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  1. So to fit Y60/61 rear axle to disco 2 what mods are required? Can you share more details on this please and if you have any pics that would be great. I am going to use LS400 4.0 V8 with lexus gear in Surf gear housing and transfer case which means I need centered dif. Y60 is probably the best option for that but want to understand how much work is required and how complicated is it.
  2. Thanks. By the way how much of the output shaft needs to be cut?
  3. I actually got a custom made adapter plate but it's of no use as LR gearbox goes into limp home mode if it doesn't get the RPM information. I have tried all solenoid input output and there is no megasquirt available to make it work with LS400 ECU. If there is a way to make it work that would be great but still if Lexus gearbox with Surf 4x4 would cost same I rather take the 2nd option as it should be more reliable. What do you think guys?
  4. This option is probably better suited me. I checked there was some difference between 1989-1995 model and 1995 onwards gearbox. I will go for 94-95 model then. But what do you mean by Speedo star? Rear axle of Patrol 90s would be easier to find I believe but now sure about the width. I will measure it. Do you have any pictures that you might be able to share as I'm not the most technical person you would meet :(. Everything is very expensive in Dubai so making a small mistake in choosing the wrong gearbox or axle will cost me fortune sadly so asking all these lame questions. If you can share m
  5. Hi Bowie, I know it's been a while since this post but can you kindly let me know what gearbox of Surf tailhousing you used on Ls400 gearbox for this conversation and what rear excel to be used. I'm in the middle of it at the moment. Also with this conversation how reliable is this. I appreciate your response.
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