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  1. Cheers, It would be a shame to break it up to be honest. Below is the list of modifications on the motor: Land Rover Discovery GS 300 TDI 1997 Mileage: approx 120k (will check & update) I have owned this discovery for 2 years and it has been a great motor but time has come to move it on as I don’t have the funds to complete my project due to being un-employed. I have modified the vehicle slightly with the following: Southdown snorkel Extended breather kit (axles, t-box & gearbox) Steering Guard Diff Guards 200TDI Rear Prop Terrafirma Bigbore +2 shocks (6months old) Bearmach Heavy Duty +2 Springs Rear Dislocation Cones (adrenalin 4x4) Extended Bump Stops 50mm Braided Hoses EGR removed Heavy Duty Steering Bars Extended Arches Roof Lights Modified standard front bumper (with spots) I have also added a Turbo & EGT Gauge. It does need some work doing to it for the MOT: The sills, mainly rear outers have disappeared & the front passenger side sill has been bashed slightly due to off roading. I was going to just replace both sills with a 60x100 3.2mm section. Boot floor looks ok but the side pieces need attention. Personally I had it all worked out how I was going to tackle the problems but funds aren’t around to continue. At this current time the vehicles interior has been stripped out ready to complete the work. I am reluctant to sell to be honest, If I had somewhere to store for a while then I would keep it. Currently Sorn & No MOT
  2. Sorry must of had a moment, Its a Discovery 5dr.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your time. I currently have a 300TDI 1997 slightly modified which needs some welding. The vehicle has no tax (sorn) or MOT. If i was to sell the vehicle as a whole, what are they fetching these days? Cheers Matt
  4. "Persons Resembling a Pink Starfish", No respect. Well they said, the bumper had fell off but i bet the number plate is still on the disco.
  5. Firstly, Thanks for your time on reading this. I am after some advice & idea's on where to fit the sensor for my EGT gauge. I am currently thinking of using the EGR blanking plate to fix the sensor. Has anyone else done it that way or is there a more suitable place for it. Thanks again Matt.
  6. Vehicle tax details Vehicle LAND ROVER Discovery Series II TD5, M5 12 month cost £260.00 6 month cost £143.00 Date of first registration 6/2001 Tax band K Engine capacity (cc) 2495 Transmission Manual Fuel type Diesel CO2 262 Euro standard 2 Tax class 49
  7. How did your setup work in the end???
  8. lol, Well it is a standard bumper but slightly modified.
  9. UPDATE: Ended up changing the doughnut effort, for the earlier 200 tdi prop. Been on the motor for about 2 months and had no problems with the clonking that i was getting. Cheers for your reply's.
  10. cheers for the piccy's, I do like the bumper and for the price I think i would be silly to miss out. cheers again Regards Matt
  11. I had my disco lifted 4" (+2 springs & +2 Blocks) and i had the same problem with the UJ's. As Range rover blues said it is often the front prop, but the rear uj (near the transfer box) that gives up first due to the angle. I now have it at +2 with a standard prop and havent had any problems for the last 10 months, but a double cardan prop is next on my shopping list. Personally if the springs are ok then leave them and just change the uj's in the front prop and go from there. All the best Matt.
  12. UPDATE: Went and treated my self to a set or Terrafirma Big Bore's (TF124) and all I would say is "what a difference". I am now looking at changing the front shocks. Cheers guys for your reply's. Matt.
  13. Don't suppose you could supply us a better picture, I get half a disco front but not must of the bumper. cheers Matt.
  14. Hi & thanks in advance. I have currently got the bearmach HD blue springs +2 but with the amount of weight i carry in the rear of the vehicle it seems to bounce around abit to much for my liking. Could anyone recommend a super heavy duty spring set which i could purchase. I was planning to leave the front as they are. any help would be appreciated. Regards Matt.
  15. sorry guys for the confusion, just realised my mistake. It was the 4.6 HSE on gas, but he has found one which is a 2.5 DSE, which has got endless amounts of receipts for bits and bobs. I think he said it was a 1998 model (r or s plate) and they chap wants £2000 for it, with 3 months MOT but no Tax, is this expensive or cheap? What are the common faults to look out for? Regards MAtt.
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