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  1. gkd000

    Fuel line size (2.5 P38)?

    It is not causing a problem at the moment, so I guess I will leave it for now. Thanks for the reply and advice.
  2. Actually using the truck now and it drives OK, with some small(ish) issues, which I will continue to work on as I go. I have replaced all the drip pipes between the injectors on my 2.5 P38 due to a smell of diesel and what I thought was drips of oil which I later diagnosed as diesel. It appears to have cured both these issues. However, I want to change the main pipe between the filter and pump (engine side). Does anyone know the internal diameter of this pipe before I go pulling it off potentially damaging it (it is old and brittle)? I may also install a no return valve in this line unless advised it is not worth it?
  3. gkd000

    Outside Temperature Sensor - P38 DSE?

    Dug round further behind the bumper. Sensor was not on the bracket and wedged loose inside the bottom of the bumper and the wires torn. I assume that whoever took the bumper off last has caught it when refitting the bumper and not noticed (or not bothered) to fix it. I have repaired the wires refitted the sensor and now have a working outside temperature. Still have the HEVAC warning book on the display though, I revisit that at another time. Thanks for the help.
  4. gkd000

    Outside Temperature Sensor - P38 DSE?

    Thanks for the reply Filip. No never had a proper reading always been at -40 since I got it in January, just been sorting out all the other (many) jobs and this is one of the last I need to sort. I have had another look and can't see the sensor on the chassis, so it may well be that it is missing, though I can't see any cut wires either. I'll have to strip the bumper etc off and have a better look when I have time.
  5. gkd000

    Outside Temperature Sensor - P38 DSE?

    Thanks for the comprehensive reply. 387167 are last 6 of VIN so should be located where I have been looking but can't see it at the moment (hence my confusion). I'll look again......
  6. The HEVAC on my 98 DSE is showing an external Temp of -40 degrees. This means that the electric fans mounted in front of the radiator don't kick in so when sitting in traffic the car gets hot (doesn't overheat but gets near the red). Once moving again all is well. I think my external temp sensor is the likely culprit (given the reading). I can't locate it (RAVE is confusing me as to the actual location - behind bumper / near wipers?) Any ideas / suggestions. Or am I likely mis-diagnosing the problem. (The car is now MOT'd, running OK [apart from above] and all advisories on the MOT have also been sorted. Only taken me since January to get this far!). I'm getting there slowly......
  7. gkd000

    P38 2.5 Auto - Gearbox Oil Level

    All done, thanks for the advice...
  8. gkd000

    P38 2.5 Auto - Gearbox Oil Level

    Didn't come with a handbook. But RAVE is my friend.
  9. gkd000

    P38 2.5 Auto - Gearbox Oil Level

    According to the RAVE, should be running, so I will do that (couldn't find it before)....
  10. Hi again folks. My 98 2.5 Diesel Auto is the model with a gearbox dipstick. I have read a number of different opinions on checking the level, some say check when running others when not running. Mine has the oil level at between low and high when not running, is this correct or do I need to top it up having run through P to 1 and back again and having the engine running to get a level between low and high when running? Advice would be appreciated as this is my last job before I brave an MOT and actually get to use the car. Graham.
  11. gkd000

    P38 Unlocking Issue - Revisited

    Part solved. There was an issue with driver's side lock, the window mechanism had caught and torn one of the wires. Got it to work, but now key seems to lose sync. I can get round it by using EKA, but will need to investigate what is stopping proper key sync. Weirdly it has worked a couple of times but seems to lose sync and I have to revert to EKA?
  12. gkd000

    P38 Unlocking Issue - Revisited

    Thanks for the responses. I have tried the door lock sync procedure a few times but no joy. I am considering a Nanocom to keep on top of these "traits" - But is a lot of money for a car that only cost me about twice the price of the Nanocom! - Are there cheaper alternatives to the Nanocom (I will research the Lynx hadbn't heard of that before?) I have already considered getting the MGF locks new as they are cheaper than the LR ones - is this a good idea and do you know the correct part there seems to be a few? The car is drive-able as is but won't get through an MOT with stuck locks, so need to sort them before I can actually get it on the road. I bought as a project so not to worried about doing the work etc (in fact I enjoy the work) as have other cars, but would be nice to be able to get it legal and use it. It is a frustrating beast though....
  13. I now in a worse position than my original post (some weeks ago). I had to have my fob repaired as the signal was intermittent. Now fob appears fine (good strong, consistent LED). The problem is this: 1) When I re-attached the car battery (I had disconnected it) there was a central locking sound (not sure if it was locking or unlocking) 2) Now I can't sync the key to get the CL working 3) The passenger door is now locked and can't be opened by either handle (inside or outside) 4) I can unlock the driver's door with the key manually and the two rear doors manually but can't open the tailgate or passenger door I am assuming this may be down to a failed driver's door lock (which I had replaced with a used unit) but not convinced I am right?
  14. gkd000

    P38 Unlocking Issue

    I'll do some more digging....
  15. gkd000

    P38 Unlocking Issue

    Don't think its the button as it illuminates the light on the fob and the central locking clicks but doesn't open so the signal appears to be being sent?

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