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  1. You guys must of missed the build thread for it in tools and fab "pretty much anything goes" regards Stephen
  2. No, roughed it out with a disc grinder and finished with a 41/2 flap disc and some emery paper regards Stephen
  3. Sorrry I thought it looked a bit bland with flat sides lol regards Stephen
  4. I've now got a happy radius arm part, just need to do the other one regards Stephen
  5. Check flange nut is tight and if ok check lift on bearing whilst prop is off also spin it by hand see if it sounds rough regards Stephen
  6. Thanks Scrap man is a happy bunny with my deposits at the moment lol I would love to answer your question on the steel as there are no markings on it and sections were cut off a piece that's been laid in our works graveyard for a long time. I do know it has also been used for pressing dies in the big press at work so I would suspect it will be the S355 but the honest answer escapes me regards Stephen
  7. Doesn't look like a lot of progress but it's taken me ages to get to this point Second one on a diet shaft turned in lathe and then cut into two pins and radius arms pinned together then put in Mill vice and started profiling You can see its starting to take shape ( a long way to go) at least to a position where it can be finished off with flap wheels and discs going down the grades until I achieve the finish I want regards Stephen
  8. Not that you would use it like this but the 9" cordless can be started one handed no problem, it has a nice soft start and will stop if overloaded so a lot less snatching, I definately would not be able to hang on to the 9" corded one single handed regards Stephen
  9. Started on its twin need to machine shaft on and then Mill it to the same thickness after that I will machine a couple of pins to knock into holes so I can Mill them together and achieve an identical profile regards Stephen
  10. I've just weighed both of these out of curiosity, which one is heavier ??? Regards Stephen
  11. I guess it is slightly heavier but well balanced, the battery is substantial right enough lol regards Stephen
  12. This by the way, if anyone was wondering is awesome, easily as strong as my corded one regards Stephen
  13. Looking at your 80" your doing yourself an injustice Time and patience with a little help from some gear you would be surprised what you could do regards Stephen
  14. No Brownie points......hopefully My good lady not aware I've done this as she away on a training week with the dogs regards Stephen
  15. Damn wish you had been my dad lol great when your kids smile like that mine were the same when they got there 1st motorbikes regards Stephen
  16. Thanks OD of inner axle tube is 80mm and wall thickness is 6mm regards Stephen
  17. Off topic but whilst machining this I filled in the spaceduring cuts by refurbishing our small multi fuel stove First off about 3 hours with a needle gun getting rid of enamel coating then a good rotary wire brush finally painted with matt black stove paint will refit glass and seals once paint has hardened off overnight, so if you have one with chipped enamel don't bin it because it can look good again regards Stephen
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