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  1. 14Platoon

    Heater........V irritating

    With the heater off the Defender, if I attach one wire to a car battery negative and one to the power, will I blow myself up or will this test the blower motor?
  2. 14Platoon

    Vent repair

    Hmm I’ll have a think about the seals. Pretty sure it had the foam type on it originally.
  3. 14Platoon

    Vent repair

    It’s my local classic car garage doing the job, I’m hoping they’re treating it!
  4. 14Platoon

    Vent repair

    Work in progress
  5. 14Platoon

    Converting 2.5na 12J to Power Steering

    I have an ex MOD 1992 Defender. I called Craddock spares and they supplied everything. I got my local garage to fit it (really cheap). As for originality, this was actually an option back in the day so it's still original. FYI it's sooooooo much better with power steering.
  6. 14Platoon

    Vent repair

    Just for info windcsreen panel out by undoing front portion roof bolts and seat belt bracket bolts. Cut seal with Stanley knife, raised roof slightly by pushing up with my legs by the windscreen. When roof raised a couple of inches, push forward on window. I’m lucky as my window has folding hinges. Fold forward then undo hinges and windscreen panel out. Wings off is just by undoing series of bolts on the inner wing, inner radiator and vertical series of bolts to bulkhead, only revealed when plastic wheel arches are removed. All now stripped and ready for the body shop, fingers crossed they keep everything aligned😳
  7. 14Platoon

    windscreen to bulkhead seal

    I’d probably us the vehicle body sealer that car body shops use.
  8. 14Platoon

    Heater........V irritating

    There’s one on the other bonnet hinge too. The motor in the heater box is quite loose. Now it’s all out I can have a good check around. Not seen any obvious breaks in the wire though.
  9. 14Platoon

    Vent repair

    Decided to take the wings off and make sure the vent repair is completed fully. Glad I did as this has revealed more rust (shocker). Ps taking the heater blower out was a nightmare due to two bolts hidden and nigh on impossible to get to.
  10. 14Platoon

    Heater........V irritating

    I took my heater blower off today (in prep from r garage vent repair). Behind the blower is the large metallic earth strap which was disconnected due to wear and tear. Does this earth strap have a purpose with regards to the heater 🤔
  11. 14Platoon

    Heater........V irritating

    Nice one
  12. 14Platoon

    Vent repair

    Just seen this. That’s great info and I’ll be starting tomorrow 😳
  13. 14Platoon

    Heater........V irritating

    This is great stuff guys the job seems fairly simple in my head now, thanks to all the info you’ve all provided. From your info, I’m happy it’s not the resistor as there are no speed issues, there is just no power. If I check the wires tomorrow and can’t find anything then tha5 just leaves me to check the motor.....hopefully you can help me with the Hotwire test 🤗
  14. 14Platoon

    Heater........V irritating

    I’ll check again on the fuse board side if things now I know I’m definitely looking at the right wire.
  15. 14Platoon

    Heater........V irritating

    Due to it being military most of the wires are pretty simple to get to. I have gained access behind the clocks and can see the fuses and where the loom goes into the fuse board. Is the length of the loom behind the dash between clocks and the blower easy to get to? It’s this part of the loom I can’t see at the moment.

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