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  1. Maxi drive from down under, only people who made stage 1 v8 24 spline shafts off the shelf.
  2. Update, diff installed and shafts upgraded, plus new Cv's.
  3. Some pics of the whole thing, next stage will be the install Grem
  4. No idea, but my stub axle is larger diameter than standard items, as the shaft is also larger, hence the custom setup I guess. Grem
  5. No just changed the center. To me it looked ok on one side and so so on the other. Grem
  6. Diff assembled, any opinions on the pattern? Grem
  7. Hi All Time for me to ask the collective wisdom of this group. Going to install a 4 pin 24 spline center. Now am i right in assuming that if i do not disturb the pinion, all i need to do is re-adjust the backlash? Let me know if i am wrong.......... Cheers Grem
  8. Yes they did have old stock. You can read it all at Rear Disc Brakes.............the build............... - Series Forum - LR4x4 - The Land Rover Forum Grem
  9. Hi Jamie Normal rotation on both the large hex nut and shaft bolt. I have no idea what the tread is but it should be metric Grem
  10. As far as i know the governor limit is different between disco 200 and defender 200, 4100rpm vs 3900rpm
  11. Update, probably the final one. Solenoid control box Bracket all fabbed up and painted Next up the box as received (its ment to go on low line winches). I opened it up to see the internal gubbins and quality. Its a Chinese thing and i had to change the cable to the motor as they were too short for my application In my view i saw that the crimped wires and terminals seemed weak, so i went out and upgraded the wiring from 25mm2 to 50mm2.......... thought it was simple, but unfortunately twice the wire size did not make the cables really flexible, so i had to be a little creative. So after a lot of twisting and head scratching i ended up having to relocate the terminals for the contactor via short copper bus bars, in order to retain the thicker cables. Installed a 2nd relay in the box to have in cab control over the contactor After more cursing for my decision to fit thicker cable i managed to fit and tighten the glands and close the lid! Finally i managed to get it fitted and wired to the motor (not without a fight) as again my choice of thicker cables made my life somewhat difficult. Routed the cables to my 2nd battery under the seat (no pics) and flipped the main switch and winch cab switch with my fingers crossed (that i do not melt anything!) So now its alive! all wired up and fully functional, Next and final post will be Synth Rope install picture. Overall the kit i got for the contactor with wiring is a good buy, it came with 2 remotes and a wanderlead which has a twist and lock action., all packed in a water proof box. Time will tell if it will be reliable for the occasional use it will see. Grem
  12. Brilliant Nick, if you are ever on the rock let me know. Short update, trimmed the front apron to hug the winch, now it looks finished. Also painted and finished the bracket to mount the control box, pics tomorrow........... Regards Grem
  13. Thanks, i have noticed that after i added back the spotlights the electric fan comes on more often, so they are probably hindering the airflow. Since i do not have long journeys on this little rock, so they will stay like that, the fan will keep up anyway. Next instalment will the the solenoid and related large gauge wiring. I was going to install it in the wing behind the lights, but its a headache to get to if it goes wrong for some reason, so its going in the front next to the winch, in a similar location of the originals. The solenoid kit (allbright clone) i got is mounted in a watertight box, so it should be ok. Anyway not much water round here. Grem
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