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  1. Sean.

    Snatch 2A, water in the windows

    I looked at that, and it seems to be one piece of glass, and a composite on either side. This sadly would not work, as it's not two sheets of glass put together
  2. Thank you
  3. Hello all, I'm looking for a source for the nut and bolts for the defender TD5 2003 to rebuild the dash. The dog got the cardboard withthe screws in and fubared that up. Now I need to put it back together. Part list / where it all goes is what I'm after. Thanks, Sean
  4. Well, the sealey kit is not ideal as the plug has a torx screw connection and not the 13mm bolt on top. I will see if I can find another kit with the bolt type on top, and if this one even fits!
  5. Perfect, I'll try the kit, and see how I get on. Will fit it, and then drain it all out again, to ensure any fragments / swarf are washed out by the oil. Given aluminium is not magnetic. Worst case is to get a new sump 😖.
  6. It's the oil sump drain plug thread, and not a bolt secureing the pan to the engine block. Any brands for a new pan then, or would a second hand one of fleabay be ok?
  7. Hello, I've had a very tight Defender TD5 2003 oil sump bolt removed by a garage, as it was wedged in. Tried all sorts, and they had to weld bolts on to get it off. Up shot is that it's leaking, I've taken it back and they have said bring it back, but it's time and fuel bringing it back over. I was looking to get an oversized oil sump bolt to replace it with. Helicoil I've heard mix things, and then when I come to change the oil next time I don't want to faffe about. I've read that the bolt is a M16, 16.5mm 1.5m thread, would the following Sealey set be the right thing to fix it with? Sealey VS617 Oil Drain Plug Thread Repair Set - M17
  8. Sean.

    Snatch 2A, water in the windows

    Hi Tyler, Thank you for the reply. I've managed to break one of the bullet proof glass windows, I know meant to be very strong, erm.... yeah. I found a thin metal chissel worked well, almost had it of and a bolt head fell down in the gap and was cracked against the screen. I need to look at the front windscreen next, see how I can get that out. I'm almost thinking of using the soldering iron to melt the plastic out, as it may be quicker. I'm not a fan of Facebook, and hardly ever use it, in fact getting all my contacts other details to delete it. Do you know of the left hand window part number? I'd like to get it replaced like for like. I know, should have come to the show, and took one of them, can't till it's MOT is sorted, and the windows need to be done for that. Thanks, Sean
  9. Sean.

    Snatch 2A, water in the windows

    Hello, That would be great. Any advice would be great. Regards, Sean
  10. Sean.

    Snatch 2A, water in the windows

    Hi supaimpy, Thanks for the reply. Do you know how to get the whole glass unit out, as it's separated ? I've removed all the bolts I can, and it looks like they are glued in as well with some type of compound. I don't want to break it, but I need to clean it for the MOT. Any other ideas or suggestions, e.g. heat gun to melt the glue / sealant? Sean
  11. Hello, I'm after some advice on how to get the water out of the windscreen of a Snatch 2A. This is trapped between the reinforced glass, and the plastic thing on the inside. I've removed bolts to try and push the glass off / out, and that's not worked. The front windscreen and potentially side windows need to be cleaned. Any suggestions, or anyone done this before? Regards,, Sean
  12. Sean.

    Troubles starting 2.5NA 110

    Hello, Might be worth getting a multi-meter should be about £15 ($20), and checking with everything off, to see if there is a leak occurring, both on the positive and negative wires. You could also check between the earth points, and battery earth terminal with jumper leads to see if there is any difference between the voltage, if there is clean them again. Given how warm it is, and dry should not be an earthing issue with salt that we'd get here or in a harsher climate. Sean
  13. Sean.

    New head light wiring section / loom

    Hi Western, I've done that and know it's the dim light, when I pull those fuses that are a problem, they go out. This is why I am looking to replace the wiring, I just don't want to spend lots of time on it. As it's old and problematic, I am trying to either buy the complete loom for the headlights, all the way to the fuses, or find where I can buy the correct colour coded wire and I'll make a new section.
  14. Sean.

    New head light wiring section / loom

    Thanks for the reply, I'll have a look at that. Would this still be the case, even when I take the keys out and nothing is on, and even disconnect the light switch stalks?
  15. Hello all, I'm looking to replace the head light wiring loom / section, as I have now got another little wiring issue with the dip lights staying on. I imagine it's an earth wire caught / snagged ect. Can't turn the dip lights off without either pulling the fuse or battery. I could spend hours tracing cables and checking for shorts, I'd rather just replace that section and be done with it. Where is the best place to get the wire to make it myself or where can I get this part of the loom? I don't want to repalce all of it at the moment. As that would be £450, and an eight week wait. Thanks.

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