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  1. Mine on my series 3 lightweight held in with a tie down or small ratchet strap regards Stephen
  2. Thanks, progress would be quicker if I didn't side track to other things ie vent panel, but at the end of the day it all has to come together more or less at the same time hopefully regards Stephen
  3. Don't know the guys name, think he worked at Hasler in Northampton they came as a job lot with the axles, don't do Facebook got them through eBay regards Stephen
  4. Did a wee bit on portals today ( gotta keep meccano happy) recessed the pinion seal housing cap head bolt points Then I turned down pinion drive flange and shortened it a bit more so my original 28mm of gained space is now 45mm regards Stephen
  5. There's always cable ties and you can get stainless steel ones if you really don't want to drill your chassis regards Stephen
  6. It's the difference between meccano and IT, that's the massive change for most of us the new defender is not potteronable regards Stephen
  7. Put a cushion on your seat it'll be champion lol regards Stephen
  8. Good if you can find them unfortunately when I'm looking for gear everything is invariably down south ( more population more kit for sale ) also I'm working out of a double garage so space limited something compact is better for me although once I get my portals done I will have more available space but I think you beat most of us hands down where space is concerned not jealous at all by the way ( that's such a lie ) regards Stephen
  9. This is good to know as I have been considering an axminster bandsaw but having never seen one or access to a reliable review for any of the axminster gear I've held back will look at now with renewed interest ta very much regards Stephen
  10. I did learn its easier to buy but no where near as much fun regards Stephen
  11. Handles added to assist with folding left central arm in just in case I decide to go hydraulic Painted not the greatest of colours but its what I had waste not want not regards Stephen
  12. Can't agree more, should have bought a vent panel lol regards Stephen
  13. Fridge inspired addition to folder this morning Inserted into pipe for welding didn't have anything long enough Tapped end for reasons that will become obvious Extension for arms A choice of weights all weighing around 11kg each Finished barring paint Just to note have extension on both sides and fitted with 11kg weight 22kg in total at around 900mm distance from pivot with no sheet in to bend I now need extra leverage to hold it back as with existing leverage it wants to launch me into the garage roof t
  14. Not specific to vent panel but new to me tilt in the post this morning regards Stephen
  15. I think you know me a bit too well, hows this regards Stephen
  16. I guess I could make it longer, I did manage with the 1.6 mm steel but got no where near with the 3 mm aluminium hence the look at hydraulics also as I get older I'm definitely getting weaker such is life regards Stephen
  17. Spot on its from the days when they ran an MRD and did all the wagon repairs in house, they havnt done that for about 25 years now, this machine was kept inside the building until they decided to fill the pits in scrap the brake testing rollers and get rid of the car lift so they could store equipment in the building instead of using it Regards Stephen
  18. No not like that I dont have issues with the blade bending as its 30mm plate 180mm deep so solid issues I had were with the 5" channel I used as the folding bit wouldn't have thought it would flex but hey ho it should be ok now regards Stephen
  19. Not from the scrappy but was heading there after being marked for scrap at work ( red x ) been stood outside for about 12 year steering mechanism snapped and wheels seized but hydraulics still work although pressure release needs a new handle no time to work on it as yet but sometime regards Stephen
  20. Did a bit on folder namely bracing it up to prevent it flexing but first I had to remove some bracing I had added not realising it had already lost some of its shape, the power of leverage eh 3mm dip in centre of channel Welded a couple of stops on braced onto roof joists and jacked off the floor looking better now Fitted heavyweight centre lever and braced back to channel Had a trial fold with the 1.6mm sheet reject from my pressings managed to fold it but was at the limit of my strength so definitely going to make it hydraulic regar
  21. Positively delighted but trying not to be smug about it lol Regards Stephen
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