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  1. Changed filter to try to fix the problem. Will check again and start going through as you suggest. Thanks.
  2. The 300tdi runs fine in my 90. 137k miles. Sometimes starting isn't so good. Turn key and it fires then dies. Then follows plenty cranking 10 secs at a time for three or four times. Then a few fire and die cycles then a lumpy start and settles fine. Rarely does it second start of the day and sometimes goes a week starting first turn. Thinking it may be a fuel problem. Perhaps a leak letting air in and draining pipes down to tank. Can't see any fuel leaks. Any suggestions as to where to start looking? Thanks
  3. The bottom half of a 2 litre lemonade bottle or 1litre icecream tub goes over the filter. The bottle is flexible enough to grip the filter and catches all the spill. Same works on cav filters.
  4. Thanks all. MoMurphy was right. Rear propshaft UJ is the culprit.
  5. It was all going so well... 1994 300tdi 90 rebuilt by someone else. Mine since September 2017. A week or two ago I started to hear an occasional clank when power comes on. Didn't happen all the time. Couldn't feel it just sounded like something moving and reverberating through chassis or something. Then on Sunday on way home from long weekend on single track slow roads we got vibrations in 5th gear. Felt like driving on a rumble strip which stopped when I took my foot off the throttle. Front prop shaft looks replaced. Out of gear wheels on the ground front prop shaft turns about 20 degrees by hand. None on rear shaft. Couldn't turn fwd shaft when in gear. Today did more trials. In 2nd gear high range. Dabbing on and off throttle the clanking was obvious every time. Any suggestions what to look for or tests to find the source? Thanks
  6. Fixed it. Thanks all. Took switch off and cleaned it up. Works perfectly then saw that replacement door doesn't have a bracket to push the switch to turn the light off! Next job...
  7. My 1994 defender was a hard top and acquired a county type roof along the way. Full headlining sunroof etc. Interior light has two wires that were tucked into the headlining. Trying to make it work on the door switch. Purple wire I've connected to a supply and the light is earthed by one of the mounting bolts so I can switch the light on manually. How does the plunger switch work with a single wire? Putting a meter probe on the blade on the plunger gives no continuity with body. I thought it may have been switched on return through the body but apparently not. What next please?
  8. Will give it another look. Ta
  9. CT-1 for everything! Use it mostly for sealing things on boats. It's adhesive so be careful where you use it but round cables should be OK. Silicone also not bad here because it's a poor adhesive but once you use it nothing else will stick. Arbomast butyl is the best non setting sealant but it might sag. Best thing for deck fittings which would also apply to body panels etc
  10. I bought standard folding side steps for my 300tdi 90. Passenger side no problem but diesel tank is in the way on the driver's side. Can't get access to side rail to bolt it on and no exposed chassis to put the strut onto. Is there a different step for this?
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