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  1. Did any of the advice provided result in you fixing your problem Sherwood01? A bit of feed back might be nice.
  2. If you want to separate Discovery 3, 4, 5 from the earlier series, then I would say that is a good call. I spend most of my time on the Http://www.d2bc.co.uk forum, as having D2, that is a place dedicated to the D2. In my opinion, the kind of help, support, and information available through a more dedicated forum, is far superior than via a general one. I personally see no reason why a forums website cannot provide dedicated areas for each different model; what practical difference does it make how much "traffic" each one would attract?
  3. Obviously, if the decision is to patch and weld the roof, then the whole thread is moot anyway. The origninal question was "How is the roof pannel attached to the vehicle structure?" On the basis that we are talking about replacing the complete roof panel with a new one, then the screen will need to be detached from the old roof.
  4. If it's the original chassis, the number is only very lightly etched into the RH rear rail. You're looking in the right place but will need to clean the rail back to the original painted surface to have any chance of seeing it.
  5. Because it's bonded to the front of the roof panel amd the top corners on the A pillars!
  6. You're best off just replacing the drop links, they're not expensive. Meyle heavy duty ones are very good. Faffing around trying to replace the rubber boots makes no sense.
  7. I have my headlining out, so I'll have a good look and see if I can offer any more info
  8. If you get yourself a copy of RAVE, it details the various body fixing schemes. The roof is bonded, and spot welded all around the channel if I recall correctly. Actually, I think the spots are at the rear corners and below the Alpine windows. I believe also the B pillars etc, are seam welded to the roof. The screen will have to come out too. I think there is a hell of a lot more work involved in replacing a roof panel than you may realise. The cost of a new roof panel is not going to be cheap either.
  9. This is probably the most common issue (apart from the 3 mexicans) you can have with a Discovery Td5. You need to replace the injector harness. Get a genuine one, not a cheap chinese copy. Oil gets through the plug at the rocker housing and leaches down the loom by capillary action. You'll then need to remove the ecu periodically and clean the red connctor of oil until it stops coming through the loom. Switch cleaner works well. And remove the white plastic cover from the red connector when you clean it as there will be a lot of oil underneath. You should also check the relays in the fuse box, as oli can find its way all the way there too.
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