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  1. Try this? https://www.lrworkshop.com/axles-differentials/axlecodes
  2. Hi, Can somebody kindly tell me what the name of this hose pipe on a 200TDI Defender is please and its part number? Thanks in advance
  3. And the channel that runs across the roof. I dont care much, but thought others might. Believe you can paint over it to stop this from happening?
  4. As mentioned above, this is my side channels after lots of rains in South Africa this month... as I found them, then after 5 seconds with a rag.... seems to be moss type junk...
  5. Worth noting, the Sikaflex that Brett/roamingtheoutback uses collects dust, my gutters look terrible (white roof, white sikaflex) all dust stained brown, cross roof seals not too bad... you can’t wash it off etc Ill take a picture tomorrow so nobody gets an nasty surprises. On the plus side, after 2 weeks of rain in South Africa I still lovely and dry on the inside of the Landy 😁
  6. I’d like to increase my idle speed and then return it to its original setting. How do I do this please?
  7. I have had one fitted for about 12 years, no thermostat fitted, 150,000km in Africa etc. Never caused a problem, gearbox seems fine, no idea if oil ever goes into it or not 🤣
  8. Heater solved, auto electrical had forgotten to plug in a wire behind the dash to give the fuse power 😂
  9. Only happens when I’m driving at speed, put into neutral with foot off clutch to coast up to some traffic lights, then the oil pressure light will flicker repeatedly at high velocity. Does not happen when stopped in neutral. Fairly sure this oil pressure light hasn’t been working for a while, so by fixing the electrics I now have the pleasure of seeing the light working Going to replace the new oil pressure sensor today and then test the oil pressure with a machine rather relying on than the Landy electrics. Fingers crossed
  10. To confirm, it’s not at idle as in stationary, the vehicle is moving.
  11. The light wasn’t working, changing all of the loom wiring, so changed the oil pressure sensor as well. Clean slate. I’ve ordered a new one again, maybe the fitted new one is faulty, fingers crossed.... to confirm, it just flickers, doesn’t stay on constantly.... Then will increase idle speed a touch to see what happens, plus make auto electrician double check everything. Then double check hoses, manifold gasket etc for leaks... Other than that it could be the oil pump or serious engine components? Need to find a Landy specialist then I think... Does that sound logical?
  12. As in one permanently fitted or a temporary one to solve this problem?
  13. No, just the engine temperature. And it has an additional wire that taps into the oil pressure light wire, so you get an alarm from the engine watchdog as well as the normal dash light telling you there is low oil pressure. Edit: I changed the engine oil and filters this morning, Castro’s Vectron 15-40 oil, genuine filters, no leaks after 50km. So same problem before and after oil change... Edit 2: This may have been happening before, only two weeks ago we changed the oil pressure sender sensor below the oil filter and hadn’t driven it since. So may or may not be related to new loom and sensor install. From reading other posts it may be a leak in one of the gaskets around the turbo/exhaust area, did see a puff of smoke there a few weeks back....
  14. Ok, one annoying gremlin 😩 The engine oil light keeps coming on whilst driving. This tends to be after at last 10 minutes of driving from cold. My last test drive it repeatedly (7-8 times) came on when coasting in neutral - for example accelerating in forth gear, coming up to some lights, slip it into neutral, oil pressure light flickers on rapidly. When I accelerate again it goes off again. The oil pressure sender unit (the thing under the oil filter) has been replaced with part number PRC6387G as well as the wiring on the new loom. The wire from the Engine Watchdog unit was also plugged into the wire going from the sender to the dash light, but we disconnected this (we put a diode onto it at first, then disconnected it) Any ideas please? We are pulling our hair out...
  15. Ok thanks, will investigate tomorrow. Us Southern Hemisphere people are a kind and generous bunch, they are trying to talk me into staying longer and doing some more work on the old girl I have a big area out the back out of the way and they are a nice group of people. Having a strange Landy Kiwi to chat with breaks up the working day it seems and the auto electrician has enjoyed the challenge - we installed an entire dual battery system (ctek) with solar panels, sound system and various things before attempting the Landy looms.
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