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  1. Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply. Do you happen to know what these clapms are called? I'm looking at getting some jubilee clips, as well. I just try where I can keep things original and OEM. Sean
  2. Hello, I've got a leak at one end of the fuel cooler on the TD5 2003. I've got the rubber gasket to replaxe it BS225. What I am having trouble with is how do I get the bracket off and back on again? The clip on the cooler, not the coolant pipe. I have the pipe clamp thing to get that off. Thanks
  3. Hello all, Thank you for the replies. Managed to get it sorted. Used one jack near where the single bolt end goes into the axel, and tightened the nut on the bolt to get it to the right position. Then another car jack to raise the two bolt end up in to place A crow bar - (all I had) to push the metal middle bar in past the metal bracket. Just need to torque them up now. Next job, leaking fuel cooler gasket replacement
  4. Thank you all for the replies. I'll get a podger from Screwfix / toolstation and have a go. I'm still a bit confused about how to use the ratchet straps, are these to keep the arm up in the air while I fiddle trying to line the first bolt hole up?🤔 It's one of those jobs that looked simple, but turned out so far to be hard work; well at least so far for me!
  5. Hi Bowie, Thanks for the reply. Where would the straps be used? I've only taken one off for this reason ; ) I've got some Molykote 111, which helped. I've got the chassis end in, just struggling with the front end with the two bolts. When I lift it up, it just does not seem to go up and into place. I've had the jack under the chassis end of the chassis, near to where the radius arm is screwed in. What am I missing? Thanks
  6. Hello, I've taken off and checked the front radius arm as it seemed to have play, with a view to get the bushed changed. Garaged checked and said all ok on that one. How to do I get the dam thing back on? I'm on a flat road, with a jack and axel stands. I can't seem to get the technique right to have it moved up and lined up. Any help or links to guides would be very good. Where do I need to jack it up, and place axel stands? Currently have the offside / passenger side one off. Thanks in advanced.
  7. Hello, I am trying to get the part for a bolt that goes through earth cable into chassis, it's the battery negative to gear box part PRC6785. The bolt is about 10.5cm. Can't find what it is any help appriciated. Sean
  8. I guess the whizzing about has taken it's toll. This only has 55k on it lol. An ex military one, so not known history.
  9. Hello, Yes, they charged me for the bolt to remove a stuck sump plug. Which to be fair a business need to do. Again, I'm fine with paying the costs, as long as it's reasonable. I would expect the fluid, although didn't change it that long a go! Just better to get it all soted while it's off, spigot, release bearing. Did you go for a HD release bearing or the standard one? Yes, it is one of the reasons why I don't want to do it, as it's a weekend job, in this weather minus 5, and it's a hard work one.
  10. Hello, Thak you for the replies. When you say a day, how many hours would it take a garage, as the one quote I've had seems high. Yes it's to replace the above while it is all off. So may explain the extra costs as its OEM Valeo, which I am fine with, as long as that's reasonable. Have been quoted £1,160. That's why I am looking thinking hang on that seems high, I've not done one myself and so don't know how long it should take a garage.
  11. Hello, On a Defender TD5 2003, R380 gearbox. How much would you expect or have paid for a new; clutch, dual mass fly wheel, slave cylinder, spigot, and release bearing? How long does it take, I've read a person on their own a weekend or 12 hours. But for a decent Land Rover garage to do the work? Thanks Sean
  12. I looked at that, and it seems to be one piece of glass, and a composite on either side. This sadly would not work, as it's not two sheets of glass put together
  13. Hello all, I'm looking for a source for the nut and bolts for the defender TD5 2003 to rebuild the dash. The dog got the cardboard withthe screws in and fubared that up. Now I need to put it back together. Part list / where it all goes is what I'm after. Thanks, Sean
  14. Well, the sealey kit is not ideal as the plug has a torx screw connection and not the 13mm bolt on top. I will see if I can find another kit with the bolt type on top, and if this one even fits!
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