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  1. Hi Arjan If you don't have access to some pipe benders you could fill pipe with silver sand plug and use heat to get your bends sand will stop pipe deforming failing that any local garage that has the ability to manufacture exhausts may be able to form some large bore pipe for you I have tube benders but way to far away regards Stephen
  2. I also have Milwaukee excellent kit however I also have a half inch drive high torque Bosch impact wrench which tackles what the compact Milwaukee can't again as with others you have to be careful as it will shear bolts easily for really tight stuff I have a 3/4" corded Makita impact gun which is awesome regards Stephen
  3. Had a couple of hours tonight needed to drill existing holes out to 38mm to accept bushed bosses were trick with a hole saw to keep me central regards Stephen
  4. Going to see what it looks like when axles ready to go on then make a decision just need to get back on with them regards,Stephen
  5. Hi Oneandtwo Have got an axle will take bracket off tomorrow pm me your address and I will pop it in the post for you regards Stephen
  6. I do have a scrap axle but unsure of condition of brackets will check tomorrow as on night shift at the moment regards Stephen
  7. You did say you had a leak on the pan don't suppose it was corroded through and the material is some sort of liquid metal used to repair wild guess regards Stephen
  8. This mornings endeavors taking shape regards Stephen
  9. Dont know about you guys but I'm terrible for starting new projects when I haven't finished the last two or three I suppose we all have several things on the go at once so I have this And this The idea being to make a smaller version of those three wheeled forklift you see on the back of wagons only need it to lift 300kg at the most it will help move portal axles around and engines and gearboxes knackered fork truck thing is rated at 500kg and was used to lift oil barrels in and out so need to see if mower hydraulics will power ram first regards Stephen
  10. Have just purchased a universal mill myself it is an AEW viceroy horizon sadly no quill feed but it was being used for skimming cylinder heads and the fly cutters for that came with the mill does the future work justify the cost who knows time will tell I was happy with the cost and after all you only live once and cannot take anything with you when you go so why not it was a pain to offload local farmer assisted with a telehandler his cost being " I might want a key way cutting sometime lad " regards Stephen
  11. Looks to be 4 1/2" so land rover regards Stephen
  12. Tidying up and found this split rim any ideas regards Stephen
  13. Nice brings back memories of my very first Landrover only mine was blue and had standard petrol engine but same vintage it was my daily driver for a couple of years regards Stephen
  14. You can have the pipe after all it may not fit but worth a try drop me a pm with your address and will post tomorrow regards Stephen
  15. Ok found some that will do the job pm me your address Andy and I will put them in the post tomorrow regards Stephen
  16. Hi Andy I recon they are about 36mm OD guaranteed to have some at home on nights at the moment will check in the morning and let you know Regards Stephen
  17. Don't know if this will be any good looks similar but not quite its 135mm long to centre line of threaded section and 6.39mm in diameter fitting is slightly bigger than a brake fitting found it raking around in the garage if it's any good let me know and I'll pop it in the post for you regards Stephen
  18. Bowie69 what a great post I'm still spontaneously chuckling trying to decide if it justifys a forum name change to The Git or Bowie69's git but that might lead fellow forum members into thinking you were a tad indiscriminate in your youth can't have that wouldn't be fair to you so I will stick with the original regards the git oops Stephen
  19. Latest addition to my workshop guy I bought it off was using it to skim cylinder heads so the tooling for that will come in handy at some point works off house electrics just need to source some collets and cutters and jobs a good un regards Stephen
  20. You can fit them but you will need longwheel base or defender rims regards Stephen
  21. Sauce oil cleaned up internals removed awaiting a mince pie refit with added chilli for a bit extra zoom lol regards Stephen
  22. Could not resist buying this for the tree quite sad really regards Stephen
  23. We have an industrial one at work same principal but the industrial one has a rotating basket temp gets high but does a grand job of getting rid of oil residue nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes regards Stephen
  24. How would this locate at the front of a 90 along the top of the windscreen regards Stephen
  25. Hi All Bought this at the weekend at an auto jumble with a view to fitting it to my lightweight however there are some differences ie metal d rings at sides of front section also there seems to be a thick rolled section at the front where it would normally fit above the windscreen but has no means to hook on other than that everything else looks fine thanks in advance regards Stephen
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