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  1. Shame, I took my Landy there when I first started in 2000, they did all the mechanics of my rebuild, 112,000km around Africa without any serious or even medium level faults.... Never found mechanics so good after them....
  2. Looks like a Land Cruiser front bumper. Imagine its to do with impact assessments, you may not get away with replacing a crumple plastic bumper with a solid metal one like a Defender etc?
  3. I thought it would be interesting to detail what I'd like the Grenadier to have/not have as somebody who spends years living in Africa in their vehicle (owned a 1991 110 200TDI for 20 years) compared to what we know about the Ineos Grenadier so far, purely as an feedback exercise for the makers and so others who have done long trips can chime in towards building a 'expedition' spec model, or at least trying to avoid them going too far in a direction that makes the Grenadier unattractive as a serious overlander..... Absolutely must have: - LWB Hard Top model available, 3 doors (and no glas
  4. Long wheel base Hard Top model only please. Less windows in the back the better, none is perfect.
  5. PS: I'm a Kiwi, some friends of mine just shipped their Disco TD5 back after driving around Africa for a few years. He hired a company in South Africa to clean it under his supervision. If your serious at some point, can put you in touch to se his experience.
  6. How long are you going for would be the key question I'd say. If only 2-3 months, definitely not worth all of the costs and hassles.... Work out the costs of the rentals (flights + rentals costs) for your estimated time against: Carnet: £280-700 in fee's, plus minimum £4,500 (age related) you must leave as a deposit you get back when returning. Shipping there plus port costs in a large container - about £4,000 Cleaning costs - 2-3 full time weeks of your time or £1-2,000 for cleaning (guesstimate) Insurance and road fee's etc in NZ Costs of servicing and maintenance Shipping
  7. Hi, no I never developed anything, I started the thread hoping somebody with actual ability to do it might take the idea and run with it..... I'm useless at making things physically....
  8. As I said, two people, one on the inside to help you avoid dropping the glass 😉 Hope it's not too expensive to replace..... Btw, I painted mine white on the inside to reduce the sun coming in as Im in very hot climates.
  9. "I'm happy to help you, though please let me know that you are happy to accept all risks and outcomes from what happens as I help you?" etc before you start.
  10. Took the plastic cowling off, nothing there, so that one less step. Adwest power steering box added 17 years ago so I'm power assisted
  11. Thanks. I don't have a steering lock, it was a military n/a originally, so maybe I don't have these bolts? I have the whole thing to replace, tube and column in one piece, couldn't get bearings here and mechanics all on holiday until mid Jan, plus got a genuine part for £150 so easier to replace it all....
  12. The bearings are shot on my Upper Steering column, so I have a new one to replace it. I have the Haynes manual, had a read through, seems easy enough, I've replaced the dash units before so know how to remove them. Before I rip it apart, is there anything I should know? Any parts I'll need to replace? Any tips that make it easier or better etc?
  13. I'd add I love this kit, I'm mostly in hot areas, so it stops a lot of heat coming into the cab. For the biggest sound differences: - first seal EVERY tiny or large hole coming into the cab, so for example use dum dum or silicon around the floor panels, the gearbox tunnel joins etc etc. Literally anywhere you could poke a toothpick through. On a dark night shine a torch through each potential gap and see what comes out the other side This will make a good difference, if it doesn't make sense, find a room next to a busy road, then open the window just a fraction and notice how much noise
  14. When your not using the landy, just lift the floor matting and place a large rock under it on each footwell, then air can get in and dry it out. Been doing it for years, works well enough.
  15. My 75 year old Portuguese neighbour has been a panel beater all of his life, he threw my fancy purpose bought tool aside and used a flat headed screw driver, both done in 15 minutes! Best if you have two people, one on the inside to stop the glass falling in and offering guidance etc
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