‘box apart?
  7. GKT

    Crank rear oil seal

    Thanks Daan. Having a go this weekend. Nice tip about warming the seal. Mr. Haynes never mentioned that.
  8. GKT

    Crank rear oil seal

    Thanks Daan. I've got it stripped down, removed the two bits around the seal and can see the actual oil seal. Looks as though it's been bodged with clear mastic.
  9. I've got the gearbox out of my 1973 series 3 SWB Petrol for a clutch change and notice the crank oil seal is leaking. Can I replace the seal without taking the engine out?
  10. What LR engine has the screw on type oil filter housing to convert a 2.25 petrol engine? Am looking to purchase if anybody has the part.
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