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  1. Hi & Welcome to Defender ownership! Glad to hear you've still got it. There seems to be a great deal of interest in Defenders - particularly since LR stopped building them. Sadly, this hasn't gone unnoticed by the less honest members of society. There are so many different security devices on offer, some are easier to use than others............ All you can hope is that you can make it diffucult enough to steal that it'll discourage any attempts and they'll not bother with yours
  2. To resurrect an old thread; if you're considering this avenue - have a look at Rowe Electronics PDM60 - usually just over £100
  3. It's embossed aluminium. Ill see if I can dig out the receipt for it. I had to stick the remains of the LR one together to give me some sort of shape to start with. The original kept falling apart in to smaller pieces, so it's now stored in the bin. I have had the beginnings of a small fire which I was able to deal with. The other reason for this creation is to keep it looking vaguely original.
  4. Yup. Thx. I bought a sheet big enough for 2. I was thinking of using stainless, but that's a pig to form. This one drops the temperature significantly. When we get some decent hot weather again, I'll measure the difference after a hot run with and without.
  5. I've just bought some LED bulbs and photographed a comparison with them, the std halogen and HID bulbs in the same unit, I'll try to get the images up tonight, but I was very impressed with the LEDs and I specifically chose those without fans for cooling.
  6. Hi, I've run a T from the fuel line - simply as I have 2 tanks and that was the easiest I thought. The washer bottle is now an ally tank that runs just behind the front cross member and takes about 15-20 litres!
  7. I have taken to making them myself - looks very similar to the later pressed aluminium version - but at a fraction of the cost of the £276 that they were asking when they were available. I'd post some pics, but can't be sure they'll appear yet Even with the std. LR heatshield in place, I have certainly had heat problems.
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