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  1. They are very hard I drilled mine out on my lightweight to 12mm and drilled and tapped the hubs I used loads of cutting and tapping fluid and low speed on drill Regards Stephen
  2. Ametech restore has very good reviews if you decide on a liquid addative regards Stephen
  3. Bowie69 much thanks for the wire wheel advice way better than standard wire wheel no more scraping ta very much regards Stephen
  4. I had checked your thread out after I got the trailer, cracking bit of kit but I already have a flat bed /car transporter trailer so in the process of repairing the steel tub then it can stand next to the garage to put all my off cuts and scrap in to get weighed in once full. You're right about the brake linkage its solid will need a bit of heat to dismantle and refurb shockers are ok if a tad rusty but will most likely replace as they are pennies to buy regards Stephen
  5. I thought so too I've never wanted one before but it was too good an opportunity to let go there's a few bits non standard but I'm not complaining it may get restored with aĺl it's add ons if I come across them in the future one thing for sure its never gonna be on an autobahn be lucky if it hits a motorway Regards Stephen
  6. So started the clean up of sankey Needle gun revealing the extent of tin worm damage So started cutting out and welding in Some bright spark covered the outside paint with a thin coating of underseal which the flap wheel does not like so burning torch and scraper taking ages on a high note chassis is solid regards Stephen
  7. Keep an eye open at Lidl I bought a cracking welding screen from them a wee while back adjustable shade and reaction time £24 regards Stephen
  8. Local scrap man contacted me to see if I wanted this No use for it really but couldn't turn it down for £30 needs a wee bit of welding and general clean up also some lights
  9. Never resurfaced a fly wheel yet and as Reb78 states I've had no issues either if your hell bent on doing it you will need someone with a surface grinder or failing that a lathe with a large chuck set it up with a DTI and take a skim off with a tungsten carbide tipped tool You could do it by hand with some valve grinding paste and a sheet of glass but it will take a long time Regards Stephen
  10. Not my car the guy lost his keys and fob I've put a second hand ignition on it and bypassed the immobilizer to get him away no handbook and had not seen this symbol before so unless he wants a new lock and fob set he will have to live with it I guess regards Stephen
  11. No different engine altogether good engines but can be loud regards stephen
  12. Hi All Have this car shaped red flashing warning light on dash the car is a discovery 1 any ideas what it is telling me please it also had the shape of a key in it thanks regards Stephen
  13. Here's one that might fit the bill Just joking this was a cheepy I got for father's day but it does have the "ommer" 😀 you mentioned just not big regards Stephen
  14. I've always bought leatherman multi tools last one I bought was a surge still giving good service Regards Stephen
  15. I would also check your clutch with a view to replace it if it looks worn, would be a lot of work if it fails sooner rather than later Regards Stephen
  16. Still need to keep tyres away from springs as too close and tyres will foul springs when articulating regards Stephen
  17. Dilema time acording to my measurements and due to the offset I made in the wheel rims it would seem like I only have three and a half inches to take out of axle that spells out a lot of work for not a lot of gain so i decided to mock up what wheels would look like at the future finished distance luckily by reversing the wheels they have given me the correct width once bolted onto the lightweight hubs so I'm throwing it out to the forum to give some opinions thanks in advance guys Best in mind that the car will also sit higher once portal axle installed
  18. Some cleaning up of back axle and portal hubs fitted along with wheels and tyres might have to make an a frame lifting beam was knackered after lifting the above on to the axle all this to get some decent measurements
  19. At last managed to get some more work done did not realise how much of a pig these diffs are to remove but managed with the help of a copper hammer a careful bit of trimming to be done before they go back together
  20. When you are setting welder up if it looks like wire is burning back to the tip you will need to increase wire feed if it seems to be pushing gun away you will need to decrease speed slightly get work pieces as clean as possible and a good earth preferably as close to point of welding as is practicable bacon frying and got somewhere near good luck regards Stephen
  21. As Steve B said plain steel washer and felt seal to prevent oil coming out regards Stephen
  22. That's exactly what I meant I was looking from a handy gadget point of view not taking anything away from your wheels they look great fancying yellow for stuff on my portal project regards Stephen
  23. Liking the rim supports where do you get them from Mike regards Stephen
  24. Whilst we're talking about riveting stuff this is a tool I bought a couple of years back does pop rivets of varying sizes up to 4mm diameter on the steel pin and rivitnuts as well up to 12mm all done with interchangeable heads regards Stephen
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