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  1. Thanks so much. I´ll let you know how it turns out BTW, terrific your Td5 dash tutorial
  2. I am about to fit a 4.0 V8 auto in a 1991 90 200 Tdi. Does it mean I have to move 50 mm forward the transfer box mounts??
  3. Thanks so much for the answers :):):)
  4. Hello all, a friend of mine wants to fit a 123 ignition in his 11H engine. Anyone can tell me which is the right setting for 95 petrol? In the 123 ignition workshop manual he only finds data for tuning with 85 and 90 petrol. Thank you :)
  5. You might try Ruskin Design https://ruskindesign.co.uk/ They gave me prices online for my Defender
  6. In their web site Ashcroft recommend installing the sensor in the converter outlet to cooler, rather than in the oil pan or sump, for a more correct reading. Does it suggest that there isn´t a fitting anywhere already?
  7. Hello, I would like to fit a VDO temperature gauge to a ZF 4HP-22 autobox. I have located the gauge (VDO 310 111) but not the sender, and so far my questions to Merlin, Croytec and Europa have got no answers at all. I would be most grateful if someone can give me the ref number for the sender, or at least its thread :):) Thank you, Pedro.
  8. I wish I could Red90, but I am getting the engine from UK and would like to have as many parts as possible ready for when it arrives. I will certainly wait for more expensive parts. Thank you
  9. Thank you Red90 I got the temp sender data in some American forum, ref 323 095, although I read here in an old post that the ref is 323 417. I´ll order both and let you know. I was more worried about the speedo . It´s great to find out it´s so easy! Everything fitted with a Td5 wiring loom YMG109280, right?
  10. Hello, I am Pedro, new to the forum. Former owner of a Puma 110, proud owner of a 88 2A and currently turning my 90 200 Tdi into a 4.0 GEMS V8 auto. I want to swap the dash to a Td5 style one, buy I´d prefer an all-VDO set up. After reading the fantastic work by Retroanaconda and many old posts, I still have several doubts that I would love to work out. - I understand I don´t need any special sender for a Float arm fuel gauge (240-30 Ohms) 30101002? - The right temp sender is 1/8 NPT and the gauge 120ºC 310010002? - Can I fit the Speedo straight with a Td5 speed transducer, or do I need anything else done? Thanks so much
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