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  1. ralph o

    Tailgate side trim - refit

    Arrha,,,, Sussed it.... Obvious when you know... But if you don't, you put the clips/fixing on the the trim and push on to the posts. They are sacrificial clips. Use once only . If you need to remove the trim, you will damage the clips beyond reuse and require new clips. This might be useful to someone Happy Freelanding!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hello, Me again.Thanks for the help before. I am trying to replace the side trim on the tailgate/bodywork.(2003 freelander kalahari) They are held on with 3 clips that ,from what i have read need to be replaced whenever they are taken off. Mine are broken so have ordered new ones (3.99 ebay X 10 ) The trim has the 3 locations for the clips but 1 is the opposite to the other 2, it looks as though they should slide but i cant get them to fit. Any advise would be much appreciated Kind regards.. Ralpho
  3. ralph o

    Freelander owners locations?

    OOOOpps dident see the other pages lol..................Ralph O Im in Anglesey with a 03 Kalahari
  4. ralph o

    Which Tyres

    Hi Smallfry, Thank you for the info. I was wondering about changing the profile and/or width, and weather the insurance would consider it a 'modification'. as you say it gives me a lot more choice . Need to to check with the insurers Cheers
  5. ralph o

    Which Tyres

    Hi FF just had a look via google and can't find my size in Grabbers 225/55/17 Cheers
  6. ralph o

    Which Tyres

    Hi ff its a kalahari on 17" rims (Sorry for the slow response ive been away)
  7. ralph o

    Which Tyres

    Hi all, The free lander i have just bought needs tyres. Can anyone advise on the best option for a reasonably priced tyre. And what rating is recommended for the FL. I have seen some car tyres that are the right size (225/55/17) but unsure if they are suitable. I am hoping to keep it below £100 per corner I don't intend to go mud-plugging, mainly lane use ,some motorway miles and to be able to pull the caravan across a wet field Any advise/experience appreciated
  8. ralph o

    main prop shaft

    Muchas Gracias Amigo
  9. ralph o

    main prop shaft

    Thanks for that FF. yes i am new to land rovers. I had my own repair shop back in the 80's (i am now 58) i have always repaired my own vehicles and the LR flander looks fairly mechcanical,so i am happy to do any repairs needed. Not very familier with 4x4 systems but will learn quickly. Maybe i need to do a new post , but was wondering exactly what i have (no v5 yet ) is there a information port anywhere i can put in the reg/vin no to find out some more detail on what i have ? I will always try to get genuine parts where i can. Too many problems in the past to muck about with patern parts. I have looked at some previous posts and there is a lot to take in but enjoying all so far. Kind regards Ralph
  10. ralph o

    main prop shaft

    Thank you Glenlivet . Is this the normal issue ?. If i get a new prop with new vcu i should be good for 4wd ?. Its SORN for now so insurance not a problem. I do need 4wd so will be looking for prop and vcu . It looks like a straight forward fit, or is there any issues with re-fitting a prop. Kind Regards
  11. ralph o

    main prop shaft

    Hello all. Ive just bought a 03 LR Freelander kalahari, it has a few faults that i can resolve windows,locks etc but have just got underneath and noticed that the main propshaft is missing. OK i should have noticed when i looked underneath when i bought it but was only really looking for rust. you may have already guessed this is my first landrover . whats the main reason for removing it. I guess its not just for economy, running it as 2wd. I will get a prop and fit it but thought i would join you guys and gals and get some experienced info. FYI its clean and tidy and runs fine with 9 months MOT,i paid £300 so happy to sell on or brake it if i cant get 4wd out of it. Any advise would be greatly appreciated Best regards Ralph

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