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  1. Thanks, I will run a log the next time I'm out.
  2. Ok thanks for the advice. I will try it at 32 and see how it goes.
  3. Thanks, im happy with most of it its just the events thats bothering me. Found this, cant make sense of the formula though. Ignition Events per Step: set this to a value that would switch about 4x a second at your average cruising speed. 4 cylinder assume 3500rpm cruise set Ignition Events per Step to : 29 6 cylinder assume 2500rpm cruise set Ignition Events per Step to : 31 8 cylinder assume 2000rpm cruise set Ignition Events per Step to : 33 You can calculate your: O2 adjustments per second = ((rpm/120) * cylinders) / ignition events per step
  4. here are my settings, am not sure what the ignition events should be set to.
  5. Not strictly a landie or Rangie question but do you guys enable this feature? I have Ms2 in a Tvr with the 3.9 engine, it’s running reasonably well and has been road auto tuned etc but will be dyno tuned soon. It has a wideband fitted. I currently have it disabled but just wondered it is a good feature or does it mess with the fuelling too much. Its mainly a weekend car so fuel consumption although thought about isn’t a priority. Mine is currently disabled. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks both, I will do some testing over the next few days and report back.
  7. Thanks, will give it a go. Current cranking table looks like this, i thought it was a little high but maybe it needs more. I have seen some other examples as high as 500% though.
  8. Thanks. Im using slightly different Injectors, Bosch red type but the cc value should be right. Ve table is a generated one with a few good Autotune runs, car seems to run reasonably well on it. idles around 13.8 Afr, 47 Kph map.
  9. Im trying to tweak my cold starts a little and wondered what sort of values i should see in the priming pulse table. My engine turns over for about 3-4 seconds before bursting into life which may be a little long. Do these look ok? MS2,Tvr 3.9 engine.
  10. Thanks, I’m inclined to leave it alone if it looks reasonable. I will get it on a dyno in the new year as I think it’s the best approach and it will stop me constantly fiddling!
  11. Hi Guys Id like some help with a base ignition map, ive posted up what i currently have which is a guess and not dyno tuned. I plan to dyno tune it next year after the christmas period. Its in a light Tvr so maybe a Range Rover map etc isnt that suitable, although i doubt they are much different. Im running Speed Density. This is one ive found that looked good but im having a hard time trying to understand how to turn it into a Map based one. https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/84065-rover-v8-39-ignition-map/ Any tips are much appreciated, car likes to idle around 14 d
  12. Im still on the original Rover valve. I would expect the graph to start near 200 steps and gradually decay down to roughly 25 steps if all was working correctly.
  13. What I'm trying to work out is why my stepper graph is as below. I have verified on the can test section that 200 steps is fully open and its working the right way. Base idle screw on the 14 cux was wound out about 2 and 1/2 turns to achieve 600 rpm. If I try to achieve 600 rpm base idle on the Megasquirt I'm out about 5 turns. Seems a lot but maybe it's what it needs.
  14. OK thanks, I wasn't sure if the throttle stop screw was adjusted before the bypass screw. I'm guessing the throttle butterfly needs to be closed as the idle valve controls the air. Procedure for setting base idle on the 14cux was engine warm, clamp/plug bypass hose and set to 600 rpm.
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