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  1. Definately include a little secret usb lead to one of those cheap sms trackers you can get off ebay , then you can plug it in when you go on holiday . K
  2. Astonishing work , mate - god when I was a kid it was Airfix and rubber bands K
  3. Try oiling the springs , when I replaced all mine the ride stiffened up after a year . Good blasting with oil n wax and they softened up K
  4. yup bit noisy , but using two gets the result . Better than that terrible circular heater K
  5. My 'appenny in this is two electric heater fans off ebay 12 quid each , one for each screen . About five minutes in the frosty morning ( with engine running as they suck 300 watts ) and the glass is warm . Turn them upside down to warm yr knees afterwards . K
  6. Must get on with this job myself ! 😕 K
  7. Oh my word , I meant just a tiny flame , with appropriate guarding , aluminium body cylinders disipate heat quick, so seals wont cook. As ever , try at yr own risk - but successful for me K
  8. Have used them a lot in Forestry when they are in daily use , on Defenders, still get gunked up and seized ( woodchip is the worse for them ) not a fan, capstan winch better , with a 16mm rope. K
  9. Small nozzle on yr Oxy Acetylene torch , get it red hot- it will come out . K
  10. @elbekko cheers mate , will check them out , Q
  11. Well , been over ten years , saved a lot of money on fuel as its a petrol 2 1/4 , however noticing fewer and fewer LPG Shell garages offering it now . Anyone notice or recommend a LPG station near M25 J4 to J21 ? As my works are more over that side of the World now . Cheers , Q
  12. Yes, David is still selling , for the benefit of other users on here , similar price too - unlike what is quoted on Ebay from the US !! Q
  13. Thanks Arjan - finally got fixed , they are Land Rover Defender 90 110 Rear Axle Trailing Arm Bush - NTC1772 but will need trimming with angle grinder slitting disc to fit , not many pennys neither . Q
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