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  1. Split it and re-join it loads of you tube videos on how to do it looks very straight forward regards Stephen
  2. This sounds similar to what I've just had with my 200tdi in my lightweight and that was perished hoses I would check full length of fuel lines to make sure there has been no past additions that could be past there sell by date also the water traps on the fuel lines quite often get removed due to corrosion and replaced with fuel hose to join them up check this area as well regards Stephen Forget the water traps had disco 1 in my head
  3. Agree with Bowie especially if its a Disco, floors are very prone to rot regards Stephen
  4. Oh how thick am I really forgot the most important bit, fit the damn thing onto my lightweight regards Stephen
  5. Well that's it completed apart from some blending of less than tigtastic welds, tiny bit of hammer form and clean up for paint regards Stephen
  6. Thank God we don't rust lol Regards Stephen
  7. So making inner plate for vent panel and causing myself a bit of work in the process First marked out Then slots cut in Then drilled to weld as I dont have a spot welder Tigged up Blended and the started hammer forming the vent recess to create the small lip for the seal, cannot remember but I think the series 3 had this but my 2a does not, one side done the other to do tomorrow regards Stephen
  8. Getting a bit better but I'll put it out to the tiggers regards Stephen
  9. Another £30 will get you a new one delivered just put hydraulic pipe bender in e bay regards Stephen
  10. Well it's in the bin nasty now regards Stephen
  11. My lightweight would not rev this morning and at one point struggling to tick over The culprit a perished fuel hose It gets better and gungier Hard piping fitted with improvised joint running champion now regards Stephen
  12. Absolutely,other wise the figures would be frightening regards Stephen
  13. Costs nothing to look, make sure it's not leaking oil out of seals and ask for a test bend to ensure its not leaking under pressure, have a quick check of formers and pins if there is any nicks or deformities these will transfer to your work piece, obviously you can clean them up but it's a bargaining point for a price reduction good luck regards Stephen
  14. That's about the top and the bottom of it bonny lad regards Stephen
  15. It will do the job, however you may need to spread the centre point of the bend as the pins either side of the former have a tendency to leave a depression in the pipe due to their small diameter and therefore poor load spreading capacity regards Stephen
  16. Maybe you should use that for the motivation to get it finished, loads of workshop space lol regards Stephen
  17. One letter change a different story, pleased it's gone reasonably well or it could have been a mill stone lol regards Stephen
  18. Been a seriously long time since my lightweight has had / seen these regards Stephen
  19. First technically challenging job completed ! Before After Regards Stephen
  20. If you read the first post he says he was lucky enough to pick up a couple of wolf locker doors at Billing regards Stephen
  21. I've decided I like this saw, well you never know when you buy without looking and Axminster shop is a bloody long way from me. It feels robust and it is very heavy. For anyone that's interested I'm already looking at a few modifications to make it better / easier to live with first one being change Phillip's screw on guard to a plastic wheel type fixing so that when I need to change speed I dont have to go looking for a screwdriver There is a handy storage section under the saw with a lockable access door the only problem being that that the slot for cutting angle adjustment is ab
  22. Yes it is, just the model engineer one, will be enough for 90% of my needs cuts very nice once set up regards Stephen
  23. Damn your good !! Not regards Stephen
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