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  1. Stick a pole in the ground, wait until its shadow is the same height as it is, then measure the shadow of the thing you're trying to measure...
  2. Just mulling things over and I know it has been done to death, but I can't find an answer as to whether it would work. My aim, in the above, would be, with the engine not running, to have the starter battery connected only to things necessary for starting, while the auxilliary is connected to everything else. Everything I've seen on split charge and the like seems to have the relay between the batteries so, as far as I can make out, the radio, lights etc would still drain the starter battery as it's connected to all the vehicle's standard electrics via the back of the alternator. Have I completely misunderstood the principle/am I just being stupid? Also, have I managed to make some sort of monumental cock-up in the above diagram?
  3. Funnily enough, Bridgestone Dueler, albeit, A/T are available from Asda Tyres for a sensible price including local fitting and I get a 10% discount as well. I think I've just had to alter my idea of sensible tyre prices. I imagine 10/15 years ago, 7.50s would have been ten a penny. For some reason I thought 'normal' tyres would be obtained for about half of my 255 KM2s and much more easily from a local tyre place. Obviously not! I suppose imperial sizes aren't very normal anymore... (I also appreciate I'm essentially trying to skimp on the only little bits of rubber that connect me to the road)
  4. Cheers, right side of the country, but wrong end! I'm in Teesside.
  5. Well, I do about 15 a year between 2 vehicles so 7/8000. I might just bite the bullet, re-mortgage and go for the XZLs.
  6. Mild off road and about average mileage. A road-biased AT really. Road tyres would probably be suitable, but it's still a Land Rover and I'd like to be able to venture off tarmac without worrying too much...
  7. Thanks for all your responses. Daan, no reservations, just my research seemed to suggest punctures left, right and centre with tubes in tubeless tyres. I'm currently running modulars with 235s on but I want to put a set of 5.5j wheels back on the 110 and take it back to pretty much how it came out the factory. One ton rims seem to be another thing priced prohibitively otherwise I'd just keep the 235s on. What 7.50s would people recommend then? (Preferably without straining my wallet too much)
  8. I've spent a good few weeks trawling the web and ringing round local tyre places hunting a set of tubed 7.50s and nowhere seems to stock anything that isn't hideously expensive. Is that just how it is or am I missing some bargains anyone knows of? I'm after a road-biased AT and, short of having to drive across the country to fetch a set of mossy tyres with less than half the tread left on, nothing seems to be a decent price. Maybe I just need to accept the price of everything has gone up?
  9. Right, so they should have a smaller offset than my modulars, but do the wolf copies have the same offset?
  10. While we're talking about wolf rims, other than load capacity, thickness of steel and price, are there any other differences between the genuine rims and the 'wolf style'? Essentially, is the offset the same, as my 255/85 km2s catch the arch spats on the modulars they're on and I'm given to understand the wolfs' offset is bigger/smaller meaning the tyres wouldn't catch?
  11. And sorted. Well, sorted for now, she's running much better without the great plumes of smoke...
  12. Taken me this long to get time off work to take the front cover off and lo and behold: the crank sprocket is loose on the crank, so presumably a new woodruff key should sort this. (Along with a timing belt, tensioners and new sprocket) Will be nice for her to not choke everyone around her anymore...
  13. Green Bob

    300 TDI woes

    It can't be, the pistons are either up or down (or moving up or moving down)...
  14. Which Aldi Mike? Yarn Lane or Norton Avenue? (or Wellington Square unless that's LIDL)
  15. I once tried to stop a 90 falling off a hi lift by grabbing the jack. My finger has yet to forgive me...
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