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  1. I'm currently rebuilding my series 2a and i'm starting to sort out the wiring. It has a Holden 173 in it, a common conversion in these parts. I was wondering if I can delete the voltage regulator box on the bulkhead as it has an alternator instead of the original dynamo. I have always understood that the alternators have a sort of internal regulator so it is not needed.
  2. @Chicken Drumstick I'll probably just use a 3.9 out of a discovery but convert to carbs and maybe put a cam in it. Ideally once I have enough funds etc I really want a 4.6 or even a 4.4 out of a leyland p76 (aussie and nz model). Somewhere around 225-250hp which is roughly what a stock 4.6 puts out I think. A series box wouldn't be too keen on 4 times the original power going through it but by the sounds of it a LT95 might be up to it. I want to do the hard work now so when I come to maybe upgrading the engine I don't have worry about the gearbox. Also, surely the rear axle would never stand up to that sort of power so the logical option is full time 4wd so the power is split. Therefore the LT95 is a good option. I would just use a stage one front axle which are pretty easy to find here due to all the ex army trucks. As for the parabolics how are the rocky mountain springs? I've heard very mixed opinions on them. They also seem a bit pricey compared to other makes although they do come as kits with shocks. Thats a nice series you've got there. I'm pretty interested in your power steering setup. How hard is it and does it get rid of some of the series steering play?
  3. Hi all first time poster here! Planning on putting my 69 series 2a back on the road and I want to put a rover v8 in it. I am also keen on a LT95 box because i've heard that they're strong and I don't want to be constantly afraid of the series box blowing up when I plant my foot! I want to keep the standard look. I would use a 101 layshaft and bell housing to shorten the assembly 4". I also want parabolics which would lift the car a bit and make the rear prop angles even worse which I think is my main problem. Its going to be used a fair bit offroad so I don't want binding UJs. Basically, will this set up work in an 88"? My other options are using a stage one front end but I'm not set on the look, or use the series box. Cheers
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