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  1. Thanks... job went very smoothly, hardest part was getting the fan off with a 36mm spanner that was too thick! Got there in the end though! I did this job because of a slow rising oil level, so it needed doing, but I was also hoping it would solve the 5/10 seconds of white smoke I get at startup each morning.. when I rev the engine. Other bits I've recently changed include the MAF sensor (unusual voltage readings), fuel relay (as that was fried), fuel filter & housing (corroded away), fuel pressure regulator (was leaking), injector wiring harness (oil down to ecu), glow plugs (turned out only 1 of 4 worked)... so quite a few bits, although all the usual from what I read! I've had the defender for just under a year. No service history, although oils were all in good condition when changed. 60k on the clock. (2004 model). still don't have a clue where to investigate next re: white smoke at startup, runs fine after its cleared, just don't like the fact it does it each morning! And only does it if you rev the engine within the 5/10 seconds of startup... otherwise it doesn't put any smoke out. anyone with any thoughts? cheap/easy ones please! ...im tired after all this work so far!
  2. Many thanks... will pay extra attention to cleaning the surfaces... without touching the injector tip
  3. Hi there, I'm changing the seals on my injectors tomorrow... I notice from lots of pictures, that the injector tips are often quite dirty, even to the point where the washers won't pass. I know the tips are very easy to damage/block... should they be cleaned, and if so, with what? ...brake/clutch cleaner? soft brush? or simply don't mess with them!? thanks!
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