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  1. 14Platoon

    Power steering leak

    Finally got around to sorting this (I have 2 classics so always lots to do). New rubber o ring and leak all sorted. The thread gap was irrelevant, the o ring that was in place originally was too thin and small, guessing the garage didn’t have the correct size to hand. New correct size o ring and leak sorted. Thanks
  2. 14Platoon

    Lost hub cap and leak

    Yep going to check these out.
  3. 14Platoon

    Lost hub cap and leak

    Land Rover Defender 1992 ex MOD The hub cap cover came off my front wheel today and left a lot of grease on the wheel. Im going to create an emergency hub cover but How and where do I replace the lost grease? thanks
  4. 14Platoon

    Rear door area

    All bought on eBay. Canvas Tarpaulin was £36 and the poles (adjustable tent poles) were £9. All good quality stuff too for a change.
  5. 14Platoon

    Rear door area

    Made a rear door card cooking area. Not quite in keeping with the standard military Defender but good for a brew and a fry up. Made up my own awning for 50 pounds, it’s pretty versatile and can go on either side or the rear, can be extended easily as well.
  6. 14Platoon

    Auxilliary Fan size

    Bought some Wynns rad flush. I’ll reverse flush with a hose first then give this a go. Might change th3 thermostat as well just for good measure.
  7. 14Platoon

    Auxilliary Fan size

    Are you still in Dubai? If so then yours is probably doing ok in that heat.
  8. 14Platoon

    Auxilliary Fan size

    Nope no rad muff
  9. 14Platoon

    Auxilliary Fan size

    Hmm it didn't leap up to the red but did rise up to it, up the very steep long hill. It settled down a bit after the hill but was still nearing the last portion of the white, albeit still in the white. I don't have much faith in the gauges to be honest but a rad flush, reverse hose of it would make sense.
  10. 14Platoon

    Auxilliary Fan size

    It's a 2.5n/a when we had the hottest day in May I watched the temperature lift towards the red fairly quickly. I was motorway driving and up a steep long hill. Although it never reached the red I thought I would fit a fan for peace of mind.
  11. 14Platoon

    Auxilliary Fan size

    Hello 1992 ex MOD Defender 90 any ideas what's the biggest aux cooling fan I can bolt on to the inside of the radiator, between the Rad and the cowling. Thanks
  12. 14Platoon

    Landreiziger blower motor switch kit

    How much are they and do they fit a 2.5n/a?
  13. 14Platoon

    Heater switch fuse location

    Thanks I’ll have a look
  14. 14Platoon

    Heater switch fuse location

    Ex MOD Defender on a 1992 plate I have blade fuses in the fuse box. Any ideas which fuse is for the heater switch? thanks
  15. 14Platoon

    Oil temperature woes!

    Fixed! Someone (not me) put the wire into the wrong connector on another junction box. All fixed now. Many thanks for the help, particularly the wiring diagram.

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