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  1. 14Platoon

    Centre seat brackets?

    Ex MOD 90 I have the set up as the attached photo, two separate seats. I’m looking to fit a centre seat (Which is an optional extra) but don’t know what seat brackets I need. Any ideas?
  2. 14Platoon

    Winters coming

    Close up (kind of) of a self drilling screw fixing the panel to the door.
  3. 14Platoon

    Winters coming

    It should hold up very well as it was designed and used r the military. I used self drilling screws and washers into the strengthening box sections of the roof and side walls, yours should have these too hopefully. Be careful what depth screws you get and don't mis aim otherwise you'll put a nice leaky hole (another one) in your defender. You don't need many of these fixings as the panels are fairly sturdy.
  4. 14Platoon

    Winters coming

    They only did it for a 110 so just overlap the middle like I did.
  5. 14Platoon

    Winters coming

    Search for Rad Haz or Haz Rad Andy you should find it. £65 for the whole lot or their abouts.
  6. 14Platoon

    Winters coming

    Defnitel6 feels somewhat quieter in there now I’ve had a drive out today 👍🏻
  7. 14Platoon

    A few queries about my Defender project

    A fair comment from Farmerfred I thought. An opinion and worded well. Good project and everyone’s a winner if you have the time and money to save one from the scrapyard. Im all for saving a Defender.
  8. 14Platoon

    Winters coming

    Not tried it yet to be honest. I had driven it when just the front piece was in and it did feel quieter. As for warmth I can't really say just yet but as I've sorted the heater it warms up fairly quick now. It feels cosier and doesn't feel like you're sitting in an empty can now. Kit was from fleabay
  9. 14Platoon

    Winters coming

    Me neither, maybe it was protection from the powerful antennas attached to the side and rear of the defenders, protecting those transmitting from within🤷🏻‍♂️ Would make sense as it covers the roof.
  10. 14Platoon

    Need help 90 defender 1983 3.5 v8 missifre

    Sounds like the mixtures wrong
  11. 14Platoon

    Winters coming

    Neighbour said it looks very......Military, I suppose that’s a good thing 😀
  12. 14Platoon

    Winters coming

    Winters coming, heater sorted and just fitted a “Haz Rad” kit to the interior. Absolutely in keeping with the Defender as it’s an ex MOD FFR (fitted for radio). The Haz Rad kit was to stop the affects of radios on the signalmen. Not bad for just under £70 ps the photos don’t really show it properly but take my word, it’s nice cosy and neat.
  13. 14Platoon

    Can we post for sale?

    As title?
  14. 14Platoon

    Land Rover Owner International magazine

    To be honest I don't get it monthly either. Magazines in general are massively expensive. This one is entertaining enough every now and then.
  15. 14Platoon

    footwell repair to do after MOT pick up

    Looks great. Wish I had th3 confidence and patience to do that. 👍🏻

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