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  1. Landreiziger blower motor switch kit

    How much are they and do they fit a 2.5n/a?
  2. Heater switch fuse location

    Thanks I’ll have a look
  3. Heater switch fuse location

    Ex MOD Defender on a 1992 plate I have blade fuses in the fuse box. Any ideas which fuse is for the heater switch? thanks
  4. Oil temperature woes!

    Fixed! Someone (not me) put the wire into the wrong connector on another junction box. All fixed now. Many thanks for the help, particularly the wiring diagram.
  5. Oil temperature woes!

    Great thanks. Run out of light now but I’ll try this at the weekend. Cheers mate.
  6. Oil temperature woes!

    Straight to the guage direct from sensor? I have a light green wire and a dark green (that splits into 2 behind the dash) into the guage from behind. stupid question but which wire do I take out for the direct wire to go in. Thanks
  7. Oil temperature woes!

    Yes the temperature guage is working fine. Is it a straight run for the new wire or into a junctions?
  8. Oil temperature woes!

    Checked all the above. Earth looks good. No rise in gauge when earthing sensor wire on vehicle body.
  9. Oil temperature woes!

    Without getting ahead of myself, what’s step 2?
  10. Oil temperature woes!

    Thanks I’ll check the Earth.
  11. Oil temperature woes!

    As in unplug the wire and attach to a good bit of metal?
  12. Oil temperature woes!

    Defender 90 on a 1992 plate new oil temperature sensor, new oil temperature gauge. The guage lifts slightly when switched on, indicating power to the guage. However, the guage doesn’t lift above this initial point and doesn’t even raise to the “C” position. This is the same as the old guage but I’ve since changed the guage and the sensor. Any ideas please?
  13. Convoy light fuse

    Any ideas which fuse is for the convoy light? Mine has stopped working (new bulb and wiggle test on the wire). My heater switch has stopped working as well, wonder if these share a fuse?
  14. Accessories

    Very informative. This looks more professional than a bunch of wires separated.
  15. Accessories

    I’ll have a search for that fan. Cheers