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  1. roamingyak

    Breaker bar & impact sockets?

    Thanks all. More worried about my wrists actually, used the extendable wheel brace (similar pictured below) for years, no problems. Tried to remove the rear wheel about 4 months ago, one nut was really stuck, overnight WD40 etc, was very patient, no standing on it etc, but when it gave way it took my left wrist with it, still having physio months later and the other wrist isn't great. So a sensible solution seems to be: 1. Kind of OK cheap and cheerful battery powered Impact driver for use at home (if that exists, recommendations?) 2. Draper Expert Impact Sockets: A. Whats sizes are useful other than 27 for the wheels? B. Is there a kit that encompasses them all (1991 200TDI Defender with TD5 front axle etc) 3. High quality breaker bar (plus small/cheap back up option). I can't order Halfords or Snap On internationally etc, a little restricted to what Amazon, ebay, Paddocks etc sell
  2. Would I be correct in saying the easiest way to remove wheel nuts (and other Defender nuts) in the bush away from power tools would be with a Breaker bar and impact sockets? If so can anybody suggest what brand, model or set would be good for a 1990-2006 Defenders please? Or would a battery powered Impact Driver be a better bet? (I should be able to keep the batteries charged ok)
  3. roamingyak

    Which Suspension

    What will you be driving on? Asphalt in the UK and Europe 99% of the time? I'd leave it as standard until you identify an actual problem with the setup.
  4. roamingyak

    Front seat head rests - metal bits

    Note: ExMoor trim do a complete headrest for a good price compared to buying the pieces individually - £43.33 https://www.exmoortrim.co.uk/90-110-front-outer-headrest-complete.html
  5. roamingyak

    mpg for 300tdi 110csw

    What speeds were you driving at? Whacking along at 70mph on the motorway is different from putting around B roads at 40mph for fuel consumption.
  6. Does anybody know if you can buy just the metal plates in the front seat head rests (1990's Defender)? I tried to buy MWC5628LCS from LRSeries, but they just send me a Britpart kit with the foam and vinyl cover, I need the metal pieces as they are rusty as hell 😉
  7. roamingyak

    Ignition switch orgy

    Could you kindly link to a suitable relay please?
  8. roamingyak

    Ignition switch orgy

    Thanks. Got a bussed fuse box, being mounted behind the front passengers seat for multiple items to hang off it, connects to Aux battery etc. This is more for things that currently only reach the dash dials area - ie: reversing light, low coolant alarm etc that already have a fuse inline. I'd really like something small enough to sit in the dash behind the speedo dials etc if possible.
  9. roamingyak

    Ignition switch orgy

    I have a lot of things that would like an ignition feed, five off the top of my head. Is there a nice way to connect them all?
  10. roamingyak

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    I'l leave you to it then... A few thoughts for others - my entire 500+ cd collection fits on a SDHC card less than 1 inch squared and you can listen to any radio station via the net if you've got a tiny amount of data that you can use - except if in places with no signal. I made a mount for my ipad using thin 2 * 2cm wide Aluminium strips, put it on top of dash, fold down over the corning, fold underneath the dash bottom again, then some 3 sided strips horizontally to hold it in - point being it sits almost flush against the dash. And that was version 1 done in 30 mines in the dark for departure the next day.
  11. roamingyak

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    Not sure the mechanism would last very long if you offroad much etc? How much do you want to spend? I'm building a tablet based system, much better for Satnav using a nice tablet screen compared to these types of screens etc, easy to remove overnight etc etc, can advise around your budget if that sounds interesting etc I was going to use a android head unit like that one (removable screen rather than flip out, but found it horrible to use, screen low quality, lots of mistouching etc)
  12. roamingyak

    Alpine window diy

    This guy has quite a lot of general advice, might be worth watching etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC9lGMuB85A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-XCLemuHdQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_7vlpdPZlo (he has a few more videos on this subject, keep searching etc)
  13. roamingyak

    Front axle leak advice

    I'm trying to figure things out myself, struggling but think I have cracked it now etc, hard work! Sorry for being pedantic - it's usually a 10 day wait between ordering and receiving parts, post is expensive if I need to return items, and then its another 10 day wait again. Also, without being melodramatic my life kind of depends on getting the right part numbers. This wouldn't be a good place in 44 degree heat to be fixing an axle with the wrong parts for example 😉
  14. roamingyak

    Front axle leak advice

    Like this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealey-AK631014-Extra-Long-Combination-Spanner/dp/B001SG22EC
  15. roamingyak

    Front axle leak advice

    Could somebody kindly advise what part numbers I need based on my axle number detailed in this thread here please? And also anything else I should get - Loctite and tools etc

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