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  1. It shouldn't float but I was thinking about the transfer gearbox gear that wore out along with the gearbox mainshaft before they cross drilled them regards Stephen
  2. I don't know as they came with the axles but it machines like mild steel and machined surface does not come up like when I machined the mog hubs which were hard regards Stephen
  3. To harden or not to harden that is the question ? My splined pinion flanges appear to be mild steel as they do not come across as hard when machining and obviously I've shortened available material that will be in contact with pinion splines which are hardened so do I harden or not vehicle will only see a couple of thousand miles per year would case hardening do it, or is it wise to just leave alone in case they become brittle I would appreciate any thoughts or experience on this if anyone can shed some light regards Stephen
  4. Not necessarily be easy enough to put back in the mill it's my brain that's a bit late regards Stephen
  5. Bit of machining on the pinion flange going to cut excess pinion off and drill and tap the centre so got the flange prepared for that You're probably wondering why I took flange out of lathe before machining the second recess oversight on my behalf doh All nicely fitted together Then milled some flats in so bolt heads will sit flat Regards Stephen
  6. Picked up some new gear at machine mart this morning regards Stephen
  7. Mine on my series 3 lightweight held in with a tie down or small ratchet strap regards Stephen
  8. Thanks, progress would be quicker if I didn't side track to other things ie vent panel, but at the end of the day it all has to come together more or less at the same time hopefully regards Stephen
  9. Don't know the guys name, think he worked at Hasler in Northampton they came as a job lot with the axles, don't do Facebook got them through eBay regards Stephen
  10. Did a wee bit on portals today ( gotta keep meccano happy) recessed the pinion seal housing cap head bolt points Then I turned down pinion drive flange and shortened it a bit more so my original 28mm of gained space is now 45mm regards Stephen
  11. There's always cable ties and you can get stainless steel ones if you really don't want to drill your chassis regards Stephen
  12. It's the difference between meccano and IT, that's the massive change for most of us the new defender is not potteronable regards Stephen
  13. Put a cushion on your seat it'll be champion lol regards Stephen
  14. Good if you can find them unfortunately when I'm looking for gear everything is invariably down south ( more population more kit for sale ) also I'm working out of a double garage so space limited something compact is better for me although once I get my portals done I will have more available space but I think you beat most of us hands down where space is concerned not jealous at all by the way ( that's such a lie ) regards Stephen
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