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  1. Thanks, That could be an explanation. I will defiantly be more careful spooling out going forward. Best Rasmus
  2. Hi Forum, I just participated in the Pomeranian 52nd edition – Grate race 😊 Unfortunately, my OX motor stopped working after winching the car (Defender 90) backwords down of a steep incline? No problem winching up – full functional after the ascent 😊 But the winch down destroyed the motor. I winched out (down) in small bursts using 12V. The winch is a Red Winch Cobra 1. Std. 12V edition. The motor is a 12V OX motor. The ascent was don with 24V overvolting. Any idea what caused the problem? It should in my opinion not be possible to destroy the winch going down? Best Rasmus
  3. Hi, I just got my hands on a LT230. It has the following serial number: 36D667628G. I suspect is a 1.211 ratio and it is a Q box (T design with more silent gears). Can any help on when it was produced? What vehicle it was fitted to? Any things to be aware of on this transfer case? Any other relevant info.? Thanks Rasmus
  4. Update: I talked to Nigel (nice person) and he have one that he can supply me with just after Christmas J I also talked to Allemakes/Terrafirma that sell the KAM products; they say that they can no longer supply the spare shafts KAM340 and KAM341 due to supplier problems (Unreliable supplier). They claim that they cannot get it produced at other suppliers! However at the same time it appears that they a continue selling and cleaning the inventory for the KAM CV systems and products with no intention to carry the spares. Furthermore, they refuses to share supplier information or drawings/specifications of the two shafts. Many people will eventually get in problems and have to change the entire KAM-system due to this – Who is talking about unreliable supplier! Frustrating!
  5. Thanks. I will give him a call. Rasmus
  6. Hi Gents, Now that CAM no longer exist - can anybody help, getting some KAM341 fused stub shafts? They are no longer available from Allmarks and I desperately need some. By the way, a huge problem to stop selling spares. I appreciate the help. Br. Rasmus
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