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  1. Am always amazed at the 24v kit prices - I would want to get rid soon as ! But guess some always want it 'standard ' 😕 Q
  2. Find an electric radiator fan in scrap yard and work a sensor/switch setup , cheaper than the kenlowe kit and you loose that massive lump of bent fan ! Q
  3. Yup- was compacted in the groove . New seal in - then 3months failed order 3 more in case the original was faulty . Q
  4. Well, did check it fr smoothness , it hasn't leaked in years , then started leaking after 3 months after changing the element Q
  5. The older paper element inside the cannister . Many thanks mate . Q
  6. Have had 3 fuel pumps go in last 6 years ( I run on LPG so they are often dry ) notice that poor startiing occurs for a while then absolutely nothing pumps to carb . Q
  7. Well, the long running ( 16 yrs ) saga of a slack steering effort finally revealed itself ...... Thought it was A ball joints ( replaced every one over those years ) B steering box slack ( tried adjusting it to no avail ) .. C Wheel bearings , trunnion bush . etc etc until , looked at Drop Arm on steering relay welded on - no pinch bolt ! Quite slack at this point . New Arm and pinch bolt , now tight as a drum . Thankgod 😕 ( obvs this got passed by 16 inspections by Vosa in my hands )
  8. Well, after a run out , oil filter seal let go massively , on Staines bypass ( how appropriate .... ) , had fitted new filter and seal few months ago by the way . Bought new filter kit with seal but would like part number or source for seal only . Many thanks . Q
  9. Definately include a little secret usb lead to one of those cheap sms trackers you can get off ebay , then you can plug it in when you go on holiday . K
  10. Astonishing work , mate - god when I was a kid it was Airfix and rubber bands K
  11. Try oiling the springs , when I replaced all mine the ride stiffened up after a year . Good blasting with oil n wax and they softened up K
  12. yup bit noisy , but using two gets the result . Better than that terrible circular heater K
  13. My 'appenny in this is two electric heater fans off ebay 12 quid each , one for each screen . About five minutes in the frosty morning ( with engine running as they suck 300 watts ) and the glass is warm . Turn them upside down to warm yr knees afterwards . K
  14. Must get on with this job myself ! 😕 K
  15. Oh my word , I meant just a tiny flame , with appropriate guarding , aluminium body cylinders disipate heat quick, so seals wont cook. As ever , try at yr own risk - but successful for me K
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