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  1. Look on the webs for ex-British Forces lhd vehicles. They were made for use in Germany and Canada mostly, many of the Canadian ones were winterised.
  2. Won't be the first time a LR was BMW powered.
  3. Don't bolt a turbo to an N/A diesel. There is a reason why when Land Rover did it, they had to do some significant upgrades. If you want a 19j, which is the TD engine, I have one sat in the garage. But it's in the UK.
  4. As strange as it might sound. I've always wanted a 2.5 Petrol. I'm not even sure why, I just do. I know they are tuneable, and can be modernised with fuel injection. But then I keep day dreaming about a 3.5 V8 efi removed from a Disco 1. Again, don't ask me why only 3.5, I guess it's because the Defender came with a 3.5. Since I don't do any towing, and no serious off roading, a petrol would be fine for me. I really like my 200tdi, but as everyone says, by gods is it loud.
  5. I think the 200tdi is awesome, especially the Disco 200tdi. Mine is smooth and punchy. Could do with a VNT turbo and a Disco 2 transfer box. But I love it. Once I've sorted the sound proofing it will cruise all day on the motorway. I'm getting 26mpg on average. I rate it as highly as a 300tdi.
  6. No it's not about race. It's a out management. Sadly, during the 79s BL/LR/Rover was owned by money grabbing exercisers and staffed by socialists, so things didnt go well. In the 80s, it was owned by people who didnt get it into their heads that the motor industry, especially Japan and Germany, was leaving them in the dust. The 90s, the company was owned by a consortium who only wanted to sell it off bit by bit, to get the most profit they could. The new owners then did their own thing with the bits they bought. JLR has had too many owners, most of whom have not kept an eye on the far eastern market, all of whom now make cheaper, but just as good vehicles. JLRs refusal to fit smaller capacity petrol engines has hit it hard. Diesel gate has not been good. Sadly JLR have chosen their target audience, and priced out us working class Brits. Hence why Suzuki has a 2 year waiting list for Jimnys and why every other vehicle I see on the road is a Hilux or Ford Raptor. I can't see the new Defendee selling any better than the rest of their range, in fact I think they are just giving more choice to the same people who already own other LR models. What I dont understand about LR of the 90s is that they had some of the largest longterm contracts it's possible to get, MOD, Police, Fire, Mountain rescue, forestry commission, utility companies, builders, the Royal Family, farmers, but they didnt see that as a big enough market? Especially when you add in the other buyers from around the world, including the police, militaries and safari industries of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. The old Defender, properly built and updated as needed, should have kept the market.
  7. Let's not forget the JLR is an Indian company. Dodgy parts are the fault of the accountants, not the engineers.
  8. If you must keep that engine. Some countries don't let you swap engines. You can do three things. First, rebuild the engine, make sure it is 100%. Second, adjust the fuel by rotating the fuel pump, this will give you a small increase in power, and I mean small. Thirdly, get a Turners Performance cylinder head. This could give you upto 10bhp. The British Army Land Rover rally team used to do these things and there was a slight improvement. However, it is not cheap, engine rebuild £1500ish. Gearbox/Transfer box rebuild £1000ish. Performance head, £700ish. Brakes can also be upgraded with the usual kits you can get from most LR parts companies.
  9. Check out Britannic Restorations on YouTube. Mike has already done 1 90 resto and is currently doing a NAS 90. Well worth the watch.
  10. 85 ecus. It's not a Defender, it's just yet another generic, expensive to repair, waste of money. £49k for the basic model? Only rich people will be able to afford risking taking off road. The only off road it will see is pulling the horse box across a grass field.
  11. I find retrimmed standard seats are perfectly comfortable. Easy to do at home.
  12. What you talking about? You've got a window in the drivers door havent you? All the visibility you need.
  13. I used to drive them all the time with the old Army 2.5n/a signals wagons. Not a problem if you 6ft tall.
  14. I'm considering mounting mine on the bonnet, it's a 1989. Gonna buy myself a bonnet mount, along with a pioneer kit. Did have mine on the back door, but I fancy the retro look.
  15. You should have more faith in yourself. You just need to take your time. Make good template before cutting the rubber out, with a sharp Stanley knife. Then piece it together with heavy duty dict tape on the rear. Just be as neat as possible.
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