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  1. I thought the Saturday night band were excellent, just goes to show you can please some of the people all of the time etc etc...
  2. I shall be there with my Gaz-66. Didn't make it last year because of, ahem, cam timing gear issues
  3. Just put a full roof rack on, it's effective on my 110
  4. Dredging up an old thread, one thing to be aware of if you have a big vehicle with ADAC is that they have a 300 Euro towing limit so that doesn't go anywhere if you have something big This was a 35km journey to a place of repair and was 920 Euros. I got 300 back from ADAC.
  5. Yes, full of kids, food and fluids, 5800kg on the weigh bridge at Dover I'll start munching through the 11 page thread on Pirate later on
  6. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but if anyone knows the answer it is on here. Does anyone know how an LT230 will fair if bolted into a ~6 tonne truck and running permanent four wheel drive? I hear they are strong but how strong? I'm thinking here about my Gaz-66 to raise my gearing. The Gaz V8 is pretty gutless in it's power output (~200lb-ft) but 6 tonnes of back torque inertia is a hefty load to throw back through. Can anyone point to any similar application? I'd have to run it turned upside down so lubrication will need to be carefully thought out
  7. You're welcome to have a look at the map I've had in my 110 for the last 5 years. It probably could do with a bit of polishing and tickling but it runs nicely on gas. On petrol it can be a bit chuggy on petrol at low speeds but since it spends it's life on gas I haven't bothered with changing it Engine-wise it's on a 3.5 EFi RV8 with a BLOS carb
  8. Attachment didn't load 110V8GasAugustMap.msq
  9. I've been using one for years on a 4.2l ZMZ V8 in my Gaz-66 and that thing drinks gas like it is going out of fashion +/-8mpg
  10. Excellent method which avoids mucking up the caliper <thumbs up emoticon>
  11. I thought this thread was about car thieves not investment bankers
  12. Don't look on Youtube, you'll scare yourself witless!
  13. ADAC here too. Added advantage is the monthly magazine I don't understand a word of
  14. The Ultimaker 2 comes with Cura software for the G code, that takes an STL file and works OK. I'd like the dual extruder option now, got fed up of messy undercuts or trimming loads of support parent material away. There is a dual extruder kit available for the Ultimaker 2 from an Italian Ultimaker reseller for about 250 euros, I may try that since nothing is forthcoming from Ultimaker yet.
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