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  1. Leave it alone. There is a reason it's there, and a reason why it's on the MOT. However, Alisport do a kit.
  2. Look at what LHD 300tdi defenders do.
  3. I've never seen the Britparts in person, but the Exmoor kits are excellent. Very comfortable, easy to fit, theres even a Youtube fitting guide. More choices as well from what I can tell. I've got black vinyl, and its very good quality, a lot of people think its leather.
  4. I've got Cooper Discoverer AT3 Sports. They are the best tyres I've used. Quiet, good road handling, and do me for the greenlaning I do.
  5. You don't necessarily need a V8 specific gearbox, there are companies that make an adapter ring.
  6. You don't need an LT85 gearbox. Steve Parkers do a conversion kit to fit to an LT77.
  7. Did you not see the comments further up about Africa?
  8. A lot of south American made vehicles are still mechanical fuel injected. Theres a company still using a 2.8 version of the 300tdi.
  9. Some people, in the more wilder parts of the world, don't want ECUs.
  10. This is why I've said the new Defender will only be a Chelsea tractor for rich folk who live 10 miles from the nearest JLR dealership, and will never go off road or out into the wilds.
  11. Send it back and buy the one you need. I did the exact same thing.
  12. For ease and cheapness, go 2.5na, 2.5td or 200tdi. 300tdi would be easy, but you'd need new engine mounts. You can make a 2.5 na better, Turners performance head, advance the fueling, straight through exhaust, still won't be a 200tdi, or even 2.5td, but it will be better and will last forever. It must be decent because the British Army used to rally that exact set up.
  13. Theres also a Facebook group of dedicated people fitting all sorts of BMW engines into Defenders.
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