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  1. I'll try the reverse EKA method tomorrow (keycode locked at the mo as tried too many times today). I changed the fob battery on the same day. Beyond that not done anything.
  2. Think it is time to get the BECM sent of for reprogramming, as I am at an impass, and all because I changed a battery!
  3. Hmmm, then if I am getting confirmation of each key turn on the dash (sidelight icon flashing after each turn) and it's not working I am at a loss. Is there any other way to get it started. If I invested in a Nanocom (gulp) would this be able to reset everything so I can get it going. It's all very frustrating at the moment.
  4. Thanks David, I have followed the process exactly with the confirmation on each key turn, mine is a 1997 2.5 DSE. I'll put it on the profile. I am stumped. Do you think the issue mentioned in point 2 (both front locks didn't open on fob when it was running) will be the issue? Thanks.
  5. OK, So I have now sorted the radio problem with a code bought online. I also have the EAK code but it doesn't work and I am keycode locked at the moment. Could this be because I need to change the front locks before the EAK will be properly recognised? (See point 2 in my original post). Also, do I need to do the 4 x anticlockwise rotations before entering the code? I have tried with and without and no joy. Would love to be able to start the car (I know it starts as I drove it onto the drive when it was delivered). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I will talk to LR about the EKA. On positive note, I have managed to get rid of all of the "Not Set" window/sunroof warnings. Still a bit hit and miss but I think it may just be dirty connectors as I have removed the main connector to the window switch panel a few times and it seems a bit better, what I can't understand is the passenger window will go up but at the same time the sunroof opens on the window button (but not always!). I am thinking that it might be worth just changing the switch panel. Thoughts?
  7. I am on the Wirral. I will have to return to the windows issue as I now have a more pressing issue: I have changed the battery to the key and now can't start the vehicle. I don't have the EAK code. Will I need to get this from LR or is there any other way I can get the key to work? I am learning quickly that this going to be a difficult relationship with the car, but not too bothered as I bought as a project / weekend car anyway. Just want to get it started now and sort the various issues as I go.
  8. 1) Can't do the window reset as they have a mind of their own and mainly don't work at all. It is not mechanical but definitely electrical, and ideas - could it be the switch panel itself (I don't think it is) - is there a relay that could be causing the issue? It I use the window off switch there is a lot of relay type clicking....... 2) As above (will get the actuator) 3) The lines on the radio mean it is in wair mode, so I think I can sort that one
  9. Thanks elbekko. 1) I have tried the reset method but it does not appear to work. The drivers side window doesn't reset and then the others can't be accessed (there is a lot of clicking but not up/down action - the windows also appear to judder alot if I do get them to temporarily work) - Any other ideas? 2) I'll order an actuator 3) I feared as much with the radio, i'll get another. Really appreciate the help.
  10. Hello folks, Always wanted a P38 and bought one yesterday and had it delivered last night. Been going over it today and there are a number of issues that I can't figure out (and many that I can and will sort). Don't know if you can help / advise? 1) Windows / sunroof don't work properly. Messages "not set" on dash for all. I can't do the up/down reset as they don't appear to work logically. I can get the drivers window down and up but it doesn't reset the error code then I can't move on to the other windows / sunroof. I have had the passenger window stuck down and the sunroof stuck open (not ideal in a UK winter) but managed to get them closed again by trial and error rather than anything else! - Am I missing something obvious (I have had the switch unit out and cleaned it up, made no difference but was worth doing as it was filthy) 2) Locking issue. Driver and front passenger locks don't work on fob (rears do). So have to use key to lock driver's door and manually put button up/down inside the car for the passenger lock 3) Radio / CD only shows 4 double lines on display and does not work (doesn't ask for code) Plenty of other issues but I can sort those, just can't work out the above. It is a 98 2.5 DSE and is actually quite tidy (or it will be once it's had a good scrub up). Bought as a project so not too worried but just like to get the issues sorted. Thanks for any advice.