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  1. They are used to drive 3000hp rotary cement grinding mills regards Stephen
  2. Couple of our medium sized gearboxes going away for refurbishment, unfortunately missed the actual lift regards Stephen
  3. No but my rear wishbone suspension bushes did lol regards Stephen
  4. Know what you mean I travelled 300 miles from Northampton with two complete 404 axles, 8 rims and 3 boxes of assorted spares in my fiat doblo regards Stephen
  5. I have a couple of larger ones as well, they were just handy to photo, agree with your sentiments, its a bit of a dying skill these days regards Stephen
  6. Out of curiosity, why did you widen it regards Stephen
  7. Wow impressive, is there a build thread for this I would like very much to read it regards Stephen
  8. You drift away, good to see the pictures, did you widen the roof only to fit or did you widen all aspects of the landrover regards Stephen
  9. That's an impressive set of wipers regards Stephen
  10. Ok maybe not arches more like shelves regards Stephen
  11. Hmmmm lightweight Hummer............ Regards Stephen
  12. RD500, blast from the past that, did you do the conversions to different frames regards Stephen
  13. Bump stops and pan hard rod brackets, paint, build and then see about getting them under, at which point I will decide to reduce width or create some half decent wheel arch extensions regards Stephen
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