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  1. Door leak

    Yes I thought exactly the same thing
  2. Door leak

    Nice one. My other door is exactly the opposite!
  3. Door leak

    Thanks for the replies. i have the new seals with the inch gaps x 3. Does anyone know the correct way of fitting these as I appear to have two method variations one on each door, neither looks right!
  4. Door leak

    This s what I’ve ordered
  5. Door leak

    Nice one thanks. Seals ordered today
  6. Door leak

    Good tips. Ill try to preserve the seal as I’m struggling to find a replacement already. I’ll order some bolts I think before stripping down!
  7. Door leak

    Thanks for the replies. Yes I see the gaps on the outside seal area. These look like they will be blocked. Probably paint and stuff has filled them up. Ill more than likely try to split the door.
  8. Door leak

    1992 Defender ex MOD I have a leaky window/door (shock). I think I've located the issue. In the window channel the water seems to pool at the forward edge, this then overfills and runs down the door into the footwell. What would cause the blockage? I can see a hole for drainage in the channel, I've poked this and it seems clear. Thanks
  9. 2.5 n/a Snorkel

    Snorkel now fitted. Just thinking out the box....rather than cutting a hole for a new heater intake, how about I use an extractor fan filter cut and cable tied over the blower intake inside the engine bay?
  10. 2.5 n/a Snorkel

    Great thanks
  11. 2.5 n/a Snorkel

    I have the vent for the heater off and am busy spraying up my second hand snorkel. Obviously the tube fits from the existing air filter intake to my snorkel, but what are the two union joints for? ps the photo is my snorkel upside down drying.
  12. Oil temperature sender

    Changed the sensor and still no working gauge. Any ideas how to fix a gauge? It looks expensive to buy a new one.
  13. 2.5 n/a Snorkel

    Thanks for the replies, some interesting stuff there. I’ve decided I’m going to continue with it. I’ll try to post photos when I’m done. Anyone know the best way to cut a “neat” hole in the wing for the new heater intake? I’m a bit nervous after cutting a hole in the dash for a lighter and it went horribly scrappy!
  14. 2.5 n/a Snorkel

    Hmm yes I’m toying with the idea of leaving it off too.
  15. 2.5 n/a Snorkel

    Thanks I wonder if there’s a wat to revroute without cutting the wing?