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  1. Ghound

    Just bought a metal detector

    I love a bit of detecting myself, that Cscope you have there is a PI detector, they don't really discriminate out iron, so you basically dig everything.
  2. Ghound

    Just a quick chassis repair 90 defender

    Should be fine for playing off road, but i wouldn't want to be towing a heavy load on road with it lol
  3. Ghound

    Replacement doors review

    The front doors i'll be selling will be galved steel, but i've not just got that far on. There going to a bit of a hybrid between the pressed Puma type with curved corners at the bottom, and the older style, so i can't really design the skins just yet.
  4. Ghound

    Welding critique please...

    I've seen worse from guy's who think they know what there doing. I remember doing vertical up for the first time about 20 odd yrs ago, making mortar bomb proof military bases lol, a bit of overkill on a chassis with a MIG though.
  5. Ghound

    Replacement doors review

    Hi lads, i make heavy duty galved rear doors, they take both the older type wheel carrier and the newer Puma type, galved one piece steel skin etc etc I'll be doing front doors that will hopefully ready by the end of the summer. If your needing a rear door that's stronger than standard i'll give members on here a decent discount, that's if it's OK with admin to do so.

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